Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


COWBOYS 13*** – Saints 10 (Saints -7…o/u 51.5 UNDER) Dallas jumped out to a 10-0 lead in the first wuarter in this low scoring affair. At the half, they were shutting out the Saints 13-0. The Saints did manage to get a TD and FG in the 3rd quarter. But that was it. Neither team scored in the 4th quarter, and the Cowboys upset the Saints 13-10 in the final. There was very little offense in this game. The Saints only had 65 yards rushing and 111 yards passing. They did have seven sacks in the game which hardly mattered. Each team fumbled three times, but Dallas turned two of theirs over. It didn’t seem to matter.

Drew Brees went 18-28 for 127 yards with a TD and an INT. Kamara and Ingram combined for 63 yards rushing. Dak Prescott threw 24-28 for 249 yards and a TD. Ezekiel Elliott went for a total of 135 yards and had a TD receiving.

MY TAKE: Huge win for Dallas. This game keeps them in the playoff run and leading the division. It is hard to understand how the Saints could drop this one when they have been so hot. When Ezekiel Elliott is hot then Dallas has a great change at winning. I wouldn’t sweat it just yet if I were a Saints fan, but this is not a loss that should sit well with anyone.

FALCONS 16 – Ravens 26*** (Falcons -2.5…o/u 46.5 UNDER) Each team scored ten points for the half, as Atlanta kicked a FG followed by a Baltimore TD in the first quarter, and then Atlanta scored a defensive TD as Baltimore kicked a FG in the 2nd quarter. Baltimore then ripped off three straight FGs as they were the only team to score in the 3rd and the first team to score in the 4th. Halfway through the 4th quarter Baltimore put the game away with its own defensive TD. Atlanta did add a junk TD, but it wasn’t enough. Baltimore went 7-15 on 3rd down while Atlanta only went 2-9. Baltimore outrushed Atlanta 207 yards to just 34! Atlanta only had 97 yards passing. There were 17 penalties in the game (nine for Baltimore and eight for Atlanta). Baltimore fumbled four times and lost one as Atlanta fumbled twice and lost one.

Lamar Jackson went 12-21 for 125 yards passing. He had 0 TDs or INTs. He did rush for75 yards with a TD. Gus Edwards went 21-82 yards. Matt Ryan went 16-26 for 131 yards and a TD. There were no other players worth mentioning in this Atlanta offense. Julio Jones had a terrible 2-18 yards.

MY TAKE: The Falcons continue to slide, so that is no surprise. What is a surprise is how Lamar Jackson is playing since taking over for Joe Flacco. He seems like he is ready to keep the job, and if Baltimore keeps winning, then he is going to do just that. The Ravens are right in the thick of the Wild Card hunt and could even challenge Pittsburgh in the division. The Ravens have a very strong running game and with Lamar running it has gotten even stronger. What is there to say about the Falcons other than what they might do to this team? Do they blow them up? Hard to say, but this was a terrible season and they have to wonder what now!

BENGALS 10 – Broncos 24*** (Broncos -3.5…o/u 45 UNDER) The game started off with a scoreless 1st quarter. At the half it was 7-3 Denver. The only real action was in the 3rd quarter where Denver outscored Cincy 14-7 and basically took the game. For good measure, Denver added a junk FG int he 4th quarter. Stat wise this game was pretty even. Denver did have four sacks. Cincy had 12 penalties for 100 yards. There were three fumbles in the game and all were turned over. One by Denver and two by Cincinnati.

Case Keenum went 12-21 for 151 yards with a TD. Phillip Lindsay went 19-157 yards and 2 TDs. Courtland Sutton went 4-85 yards and a TD. Jeff Driskel 25-37 for 236 yards and a TD and an INT. Joe Mixon went 12-82 yards. Tyler Boyd went 6-97 yards.

MY TAKE: The Broncos needed this game and they got it. The Bengals have nothing to play for and it showed. Even though Case Keenum had another mediocre game, rookie Phillip Lindsay carried the team to the win and he is going to challenge for rookie of the year. The Broncos are still alive in this playoff race, but they need help.

LIONS 16 – Rams 30*** (Rams -10…o/u 54 UNDER) The Rams kicked a FG to start the game. In the second quarter the Rams added a TD and FG to take a 13-3 lead. The Lions fought back in the third, and this game was a tight 16-13 in favor of the Rams. In the fourth quarter, the Rams took the game with two Todd Gurley TD runs to take the game. The Lions did kick a FG in between his two scores. The Lions were just 2-12 on 3rd downs. The Rams had four sacks. There were 15 penalties in the game, seven by the Rams and eight by the Lions. Each team lost a fumble.

