Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


LIONS 16 – Bears 23*** (Bears -3…o/u 42.5 UNDER) Chase Daniel started for Mitch Trubisky. Scoreless first quarter. Bears took a boring halftime lead 9-7. A second LeGarrette Blount TD gave the Lions the lead. The Bears took the game in the fourth quarter and broke the tie at the 6:00 mark with a pick six. Detroit had 111 yards rushing to the Bears 38 yards. The Lions had four sacks

Chase Daniel went 27-37 for 230 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. No running game with Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard went 10-27 yards. Cohen did have 7-45 receiving with a TD. Matt Stafford was 28-38 for 236 yards and 2 INTs. LeGarrette Blount had one of his better games going 19-88 yards 2 TDs. Kenny Golladay went 5-90 yards.

MY TAKE: Even with Chase Daniel starting over Mitch Trubisky the Bears could not be denied. They had to steal this game in the fourth quarter, but they did it. The Lions and their season is over. They will finish in last more than likely in the NFC North. Surprise, surprise right? The Bears hold on to the top spot with this win. It would really nice if the Bears can actually get a running game going. It would really help them out. It has disappeared even though they continue to win.



COWBOYS 31*** – Redskins 23 (Cowboys -7…o/u 40 OVER) This game was a tale of two halves. Dallas scored first on an Ezekiel Elliott run, and led the game 10-7 at the half. Washington took the lead in the third quarter, but that was short lived as Amari Copper caught two big TDs from Prescott for 40 and 90 yards to take the lead and never look back. Add a Dak Prescott run for a TD to start the fourth and it was looking like a blowout. Washington added a TD and a FG to make the score look closer on paper, but that was all. Dallas had 400+ yards of offense. The teams combined for seven sacks (4 for Washington and 3 for Dallas). The difference was the three INTs that Washington’s Colt McCoy threw. There were three fumbles in the game between both teams, but nobody lost the fumbles.

Colt McCoy went 24-38 for 268 yards and 2 TDs and 3 INTs. Adrian Peterson went 12-35 yards. Vernon Davis went 2-73 yards with a TD. Dak Prescott went 22-31 for 289 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Prescott did also have a rushing TD. Ezekiel Elliott went 26-121 yards and 2 TDs. Amari Cooper went 8-180 yards with 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: This was a monster game for both teams. First place in the NFC East was on the line. Dallas was never behind in this game. Amari Cooper had his best game of his season and perhaps his career. He has really panned out in the trade from Oakland. The Redskins really are in trouble without Alex Smith. McCoy gave it a run, but three INTs is a killer. Also, if AP isn’t gonna get any yards, they are gonna have a hard time winning. At this point, it is Dallas’ division to win, but the Skins are not far behind. Mainly because the Skins were in first and lost that spot to Dallas.



SAINTS 31*** – Falcons 17 (Saints -12.5…o/u 61 UNDER) The Saints were in primetime and Drew Brees never loses in primetime. It was 17-3 at the half and the Saint never looked back after the two Drew Brees TD passes. Brees threw two more TDs in each quarter. All four TDs were too different players and players you never heard of. The game was over even though the Falcons also added a TD in the third and the fourth. Both Matt Ryan TD throws to Calvin Ridley and Tevin Coleman. Atlanta went 4-6 on fourth downs. The Saints outrushed the Falcons (150 yards to 26 yards). The Falcons outpassed the Saints (340 yards to 162 yards). The Saints had six sacks. The Falcons had five fumbles and lost three of them.

Matt Ryan went 35-47 for 377 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Sadly, he led the team in rushing going 2-16 yards. Julio Jones went 11-147 yards. Drew Brees had 4 TDs with an INT. Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram combined to go 25 for 141 yards with 0 TDs.

MY TAKE: The Falcons are on a serious slide. Their season is basically over. This game is proof of that. They need every game left this season to even have a shot. This was a loss that you could have figured. The Saints are that much better. The Saints were never behind in this game. The Falcons had absolutely no running game in this one. I have to say that the Falcons are one of, if not the most disappointing teams this season. It will be interesting to see what happens to them for next year. The Saints just keep churning along in the fight for home field through the whole playoffs with the Rams to which the Saints have the edge.



