From Commissioned Pieces for Tom Brady, completely new hand paintings and 3-dimensional styles as well as collaborations with other hot artists like Miami based Money Artist Josh Leidolf aka TRAN$PARENT, nothing is stopping Rogério now!

Brazilian born Rogério Peixoto is a world famous acclaimed visual artist with countless recognitions and awards. He is even listed in the famous art guidebook The Akoun with countless masters including the Renaissance greats like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Quite an honor for any artist globally if you ask me. He is so sought after that even Luiz Guilherme A. Magaldi, board member of the Pompidou Museum, the largest Museum of Modern Art in the World, came from Europe specifically to meet Peixoto and order a custom commissioned painting of his exotic and rare race car, the Porsche GT3-CUP.

Although he started his modest artistic career in 1993, designing logos for companies, schools and businesses, he ultimately graduated as a technical designer. From there he spent thousands of hours handcrafting his techniques and mastering his craft with the brush. He is a self-taught visual artist specialized in rural landscape, urban and human figure, both in oil and acrylic canvas. R. Peixoto (artistically signed on his pieces) went through several phases in his career, namely: academic, impressionist and currently modernist.

R. Peixoto recently developed a very unique technique entitled New Arts that has been catching the attention of collectors, galleries, art exhibitors and museums throughout the world due to its uniqueness and attractiveness. The technique consists of a mosaic of wooden blocks strategically placed to create a 3D impression if seen from the front angle—it is a puzzle of art! Peixoto would like to further develop this technique and paint on almost any surface creating the most unique pieces of art. Like one he just did for NFL Super Bowl great Tom Brady. He also has pieces displayed in his online gallery of 3D Las Vegas, Manhattan, an artistic 3D chess board and pieces. He also has professional racing pieces and even a genius mix of The Statue of Liberty laid atop his native Brazilian Flag as a sign of love and unity between the two nations and his analogy of leaving everything back home to pursue the American Dream to better the lives of his amazing family.

On top of his new 3D work he is also still perfecting his illustrated super realistic paintings, including one that would even make Moebious proud (The artist made famous through Hugh Hefner for depicting Marilyn Monroe with the pink bubble in her mouth). Rogério recently successfully painted a gorgeous, 30X40, super realistic image of Marilyn Monroe with sunglasses on. Within those lenses is two images of John F. Kennedy wearing sunglasses and within his lenses is four images of Jackie O (Kennedy’s wife) with ?s on her lenses depicting the deadly triangle of love they all led. He also successfully completed two collaborations with Famous Miami Money Artist TRAN$PARENT (IG @transparentartist) who has been taking over the national art scene and acquiring clients such as Dwyane Wade, Dan Marino, Pitbull, wealth managers and numerous billionaires with his American denominations and international and crypto currencies.


Currently, in addition to participating in exhibitions worldwide as a renowned visual artist, Peixoto volunteers with non-profit organizations as a way to give back to the community. Peixoto has specifically been involved with philanthropic organizations that help children with visual impairments and with the parents of the victims of the Parkland shooting. Although visual arts and visual impairments may sound like a paradox, R. Peixoto developed a unique technique to teach visual impaired children express their emotions and talents through visual arts. He often donates some of his art work for social projects and participates in fund raising programs as well.

One can find R. Peixoto’s art work in numerous parts of the world, being in galleries, private collections, visual art exhibitions, as well as in possession of international public figures. Below is a summary of R. Peixoto’s most relevant exhibitions, participations and awards.


