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Patrick Zarrelli or Kid Chronic as some know him is originally from the great state of New York. He comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners and is first generation Italian, his father came over from Melizzano Italy when he was only eight years old. Zarrelli is also the first generation of his immediate family to attend and graduate from a major American university. After being born in Gloversville, New York on February 27th, 1979, where his father owned multiple bars and night clubs. Zarrelli eventually moved to Richmond Virginia where he attended St. Bridget’s Academy a private primary school. Later he attended Douglas S. Freeman a public high school in Richmond, where he was leading scorer on the famed Running Rebels basketball team. In his sophomore year Zarrelli returned to Gloversville for a brief time to finish high school, before heading out to Tallahassee, Florida to get his college degree.

Patrick Zarrelli first attended Tallahassee Community College in Florida, where he graduate with an associate degree in Liberal Arts. After TCC graduation Zarrelli went on to the historic Florida State University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary social science, and a minor in communications. While in college at TCC and FSU, Zarrelli was well-known around town as the head bartender for the infamous Bajas Beach Club. However Zarrelli could often be found working at other bars in town like Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Floyd’s Music Shop, and Sloppy Joes. If he wasn’t behind the bar you could find Zarrelli at a great party, on a road trip, or in the stands cheering for the Noles at a FSU football game. Zarrelli was also known to pal around with the original FSU cowgirls, who actually got discovered while siting in seats he gave them for that day’s game, making him a local legend at Florida State.

His junior year in college Patrick Zarrelli was approached by Speed Magazine to write an article about his exploits behind the bar. The article sparked a regular print column, that Zarrelli coined “The Jet Set Philosophy.” Zarrelli’s topics included everything from making the perfect martini, to methods of separating hot girls from their friends at a nightclub so you can get to know them better. The column was an instant success and Tallahassee cult classic, and most likely sent Zarrelli down the media path he is still currently on. The early days in Tallahassee certainly helped spark Zarrelli’s media career, and online notoriety that now has him sitting on top of two very successful tech companies. One being the Print Killer Media Network, all the website Patrick Zarrelli owns and operates himself. The other being Dependable Website Management, a company that manages busy websites for many outside tech clients.

Today Patrick Zarrelli resides in beautiful South Florida, where his companies are all based. He lives, works, and plays, in  Downtown Fort Lauderdale off of Avenue of the Arts. He still writes and or blogs almost every day for the Print Killer Media Network and is actively involved in the Democratic Party. All while still running the day-to-day operations of  Dependable Website Management a tech company that manages over 30 full corporate web presences, and services some odd 80 a la carte tech clients.  Last year Zarrelli’s companies pumped out and amazing 25,000 blogs and web pages. While ruining a multi-million dollar Google Adwords account to advertise all his clients sites. Zarrelli himself has over 10,000 published blogs online, making him one of the most published writers on the internet today, and he is only in his thirties! On the tech side of things Zarrelli is well know in tech circles as a WordPress expert, and an extremely qualified, well-rounded, and accomplished tech team leader.

When asked what’s next, Patrick Zarreli once told me in a staff meeting. More of the same! So I expect given the fact that Zarrelli is still fairly young for his industry, he will create a lot more amazing content for the intrawebs before he hangs up his mouse and keyboard for good. If you think about his mark on the internet will likely, far out live his mark in real life, giving him a little bit longer impact or longevity of impact on the world than a normal person or non techie might have. I think that’s pretty cool to think about. Dont you? I’m sure he would to. How long will people be reading Patrick Zarrelli articles online? Fifty years? A hundred years? What about a thousand years? Wouldn’t that be cool, if a thousand years from now, some kid with a roll up screen pocket iPad is sitting on Mars in a U.S. colony reading one of Zarrelli’s blogs!? I think that’s pretty cool to think about, and an awesome legacy for an internet legend in the making. Which also makes me proud to call him my boss!

Until next time people, always remember our moto at the Print Killer Media Network…

Print is Dead, Long Live the Internet!!!

Here is a gallery of pics from the life of our CEO Patrick J. Zarrelli. #LifeOfTheKid

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Patrick Zarrelli’s Work and Title History.

Vice President of BeachFront News – 2008 to 2011.

Publisher of the South Florida Chronicle – 2011 to 2013.

CEO Print Killer Media Network – 2014 to current day.

CEO Dependable Website Management  – 2015 to current day.


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