Jared Goff went 17-33 for 207 yards with a TD and INT. Todd Gurley went bananas with 23-132 yards with 2 TDs. He did add 33 yards receiving. Robert Woods went 5-67 yards with a TD. Matt Stafford went 20-33 for 245 yards with a TD and INT. LeGarrette Blount went 16-61 yards.

MY TAKE: The Rams won a game that they should obviously have won. The Lions are done for the year. Not much to talk about here. It went as it was supposed to. The Rams are in the driver’s seat for the top spot, especially after the Saints lost this week to Dallas.

PACKERS 17 – Cards 20*** (Packers -13.5…o/u 41 UNDER) In a huge upset, both teams did not score in the first quarter. By halftime, it was 10-7 in favor of Green Bay. In the third quarter, the Cards took a lead after scoring a TD and FG. In the fourth quarter, the Packers tied the game, but the Cards won the game breaking the tie late in the fourth quarter. Green Bay went 3-14 on 3rd downs. The Cards outrushed the Pack by almost 100 yards (182 to 98). Each team had seven penalties. The Cards had three fumbles but didn’t turn any over.

Josh Rosen went 11-26 for 149 yards with 0 TDs or INTs. David Johnson went 20-69 yards. Chase Edmonds went 5-53 yards with 2 TDs. Aaron Rodgers went 31-50 for 233 yards with a TD. Aaron Jones went 11-36 yards with a TD rushing. Davante Adams went 8-93 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: One of the upsets of the year and proof that Green Bay is in trouble for this year and the future. This loss ended their season for sure. They had an outside Wild CArd chance, but not anymore. What can you say? This is just not the Green Bay we are used to. Give it to the Cardinals for fighting. They have nothing ot play for, but gave it a great game and got a tough win. Especially considering what an underdog they were.

TEXANS 29*** – Browns 13 (Texans -4.5…o/u 47.5 UNDER) Houston jumped all over Cleveland. This game was over at the half. Houston scored ten in the first quarter and thirteen in the second quarter and it was 23-0. Cleveland did add a TD in the third quarter to get on the board. They also scored in the fourth quarter. Houston kicked a FG in each quarter as well as they went into cruise control. Houston went 8-16 on third downs, Cleveland went 2-8. Houston outrushed Cleveland 187 yards to 31. Cleveland out passed Houston 397 yards to 197. The Browns had four sacks.

Baker Mayfield went 29-43 for 397 yards with a TD but 3 INTs. Nick Chubb went 9-31 yards with a TD. Jarvis Landry went 6-103 yards. Deshaun Watson went 22-31 for 224 yards with a TD. Lamar Miller went 19-103 yards. DeAndre Hopkins went 7-91 yards.

MY TAKE: The Texans are so red hot, that it isn’t funny anymore. The strangest part is that nobody is talking about it. They should have beat Cleveland and they did, so no surprise there. The Texans will be in the playoffs. The question really is, is can they win there? Cleveland has had an interesting season. You never know what you will get from them week to week. This week they didn’t really show up.

JAGS 6*** – Colts 0 (Colts -4…o/u 45.5 UNDER) What a terrible game. No scoring in the first quarter. The Jags scored first in the second quarter with a FG. They added a FG in the fourth and that was all the scoring in the game. The Jags won the game, but only had 211 yards of offense. Each team had three sacks. There were fourteen penalties (eight for the Jags and six for the Colts). Andrew Luck went 33-52 for 248 yards with an INT. Eric Ebron went 10-81 yards. Cody Kessler went 18-24 for 150 yards. Carlos Hyde went 13-36.

MY TAKE: This turned out to be the worst game of the week and could be the worst of the year. Another total head-scratcher. The Colts came in red hot and pushing hard for a Wild Card slot. The Jags mailed it in a long time ago. Somehow, someway, the Jags won this game and shut the Colts down. The Colts were scoring near 30 points a game of late, so this is a big loss. They need every game, so this one will sting a bit. For the Jags, this game means nothing more than spoiler status.

