A boycott on Publix is trending on Twitter and Facebook.

Thousands of people are calling out the very successful and popular grocery store chain for donating to Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Adam Putnam ‘s campaign.

The controversy seems to come from Putnam receiving money from the NRA along with an “A” rating.

One tweet on Twitter stated, “it is within 5 minutes of my house, but I will now be driving as far as I need to in order to #boycottpublix. Please reconsider supporting Adam Putnam.”

The hashtag came after a report from the Tampa Bay Times that says Publix has given more than $600,000 to the Putnam campaign over three years.

Publix customer Stephen Skeen says he will continue to shop at Publix, but he doesn’t believe any company should lobby regardless of the politician in question.

“Why choose to make such a substantial move towards a side when you have a good thing going,” he said. “I’m disappointed that Publix is interested in paying for politicians because that redirects our concerns from us as a community,” he said.

Putnam did provide this statement after hearing of the boycott:

I’m so proud that Publix calls Florida home. They got their start in Polk County and are consistently ranked as one of the top places to work in the nation. They provide more than 100,000 jobs for hardworking Floridians and are the epitome of customer service and quality. I’m a proud Store No. 3 shopper.