RAVENS 34*** – Raiders 17 (Ravens -13…o/u 42 OVER) The Raiders seem to score first in a lot of their games. They did here too, and then the Ravens scored 13 straight points, one of which was a punt return TD. The Ravens never looked back. The teams traded TDs in the third quarter. And the knife was stabbed in the back of the Raiders in the fourth with a defensive TD as Terrell Suggs ran a fumble back for a TD. The Ravens had 23 first downs to the Raiders 13. They went 8-13 on third down. The Ravens had a whopping 242-67 yards rushing. The Ravens had 400+ yards of offense. The Ravens had three sacks.

Derek Carr went 16-34 for 194 yards with a TD. Doug Martin went 11-51 yards with a TD. Jared Cook added a TD as well. Lamar Jackson went 14-25 for 178 yards with a TD and 2 INTs. He had 11-71 yards rushing with a TD as well. Gus Edwards went 23-118 yards. Michael Crabtree added a TD.

MY TAKE: Lamar Jackson is really making it happen. He wins another game, so this is back to back wins. Even though it was against the terrible Raiders, who I told you a long time ago quit, a win is a win. Especially for a guy who hasn’t started any games like Jackson. He will need to brush up on his passing, and if he keeps running as he has, he is gonna get killed. This was a close game until the Ravens buried it in the fourth quarter. This also seems to have been a coming out party for running back Gus Edwards since the injured Alex Collins did not play.



BILLS 24*** – Jags 21 (Jags -3…o/u 36.5 OVER) Buffalo jumped out right away with a 14-0 lead of which one of the TDs was a big Josh Allen 75 yard TD pass. The Jags tied the game in the second quarter on two Leonard Fournette TD runs. The third quarter was scoreless. The fourth quarter started off with a Josh Allen TD run. Buffalo added a FG that turned out to be the difference maker. The Jags added a late TD in the last two minutes, but it was not enough. The game was very statistically even. The difference was the two INTs that Jacksonville threw. Buffalo had two fumbles but did not turn either over. The game had a combined twenty-three penalties. Buffalo had thirteen of them and the Jags had ten.

Blake Bortles went 12-23 for 127 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs. Leonard Fournette went 18-95 yards with 2 TDs. Josh Allen went 8-19 for 160 yards and 1 TD passing. He added 13-99 yards with a rushing TD. Robert Foster went 2-94 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: Josh Allen is back and all of a sudden he really likes to run the ball. The Jags are so bad and this was a true sign of how bad they are. Even the Bills have now beaten them and they just keep on losing. What a colossal collapse. The Jags are by far the biggest disappointment in the NFL. They even decided to bench Blake Bortles after this game. It has truly come to that.



PANTHERS 27 – Seahawks 30*** (Panthers -3…o/u 46.5 OVER) This game was one of the closer and more entertaining games of the weekend. Carolina’s FG was the only score in the first quarter. Both teams scored ten points in the second quarter. Each team kicked a close up FG along with their TDs. It was a 13-10 Carolina lead at the half. Each team also scored a TD in the third quarter to keep this game close. Seattle closed in, and in the fourth quarter won the game on a walk-off FG by Sebastian Janikowski. Seattle went 6-14 on third downs. Carolina outrushed a usually stout Seattle running game 220 yards to 75 yards. There was well over 800+ yards of total offense in the game. Carolina had 476 yards and Seattle had 397 yards. Carolina fumbled an amazing five times but did not lose one of them.

Russell Wilson went 22-31 for 339 yards with 2 TDs. Chris Carson went 16-55 yards with a TD. Tyler Lockett went 5-107 yards with a TD. David Moore went 4-103 yards with a TD as well. Cam Newton went 25-30 for 256 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. He added 8-63 yards rushing. Christian McCaffrey had an amazing day. 17-25 yards rushing with a TD. He also had 11-112 yards receiving with a TD too. D.J.  Moore had 8-91 yards.

MY TAKE: Great game and both teams are fighting very hard for that Wild Card spot. This is gonna be a dogfight till the end. Carolina is slipping though, and guess who took their spot….Seattle. Watch both of these teams as one is a lot hotter than the other. Seattle may just hold on and slip in and steal this. Carolina was so hot, but those days are long gone. We shall see what happens.