DOLPHINS 21*** – Bills 17 (Dolphins -3.5…o/u 40 UNDER) The Fins scored first in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Bills scored but missed the PAT. The Fins also scored in the second and took a 14-6 lead. In the third quarter, the Bills added a FG to draw closer. In the fourth, the Bills took the lead with a TD and a 2 pt. conversion. The Dolphins scored a TD on the next drive and held the lead to win the game. Buffalo offensively outplayed Miami with 24-15 first downs. 198 rushing yards to 60. And even had 100 more passing yards. The Bills had 13 penalties in this game. The Fins had 8. The Bills did fumble three times turning one over.

Josh Allen went 18-33 for 231 yards with 2 TDs and 2 INTs. He also had an amazing 135 yards on nine carries. Zay Jones went 4-67 yards with 2 TDs. Ryan Tannehill went 16-24 for 137 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT. Kenyan Drake, Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker all had receiving TDs.

MY TAKE: The Fins are trying to stay alive in the playoffs and they did so here. They needed this game bad and they got it. It is an outside shot for the Wild Card but they are still there in it. The Bills have played better lately, but not good enough. They at least got Josh Allen back on the field.

GIANTS 30*** – Bears 27 (Bears -3.5…o/u 43.5 OVER) This game was a high scoring dogfight. The Giants scored on a pick-six to start the game and the Bears matched it. In the second quarter, the Bears added another TD late and the Giants kicked a FG to end the half. The score was 14-10 in favor of the Bears. The Giants took a strong lead in the third quarter with an Odell Beckham Jr. passing TD on a trick play and on an Odell Beckham Jr. receiving TD. The Bears got a FG and the Giants added to their lead with a FG under the two-minute mark. But the Bears scored a very late FG right after the Giants. They also scored a last-second TD to tie the game and put in overtime. The Giants kicked a FG in OT to win the game.

The Bears went a poor 2-15 on third downs. The Bears went 4-5 on fourth downs and the Giants went 2-2. The Giants had five sacks. The game had 20 penalties (12 by the Giants and 8 by the Bears). The Bears fumbled six times but only lost one of them. Chase Daniel went 26-39 for 285 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs. Jordan Howard went 16-76 yards. Tarik Cohen had 12 catches for 156 yards. Eli Manning went 19-35 for 170 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. Saquaon Barkley went 24-125 yards rushing. Odell Beckham Jr. threw a TD for 49 yards and he went 3-35 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Giants show some life putting up a ton of points against a good defense. The Bears are leading the division with the Vikes and Pack nipping at their heels. The Bears don’t want to let things slip away and losing this game is a way to do this.

BUCS 24*** – Panthers 17 (Panthers -3.5…o/u 52 UNDER) The game started fast with a Tampa TD and FG. Carolina answered right back with a TD run in the first quarter. Tampa made the game 17-7 with another TD in the second quarter. The Panthers started the third with a FG only to have Tampa score a TD to ice the game. Carolina scored a TD, but it was too little too late. Carolina had 27 first downs to Tampa’s 18. Each team had 4 sacks. The difference is that Carolina threw FOUR INTERCEPTIONS. There were 16 penalties in the game (seven by Carolina and 9 by Tampa). Tampa fumbled twice, but only turned one over.

Cam Newton went 28-41 for 300 yards with 2 TDs and 4 INTs. Christian McCaffrey went 10-106 yards rushing. He added 9-55 receiving with a TD. Curtis Samuel went 6-88 yards. Jameis Winston went 20-30 for 249 yards with 2 TDs. Peyton Barber went 16-45 yards with a TD. Chris Godwin went 5-101 yards with a TD. Adam Humphries went 7-61 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Panthers just keep slip sliding away. What a shame. They went from challenging the Saints for the division to barely holding on to a Wild Card slot. Give the Bucs credit as they have nothing to play for and beat a team that is not only better, but has a season in front of them still. If Cam Newton is going to throw 4 INTs in a game, of course they are going to lose the game. On a side note, Jameis Winston didn’t throw any INTs and they won the game. Hmmmmmm.

RAIDERS 33*** – Chiefs 40 (Chiefs -14…o/u 53.5 OVER) Kansas City came out and scored a TD and FG in the first quarter. The Chiefs kicked a FG in the second to add to the lead. Under the final two minutes of the second quarter, Oakland scored a TD and the Chiefs scored a TD. It was a 19-7 game at the half. The teams traded scores in the third quarter. The Raiders kicked a FG, the Chiefs scored a TD, the Raiders scored a TD and the Chiefs then scored a TD to go up 33-16 and take a commanding lead. The Raiders mounted a serious comeback scoring the first two TDs in the fourth quarter. But they let the Chiefs score just under the two minute mark and ice the game. The Raiders did kick a junk FG at the end of the game.

