If you have not learned about the amazing benefits of CBD aka cannabidiol aka hemp oil, then you must do your research. It is a true game-changer in the ways of natural and alternative medicine. CBD is an amazing derivative of the marijuana plant that has amazing health benefits. The coolest part is that unlike THC, it does not have the psychotropic effects that get you “high”. It actually counterbalances those effects from the marijuana plant. These “benefits” include but are not limited to pain relief, anti-anxiety, help with insomnia and sleeplessness, anti-seizure properties, and it might even be a significant aid in the fight against cancer.


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Here, we are going to show the TOP FIVE CBD products that are available right now on CBDipedia.com. To encourage you to go ahead and try any OR ALL of these products, go to the site, put those items in your cart, and use COUPON CODE TREEZ to get 25% off your very first order.


1 – CBDfx 60 ct. Hemp Gummy Bears – Theses gummy bears are amazing. They are Berry flavored. They are the most natural CBD gummy bears on the market. They are actually non-GMO, 100% vegan, gluten-free, and contain absolutely no corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. The gummies are made with organically grown full-spectrum CBD oil. Each gummy is packed with 5mg of pure CBD oil, so you only need a few to get your daily dose of CBD. These gummies are so good, you will want TWO bottles.


2 – Hemp Oil Care 2oz 1200mg SPEARMINT CBD Oil Spray – This tasty spearmint THC-free hemp oil spray from Hemp Oil Care is loaded with 1,200 mg of premium CBD from pure hemp oil extract. It contains all the benefits you’d expect from a full-spectrum CBD oil. The spray is made using all-natural ingredients. It contains essential fatty acids and phytonutrients, including terpenes. This THC-free CBD oil spray is ideal for first-time users looking for total control over their CBD usage.  It is fast-acting and comes in two great flavors: a hempy natural flavor and refreshing spearmint.


3 – Pure Clear Hemp APPLE PIE Pure 1000mg CBD Tincture – Pure Clear Hemp creates so many tasty pure CBD flavors, it is actually hard to choose. Apple Pie is the best seller and we now know why. It just has such a great taste. But it is also a pure and smooth CBD experience. If you are looking for a top quality CBD tincture, you can’t go wrong with the purest, the clearest…pure clear hemp!


4 – PLUSCBD 15mg CBD Oil Capsules 60ct. – Harness your human potential with these PlusCBD Oil™ Capsules. PlusCBD Oil Capsules contain a complex phytocannabinoid matrix featuring cannabidiol from agricultural hemp.  These capsules are a convenient way for regular CBD users to get a precise amount of CBD in each serving to achieve daily wellness.


Plus CBD Oil capsules are non-GMO, gluten-free, and made from hemp-derived CBD Oil, delivering cannabinoids, naturally occurring Vitamin E and fatty acids to support balance in both body and mind. They are also 100% vegetarian. These capsules were created using their Total Plant Complex.


5 – Endoca 750mg High Concentrate Hemp Salve – Made with all 100% organic, natural, food grade certified ingredients. This is some strong stuff that has serious benefits. It provides instant relief from dryness and can be used on the face AND body. Endoca’s salve is so pure, you can eat it.


This salve is a soothing, all-natural, organic skin care product that brings instant relief from irritation, excessive dryness and broken skin. It is an antioxidant that protects cells against the effects of free radicals. Endoca’s salve is useful in treating seborrheic dermatitis and mild dermatitis. So if you are tired of itchy, and red skin this salve is definitely a great solution that will help curb this.


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