BENGALS 20Browns 35*** (Bengals PK…o/u 46.5 OVER) The Browns started out fast scoring two TDs in the first quarter and in the second quarter and had a 28-7 lead real fast. How about that Bengals defense, huh? The teams traded TDs in the third quarter but this game was long over. The Bengals added a garbage TD in the fourth that didn’t matter. Oddly enough, the stats in this game were very even. The Bengals did throw one INT and had one turnover fumble. There were twenty penalties in the game (thirteen by the Bengals and seven by the Browns).

Baker Mayfield went 19-26 for 258 yards with four TDs and 0 INTs. Nick Chubb had a big day going 28-84 with a rushing TD. He also had 3-44 yards with a TD receiving as well. Darren Fells, David Njoku, and Antonio Callaway all had receiving TDs. Andy Dalton got hurt in this game and it actually put him out for the year. He had 100 yards with a TD and INT. Jeff Driskel came in and went 17-29 for 155 yards with a TD pass. Joe Mixon went 14-89 yards and 7-66 yards receiving. Tyler Boyd had 7-85 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: In a game that meant nothing, there was a fun offensive performance put out by Cleveland. It is a shame that Cleveland can’t really get it together. They could have been a real a thorn this year. The Bengals have slipped right into “see you next season” territory. Now Dalton and AJ Green out for the year. Both teams have nothing to play for so they can only be spoilers. Have fun if you are a fan of one of these dogs.



JETS 13 – Patriots 27*** (Patriots -13…o/u 47 UNDER) Jets scored first and were pretty excited. The Pats tied the game in the first quarter. Each team was only able to kick a FG in the second quarter. The Pats laid the smack down in the second half outscoring the Jets 17-3 to win this game. The Pats outrushed the Jets 215 yards to  74 yards. The Pats were two yards shy of 500 yards in the game. There were nineteen penalties in the game (eleven by the Pats and eight by the Jets).

Tom Brady went 20-31 for 283 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Sony Michel went 21-133 yards with a rushing TD. Julian Edelman had 4-84 yards and a TD. Gronkowski went 3-56 yards with a TD. Josh McCown went 26-45 yards with a TD and an INT. Jermaine Kearse went 6-66 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: There is not much to say here. The Jets are garbage. The Pats are playoff bound. The better team won the game. There was nothing too exciting here. Not much to comment on. 



EAGLES 25 – Giants 22*** (Eagles -5…o/u 49.5 UNDER) The Giants scored quickly even though they didn’t get the 2 point conversion. After a first quarter FG, the Giants were up 9-0. The teams traded FGs to start the second quarter. After those kicks the Giants got a big Barkley TD run and Philly scored on a Wentz to Ertz TD that also got the 2 point conversion. It was 19-11 Giants with the lead. The third quarter saw only a Philly FG. In the fourth quarter, Philly took the lead. They got a quick TD and wound up kicking a FG with :22 left to break a tie and win the game. The Giants had 400+ yards.

Eli Manning went 26-37 for 297 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. Saquon Barkley went 13-101 yards with a TD rushing and had 7-41 yards with a TD receiving. Odell Beckham went 5-85 yards. Carson Wentz went 20-28 for 236 yards with a TD. Josh Adams had 22-84 yards with 1 TD. Zach Ertz had 7-91 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: Philly is making its play for the Wild Card. It took this game for them to get just a little closer. This division is very close as between Dallas, Philly and Washington it is anybody’s game. The Giants should really praise the Gods for Saquon Barkley. He really is all they got. The Giants are not in the hunt, but these other NFC East teams are. Flip a coin. You have as good a shot with that of figuring out who will win the NFC East.



