South Florida Art Journalist, World Traveler, Entrepreneur and Philanthropic Humanitarian, Josh Leidolf aka Ultra Fine Money Artist TRANSPARENT signing TRAN$PARENT, is making big waves in the art and charity world. For the past 10-15 years he has resided in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area and has been responsible for interviewing and partial brand development for some of the most recognizable artists on Earth like Michael Godard (The Olive Guy), Jim Warren (A living legend, Grammy award winner and licensed Disney artist) and Chris De Rubeis (The Father of Conceptual Movement and the Finest Metal Artist on the planet) to name a few. He is now turning his sights on his own art and helping charities that hit closest home to him.
While painting and drawing since an early age, collecting rare international currency and exploring creative photography in over 50 countries in his lifetime, TRANSPARENT always had the dream of making the world’s currency as vibrant as the people who use it. He always felt like art should evolve with the times and with the people. Specializing in all American denominations from the $1 to the million dollar bill and various rare and well-known International currencies TRANSPARENT is out to change the world with his amazing art. Although fairly new to the public scene, art has been his life’s passion and he illustrates it beautifully in his transparent artwork. Which is actually a metaphor for being transparent with your loved ones, with your business associates, but most importantly with yourself. “Always make sure you feed yourself an optimistic message, do right by others, work hard, diligently pursue your passion and you will undoubtedly go far in this life my friends,” TRANSPARENT says.

His gorgeous larger than life museum quality, gallery contemporary metallic money art is already selling upwards of $5,000-10,000 and hangs in the homes of affluent private collectors and art enthusiasts alike around the United States. He has also already donated tens of thousands of dollars to some of the most respected and noteworthy charities on Earth. Charities like The Foundations for Alzheimer’s, Pancreatic Cancer, Autism and the Special Olympics. With charities and organizations like The Dan Marino Foundation, Kids In Distress and Bigs & Littles NYC Mentoring coming up in the near future.

As a digital pop and mixed media money artist TRANSPARENT uses various types of creative art to produce his illustrious and beautiful works of monetary art. He literally is single-handedly evolving the money art game forever with his new never seen before revolutionary concepts. There is no one on Earth creating money art as beautiful as TRANSPARENT. Whether you boil it down to the time invested, quality, detail and resolution of the image itself or the museum quality materials he uses there simply isn’t a better or more beautiful product on the market. One glimpse in person and you’ll be hooked. Including using the best known archival metallic paper known to man, mounted on aircraft aluminum with matching hanging brackets and fine art perfected plexi for ultra-light popping absorption and refraction. These images are sure to give you a feeling of energy and power and turn heads amongst your peers for many years to come.

His first piece ever sold “publicly” went to the former Chief of the Seminole Indians and one of the owners of the Famous Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Brands, Chris Osceola, for $3,200 at a live auction where TRAN$PARENT donated 100% of it to The Special Olympics. That piece currently hangs in the new High Rollers Room at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in the New Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood Guitar Shaped Casino. You can also find his pieces displayed in the exquisite art galleries of A1A’s North Beach Art Gallery, The New Auto Toy Store on I-95 in Pompano Beach and he is being featured by Northrop and Johnson’s Mega Yacht party at the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show in front of 350 high net worth yacht brokers and global sea goers. He is also being the exclusive artist showcased at October Ball this year in New York City, a black tie red carpet gala featuring 250 of the most affluent Manhattanites around and benefitting an amazing charity. “It is a true honor to be able to donate my artwork for this amazing cause in helping the charity Bigs & Littles NYC Mentoring. I believe in the importance of supporting and training mentors who offer crisis counseling and skill building/college bound workshops and activities to children and their families. The more you know, the earlier, the better off you’ll be in the long run,” TRAN$PARENT says.

With already being showcased at Mercedes Benz brand new AMG Supercenter in Ft lauderdale and with numerous events coming up in New York City, South Florida’s Biggest Yacht Shows and multiple installations at Art Basel in Miami TRANSPARENT’s art is sure to escalate in value as TRUE investment art!

Own a piece of TRANSPARENT’s beautiful fine money art displayed in your home, office, or yacht today or give one as a gift.

For more information you can visit his website at or call 855-624-5888.

Thank you and enjoy your new exquisite money art,

Domenica Rossi