This game was very close statistically as well. First downs were 25 for the Chiefs and 28 for the Raiders. Rushing yards were 174 yards for the Chiefs and 171 yards for the Raiders. The total yards for the teams was 469 for the Chiefs and 442 for the Raiders. The Chiefs did have three sacks, the Raiders had zero. There were 19 penalties in the game (Chiefs had 11 and the Raiders had 8). The Raiders had four fumbles and turned three of them over.

Pat Mahomes went 23-38 for 295 yards with 4 TDs. He also added 52 rushing yards. Spencer Ware who stepped in for Kareem Hunt went 14-47 yards with a TD. Travis Kelce went 12-168 yards and 2 TDs. Derek Carr went 29-38 for 285 yards with 3 TDs. Jalen Richard went 6-95 yards. Doug Martin went 18-61 yards with a TD. Jared Cook had 7-100 with a TD and Jordy Nelson went 10-97 yards.

MY TAKE: This was the first game the Chiefs played after cutting RB Kareem Hunt. It was a lot closer than anyone would have thought. The Chiefs offense did what they do, but the defense gave up way too much. At the end of the day a win is a win is a win. The Raiders can take away that they played a very good team as tough as possible. The season is over for the Raiders but they gave it hell with very few talented players on their starting lineup.

TITANS 26 – Jets 22*** (Titans -10…o/u 40.5 OVER) The Jets jumped out to a lead with a 10-0 lead in the first quarter with a FG and an INT return for a TD. The Jets added to the lead with two FGs. The Titans finally scored with under a minute left in the half. This made the score 16-6. In the third quarter the teams traded scores with the Jets scoring a FG then the Titans punched in a TD to then have the Jets add another FG. It seemed like the Jets were in firm control. But there was a fourth quarter, and the Titans scored two FGs to climb back. They ended the game with a TD with :36 left in the game.

The Titans went 1-11 on third downs. The Titans had over 120+ more total yards than the Jets. There were 19 penalties in the game (11 by the Jets and 8 by the Titans). The Titans fumbled twice but didn’t turn the ball over. Josh McCown went 17-30 for 128 yards and an INT. Isaiah Crowell went 21-98 yards. Marcus Mariota went 20-35 for 282 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. He added 43 yards rushing as well. Derrick Henry went 10-40 yards with a TD. Taywan Taylor went 3-104 yards. Corey Davis went 3-42 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Jets had this game in their bag and let it slip away. Granted the Jets have nothing to play for, but this would have been a nice game to win. The Titans are fighting for a Wild Card slot as the Texans have the division locked. The Titans needed this game and stole it, so they are still alive.

PATRIOTS 24*** – Vikings 10 (Patriots -6…o/u 50 UNDER) The Patriots started the game with a TD in the first quarter. In the second, they added a FG. The Vikings finally scored right before the end of the half and it was 10-7 New England at the half. Not much happened in the third till the end of the quarter. The Vikings got a FG and the Pats scored another TD all within the last 2:20. The Pats ended the game with a TD early in the fourth quarter. 

The Pats had 27 first downs to Minnesota’s 16. The Vikings went 3-12 on third downs. The Pats outrushed the Vikes 160-95 yards. The Pats outpassed the Vikes 311 yards to 183. The difference in total yards was Pats 471 to the Vikings 278. There were zero fumbles in the game. Kirk Cousins went 32-44 for 201 yards with a TD and 2 INTs. Dalvin Cook went 9-84 yards. Stefon Diggs went 5-49 yards and Adam Thielen went 5-28 yards with a TD. Tom Brady went 24-32 for 311 yards with a TD and an INT. Sony Michel went 17-63 yards. James White had 7 catches for 92 yards. Josh Gordon went 3-58 yards and a TD.

MY TAKE: Big game for both teams, but probably bigger for the Vikings as they really needed this game to hold on to its Wild Card position. The Pats have the division pretty much already, but Minnesota is still fighting. What is more upsetting than just the loss for Minnesota, is that the Vikings offense is starting to slow down. Scoring only ten points is embarrassing. They better get this figured out, or they are going to look like the Carolina Panthers.