BUCS 27*** – 49ers 9 (Bucs -1.5…o/u 54.5 UNDER) Tampa Bay scored first and never looked back. The Bucs got a Winston TD pass int he first quarter. In the second quarter the 49ers got a TD pass but missed the PAT. This made it a tie in the quarter as the Bucs only managed two FGs. It was a 13-6 Tampa lead at the half. In the third quarter San Fran did score first, but it was just a very close FG. Tampa added to their lead with a TD run. The only score in the fourth quarter was a Winston TD pass. Tampa was 7-13 on third downs while San Fran was 1-8. There was 750+ yards of total offense. The Bucs had four sacks. There were seventeen penalties in the game (nine for Tampa Bay and eight for San Fran).

Nick Mullens went 18-32 for 221 yards with a TD and 2 INTs. Matt Breida went 14-106 yards. Dante Pettis had 4-77 yards with a TD. Jameis Winston went 29-38 for 312 yards with 2 TDs. Peyton Barber went 18-47 yards and a TD. Mike Evans went 6-116 yards. Adam Humphries went 6-54 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The 49ers have truly looked terrible of late. Poor Nick Mullens. He looked so good in his first performance. Not so much anymore. This just in, when Jameis Winston doesn’t throw INT’s, the Bucs have a good shot of winning. That is what happened here today. They did play a garbage team, granted, but you gotta go out and win vs. what is it front of you.



CHARGERS 45*** – Cardinals 10 (Chargers -14…o/u 43 OVER) If you can believe it, the Cardinals actually scored their ten points first and took a first quarter lead of 10-0. And then the bridge collapsed. The Chargers got two Rivers passing TDs and two Melvin Gordon TD runs, and it was 28-10 at the half. But they weren’t done. San Diego scored two more TDs in the third and threw a FG cherry on top in the fourth quarter. The Chargers had THIRTY first downs. They had 400+ yards of offense. There were six sacks in the game.

Josh Rosen went 12-19 for 105 yards with one TD and one INT. David Johnson went 17-63 yards. Larry Fitzgerald went 2-30 yards with a TD. Philip Rivers went 28-29 for 259 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs. Melvin Gordon went 10-61 yards with 2 TDs. Austin Ekeler added a TD. Keenan Allen went 7-72 yards with 1 TD.

MY TAKE: Absolute destruction. The Chargers are just so much better than the worst offense in football. The Cards never had a chance and their season is an embarrassment. The Chargers are making a serious push for the AFC West title as well. Keep an eye on the surging Chargers. This game was a no-brainer, nothing surprising here other than that Philip Rivers had an amazing 28-29 passing. I mean are you kidding me?



COLTS 27 – Dolphins 24*** (Colts -8.5…o/u 52.5 UNDER) This game was very even the whole way. Each team scored a TD in the first quarter and in the second quarter. The Fins pulled ahead in the third quarter to lead 17-14. To start the fourth quarter, Miami scored another TD and went up 24-14. They looked like they were in the driver’s seat. The Colts then went on a fourth quarter tear. They got a FG, then a TD to tie the game, and then the Colts won the game on a walk-off FG. The Colts had twenty-six first downs. They went 2-2 on fourth down. The Colts finished with 450+ yards in the game. There were seventeen penalties in the game (ten by the Fins and seven by the Colts). Each team had two fumbles and turned it over once via fumble.

Ryan Tannehill went 17-25 for 204 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Frank Gore went 14-67 yards. Kenyan Drake had a TD rushing and receiving and had a combined 96 yards. Andrew Luck went 30-37 for 343 yards with 3 TDs and 2 INTs. Marlon Mack went 15-85 yards. TY Hilton had 7-125 yards. Eric Ebron went 5-45 yards and 2 TDs. Jack Doyle added a TD as well.

MY TAKE: The Colts are just red hot. This makes for five wins in a row. Even getting Ryan Tannehill back was not going to be enough for the Fins, who are technically still alive in the AFC Playoff race. This was a big game as both teams are fighting for Wild Card placement. The fins are ahead of the Colts, but barely. This game will only bring them even closer. Both teams are still there but need to keep winning. In the Dolphins case, start winning.



BRONCOS 24*** – Steelers 17 (Steelers -3…o/u 47.5 UNDER) Halfway through the first quarter the Broncos started the game off with a FG. The Steelers matched them with their own FG in the second quarter. The teams then traded TD in the second as well and it was a 10-10 tie at halftime. Each team then added a TD in the third quarter as well to keep the tie going. Everything then settled down and Denver took the lead for good at the 9:17 mark with a Phillip Lindsay TD. While Denver outrushed the Steelers, they Steelers outpassed the Broncos 452 yards to 184 yards. Pittsburgh had 520+ total yards. The Steelers had four fumbles and lost two of them. Even in a loss the Steelers had the ball for ten more minutes.