2002 – Individual Exhibition (ROCKFER) – São Paulo, Brazil
2004 – Individual Exhibition (Estação Cultural de Campinas) – São Paulo, Brazil
2007 – Individual Exhibition (EXCALIBUR) – Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil
2008 – Individual Exhibition (Museu do Café) – Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil
2008 – Collective Exhibition (Festival dos Imigrantes) – Campinas – São Paulo, Brazil
2008 – Collective Exhibition (MAM) – São Paulo, Brazil
2009 – International Visual Art Exhibition (ANAP / NAFA) – Poços de Caldas – Minas Gerais, Brazil
2009 – IV International Visual Art Exhibition (Arte-Manhas)
2009 – Individual Exhibition (Centro de Convivência Cultural de Campinas) – São Paulo, Brazil
2010 -First Biennial of New Painting (Fundación Cum LAude) – Orense – Spain,
2010 – 65th Ararense Visual Arts Exihibition (Antonio Rodini) – Araras – São Paulo, Brazil
2010 – Collective Exhibition (Marunouchi Gallery) – New York, NY – United States of America
2013 – XXXVIII National Visual Arts Exhibition (Centro Cultural da Marinha) – São Paulo, Brazil
2013 – XII International Visual Arts Exhibition (ANAP)
2014 – IV International Visual Arts Exhibition-SINAP/AIAP (Pinheiros Sports Club) – São Paulo, Brazil
2014 – II National Hall of Visual Arts Commander Darcy Reis Rossi (Casa de Portugal) – São Paulo, Brazil
2015 – XIV International Visual Arts Exhibition – ANAP
2016 – VI International Visual Arts Exhibition SINAP/AIAP
2017- Exhibition Art&Design Gallery Miami-FL- EUA
2017- Exhibition Projet Arte que Salva Fort-Lauderdale-FL EUA
2017- Exhibition Art Brazil – ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL EUA

2018- Individual Exhibition – Private Residence of Kaizer Talib – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2019- Individual Exhibition – Delray Art Show – Delray Beach, FL


Jury of Miss Campinas 2008 – Rewarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
Release of the Artists Vernissage/MAM – São Paulo, Brazil
Designer of the Coat of Arms for EEPSG Prof. Francisco Gonçalves Vieira – Laranjeiras – Caieiras – São Paulo, Brazil
Cataloged by the Book “Artists of the Vernissage” Vol VII 2008 – No. 4748
Cataloged by the book “Horus Catalog of Plastic Arts” 2209
Member of the National Academy of Visual Arts
Member of the International Association of Art.
Member of the National Union of Visual Artists and National Committee of AIAP – Unesco
Cataloged by the Yearbook: Art Gallery Brazil – Current Art Panorama – V. 2014
Quoted by the French book La Cote des Peintres: Akoun 2018, currently one of the world’s most respected art work quotes books.


1993 – Gold Medal (Regional Drawing Competition) Student Games – Caieiras – São Paulo, Brazil
1994 – Gold and Silver Medals (Regional Drawing Competition) Student Games – Caieiras, São Paulo, Brazil
1995 –Gold & Silver medals and Merit Award (Regional Drawing Competition) Student Games – São Paulo, Brazil
1996 – Honorable plate – Horus Concour/Secretaria de Cultura de Caieiras – São Paulo, Brazil
2009 – Gold Medal (IV International Visual Art Exihibion – “Arte–Manhas”
2010 – Honorable plate (Brazilian Art Week – Marunouchi Gallery ) New York, NY, United States of America
2010 – Silver Medal (Horus Visual Arts Catalogue)
2013 – Gold Medal (International Visual Arts Exhibition) – Centro Cultural da Marinha
2013 – Cultural Artistic Merit Medal, UNAP
2013 – Trophy – Master of Fine Arts Award
2013 – Award – Special Honorable Mention – XII ANAP International Exhibition
2014 – Golden Medal – International Visual Arts Exhibition – Commander Darcy Reis Rossi – Casa de Portugal
2014 – Receipt of the Knight Degree – Casa de Portugal – SP
2014 – Promoted to the ranking of Official Knight – National Union of Visual Artists
2014 – Receipt of the Coat of Arms for fostering Visual Arts – National Union of Visual Artists
2015 – Gold Medal XIV International Exhibition of Visual Arts – ANAP
2016 – Special Honorable Mention at the VI International Visual Arts Exhibition SINAP/AIAP 2016.

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Joshua Weiss