SEAHAWKS 43*** – 49ers 16 (Seahawks -10…o/u 45.5 OVER) This was one-sided. Seattle scored a first quarter TD but missed the PAT. They added two TDs in the second quarter while the 49ers kicked a FG to get on the board as time expired at the half. The score was 20-3 and the game was in trouble. Both teams scored early in the third quarter with TDs before they even hit the ten minute mark. The Seahawks buried the game in the fourth with a TD to start the fourth. The 49ers scored a long TD but that was all. The Seahawks added a FG and a huge pick-six to end the game. 

Seattle had 168 rushing yards to San Francisco’s 66. San Fran had 386 yards passing to Seattle’s 163 yards. The game had a total of 780+ yards. Each team had three sacks. There were 23 penalties (13 for San Fran and 10 for Seattle). The 49ers had three fumbles and turned two over. Nick Mullens went 30-48 for 414 yards with 2 TDs and an INT. Jeff Wilson went 15-61 yards rushing and added 8 catches for 73 yards. Dante Pettis went 5-129 yards with 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: This went just as it should have. Maybe a little surprising on how bad the Niners lost. Seattle is fighting for a Wild Card slot as the Rams have the division locked. Seattle will be a thorn in any team’s side that they play. If they can keep this going they are going to be just fine. As for the Niners, so much for that first game with Mullens against the Raiders. Those days seem like a long time ago. 

STEELERS 30 – Chargers 33*** (Steelers -3…o/u 53.5 OVER) This was a high scoring affair. The Steelers scored two TDs to start the game on James Conner one yard runs. The Chargers scored a TD to get into the game. The Steelers opened the gap with a FG and TD late in the second quarter to take a 23-7 lead. In the third the Chargers scored a TD with a 2 pt. conversion. That was the only score. In the fourth quarter, The Chargers scored quickly with a punt return TD followed by a rushing TD to take the lead. The Steelers tied the game with a TD as the game was winding down. The Chargers scored a game winning FG as time expired.

The game stats were very even. 22-23 first downs in favor of Pittsburgh. 85 yards rushing to 65 yards in favor of the Chargers. 286 yards passing to 271 yards in favor of the Chargers. Philip Rivers went 26-36 for 299 yards with 2 TDs. Backup third stringer Justin Jackson went 8-63 yards and a TD. Keenan Allen went 14-148 yards and a TD. Travis Benjamin went 2-44 yards with a TD. Ben Roethlisberger went 29-45 for 281 yards and 2 TDs with 1 INT. James Conner went 16-60 yards with 2 TDs. Antonio Brown went 10-154 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: This was an incredible game and someone had to win. The Steelers looked like it was their game, and then all of sudden it slipped away. These are two good teams and they looked the part. Keep in mind that the Chargers played this game without Melvin Gordon too which is pretty impressive. The Chargers are definitely in the Wild Card hunt, but they even have a shot at the division still. The Steelers are just fighting to hold on to the division. They are doing it so far, but keep an eye on them. It isn’t going to be easy.

EAGLES 28*** – Redskins 13 (Eagles -5.5…o/u 45 UNDER) Philly scored first to start the game. Washington came back and scored a FG and a TD to take the lead. Philly scored late in the second to take the lead back. The Skins kicked a FG at the end of the half and it was a 14-13 Eagles lead. There was no scoring in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was all Philly as they layed it on. They scored a TD early in the quarter and they added two FGs to end the game. Philly had 28 first downs compared to 10 for Washington. Philly went 7-13 on 3rd downs while Washington went 2-10. Philly had 200 more total yards than the Skins. Philly had three sacks. The Skins had 10 penalties. There were five fumbles in the game (2 for Washington and 3 for Philly) but no turnovers.

Colt McCoy got hurt, so Mark Sanchez came in and went 13-21 for 100 yards and an INT. Adrian Peterson went 9-98 yards with a TD. Carson Wentz went 27-39 for 306 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Josh Adams went 20-85 yards. Darren Sproles is back and had a TD. Golden Tate went 7-85 yards with a TD. Zach Ertz went 9-83 yards.

MY TAKE: The better team won this game as the Skins played with a second, and in this game after getting hurt, a third string quarter. Both teams needed this game very badly to have an outside playoff shot as they more than likely won’t win the division. The Eagles could put some magic together. After all they did win the Super Bowl laast year. Hard to believe that right?

ATS 7-9…..Over/Under 5-11

YTD ATS 85-100-7…..Over/Under 93-98-1