Big Ben went 41-56 for 462 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs. Juju Smith-Schuster had a massive 13-189 yards with a TD. Case Keenum went 15-28 for 197 yards with 2 TDs. Phillip Lindsay went 14-110 yards with a TD. Emanuel Sanders went 7-86 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Broncos are really starting to heat up, and this was their biggest win of the season. They started out looking like a huge disappointment this year. They have fought back and have a legit shot right now in the AFC Wild Card situation. The Steelers have the Ravens nipping at their heels. This loss doesn’t help. They may hold on they may not, but more than likely Pittsburgh will be in the playoffs. Denver needs a little bit of help, but wins like this are a great start.



VIKINGS 24*** – Packers 17 (Vikings -3.5…o/u 48.5 UNDER) A very even game. This game was desperately needed by both teams in the NFC North. You can coin toss who was favored to win this, but both are not going to win it and have to pray for a Wild Card slot. The teams alternated TDs in each quarter. Green Bay scored, then Minnesota. Then Green Bay and then Minnesota, and we were tied 14-14 at the half. Minnesota stole the game in the third quarter with a 10-0 quarter with a FG and an Adam Thielen TD. The Packers added a late fourth quarter FG but it was not enough. Minnesota went 7-14 on third downs while Green Bay went 2-10. Minnesota had 416 total yards to 254 yards for Green Bay. Minnesota had four sacks.

Aaron Rodgers went 17-28 for 198 yards with a TD. Aaron Jones had 93 total yards with a rushing TD. Davante Adams went 5-69 yards with a TD. Kirk Cousins went 29-38 for 342 yards with 3 TDs.Adam Thielen went 8-125 yards with a TD and Stefon Diggs went 8-77 yards with a TD. Dalvin Cook finished with 76 total yards and a receiving TD.


MY TAKE: This was a huge division matchup for two teams that are fighting for their NFC Wild Card slot. With the Bears in first, and still even reachable, this game really was important in the playoffs race. Green Bay is having one of their worst seasons in a while. It really is surprising to see how bad they are this year. Many had them in the top three teams of the NFC going into the season. These team will need to fight. Minnesota has a better shot between the two. But as Carolina slides these two teams gain.



TEXANS 34*** – Titans 17 (Texans -3.5…o/u 42.5 OVER) The game started off with plenty of scoring. The Titans jumped out to a 10-0 lead. Houston was able to get a Demaryius Thomas TD to make it a 10-7 game in the first quarter. The game was won by Houston in the second quarter with two TD runs and a FG. One of those runs was a Lamar Miller 97-yarder. It was 24-10 at the half. The third quarter had Houston add a FG and then finally the Titans scored as time expired in the third. It was 27-17 Texans. They added another TD to really rub it in by Demaryius Thomas. Houston had a whopping 281 yards rushing. The teams combined for 820+ yards (Tennessee had 365 yards and Houston had 462 yards. There were ten sacks in the game (Titans had four and the Texans had six).

Marcus Mariota went 22-23 for 303 yards and 2 TDs. Corey Davis is 4-96 yards with 1 TD. Jonnu Smith went 2-63 yards and a TD. Deshaun Watson went 19-24  for 210 yards with 2 TDs. He also went 9-70 yards rushing with a rushing TD. Lamar Miller went 12-162 yards. Demaryius Thomas went 4-38 yards with 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: If you haven’t been paying attention, the Texans are the hottest team in the NFL. Go figure. They beat the Titans as they should have and the Titans are in the hunt for the Wild Card, but this is a setback. The Texans are pretty much a lock for the AFC South. It is funny that nobody is talking about this team, but they are not losing football games. Somebody better recognize soon.



Bye Week: Chiefs, Rams

ATS 9-6…..Over/Under 7-8

YTD ATS 78-91-7…..Over/Under 88-87-1