Vegas Golden Knights are in first place in the NHL and it’s a joke. “It’s an embarrassment to the league that Vegas is in the finals. The NHL wanted a team in Vegas and they made the other 30 teams bend over and take one for the league. Vegas was an unknown in terms of supporting their own local team. It’s a transient city by nature.

The only way to ensure that there was going to be a worthwhile fan base was to make sure they had a good product in the ice. The rules for the expansion draft were created thusly to make sure they had a good team. Each team could only protect 10 skaters and a goalie. 7 forwards and 3 d. All guys with no trade clauses had to be protected. Teams got penalized for having depth. Vegas got a guaranteed 7 defensemen who were in someone’s top 4, 15 forwards who are mostly 2nd liners, and a multiple cup winner in goal with enough depth that they used 4 goalies this year and didn’t miss a beat.

The NHL also handed them a top 5 pick before ever playing a game. They created a team with more quality and depth than 90% of the teams in the league had to start with. I get why they did it with no guarantees or precedence that Vegas would support a professional team, but they went overboard.” “Found by an unknown source on Facebook. If someone does know who wrote this, let me know and I will give them the credit they deserve.”