Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


STEELERS 52*** – Panthers 21 (Panthers -3.5…o/u 51 OVER) The scoring started fast and furious. The Panthers actually scored first with a Newton to McCaffrey touchdown. The Steelers answered with three TD’s (two Big Ben throws) of their own to take a commanding first-quarter lead. McCaffrey caught another Cam Newton TD pass in the second quarter, but Big Ben hit Antonio Brown for a 53-yard TD to match it. The Steelers also kicked a FG earlier in the second. It was 31-14 at the half and the game was basically over. In the third quarter, Big Ben threw two more TDs and he was just on fire. Carolina was shutout in the third. The teams traded TDs in the fourth quarter. McCaffrey ran the Carolina TD in to end his day with three total on the day.

Cam Newton had a mediocre 23-29 for 193 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Christian McCaffrey had the three TDs and he had a total of 138 yards combined on the day. Big Ben went bananas with FIVE TDs on the day! He also had ZERO INTs. Five different receivers caught his TDs. Antonio Brown, Smith-Schuster, Vance McDonald, Jaylen Samuels and Jesse James all scored. The Steelers went 8-11 on third downs. They had 200+ more yards than Carolina on the day. The Steelers only had one penalty all day. They also sacked Cam Newton FIVE times.

MY TAKE: The Steelers are on a serious roll. Going into Carolina and putting a whooping on a team that has been playing well this year truly says a lot. The Steelers will be right there in the end. The Panthers dropped a game that they need. They need them all, as the Saints will win the NFC South, and the Panthers only real shot is as a Wild Card team. I am not sold on Carolina quite yet. This game shows why. They need to get over this game, because this was their biggest loss of the season.



BEARS 34*** – Lions 22 (Bears -7…o/u 44.5 OVER) The Bears jumped all over the Lions. They scored 13 points in the first and second quarter to go ahead 26-7. The game was basically over by then. The Bears added to the lead in the third with a TD and 2-pt conversion while the Lions only added a FG. It was too little too late for the Lions as they scored two TDs in the fourth but could not get the 2-pt conversions on either. The Bears didn’t score as they went into cruise control.

The Bears had six sacks in the game. They also forced three fumbles of which the Lions lost one. They also had two INTs. Matt Stafford went 25-42 for 274 yards with two TDs and the 2 INTs. Kerryon Johnson continued his great year. He had a TD rushing and a TD receiving. He finished with 89 yards combined. Kenny Golladay had a solid 6-78 yards and a TD. Mitch Trubisky had another monster. He is on fire. He went an amazing 23-30 for 355 yards with three TDs and 0 INTs. He ran for a TD as well. Two WRs had big days. Allen Robinson went 6-133 yards and 2 TDs and Anthony Miller went 5-122 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Bears are re hot. They have now taken over first place and took on the worst team in the NFC North. You can thank Mitch Trubisky for the turnaround. He has become quite a gunslinger in this pass-happy league as even the Bears have ditched the run. The Lions stink. What more can be said? Here is another loss. You could have figured they would. You never know with the Lions if they are gonna be able to run or if they are gonna be able to pass. 



BENGALS 14 – Saints 51*** (Saints -6…o/u 53.5 OVER) After the first quarter this looked like a game. The two teams traded TDs. The second quarter was a whole nother story. The Saints rattled off FOUR TDs unanswered. Two Brees TD throws and two Alvin Kamara runs. As if 35-7 wasn’t bad enough at the half, the Saints actually had a 10-0 third quarter to go up 45-7. The Saints added two FGs in the fourth quarter, as if they needed it. The Bengals, who benched Andy Dalton had Jeff Driskel come in and he ran in a junk TD in the fourth quarter.

The Saints had a massive 33 first downs in this game. They went 7-12 on third downs as Cincy went 0-6. The Saints had 500+ yards to the 284 yards for Cincy. The Saints also had four sacks and only one penalty. Drew Brees went 22-25 for 265 yards and 3 TDs with 0 INTs. Mark Ingram went 13-104 yards rushing and 3-58 yards and a TD receiving. Alvin Kamara ran for 56 yards and 2 TDs. Mike Thomas had another monster going 8-70 yards with 2 TDs. There are no stats worth listing for Cincy.

MY TAKE: The Saints have now shown that they are the best team in football. After beating the Rams they go and absolutely destroy a fairly decent Bengals team. The Bengals clearly have no defense as they gave up a ton of points. The sad part is that they only scored 14 points. This team was looking good to start the season. Boy, things have gone downhill. With this loss, the Bengals have lost three of four and really are working their way out of the playoffs. The Saints are just getting stronger and stronger. They got Mark Ingram back, and things went into overdrive. They have so many weapons. It is starting to look like the Saints are the favorite for the Super Bowl. You can put your money safely on them.



BROWNS 28*** – Falcons 16 (Falcons -5.5…o/u 49.5 UNDER) The Browns got on the board first with a Baker Mayfield passing TD. Atlanta came back in the second quarter to take a lead with a FG and a Julio Jones receiving TD. The Browns took the lead back with a Nick Chubb TD from Mayfield. The Browns took the game in the third quarter with a Baker Mayfield to Duke Johnson TD and a huge broken TD run for 92-yards by Nick Chubb. The Falcons did add a junk TD in the fourth quarter.

There was 800+ yards of offense in the game. The Falcons fumbled FOUR TIMES losing two of them. Matt Ryan went 38-52 for 330 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Julio Jones scored another TD after such a long drought. He also went 7-107 yards. Baker Mayfield went 17-20 for 216 yards and 3 TDs with 0 INTs. Nick Chubb had the rushing game of the week going 20-176 yards and a TD. He also had a receiving TD.

MY TAKE: This was an interesting game for sure. The Falcons aren’t exactly exciting the league, but this did seem like a win on paper. The Falcons came into this game, winning three in a row, so this was a surprise that they dropped this game. The Falcons are in a dogfight for the playoffs as they will not win their division. They need every game. This was a costly loss. As for the Browns, this game was huge. They are proving that they are turning the corner. They need this win as they dropped four in a row coming in. Baker Mayfield had a good game and Nick Chubb is panning out. The Browns will be a thorn here and there. This week, they really screwed Atlanta.



COLTS 29 – Jags 26 PUSH (Colts -3…o/u 48 OVER) The teams traded three TDs in the first quarter as the Colts led 14-7. They traded another three TDs in the the second quarter and the Colts opened the lead to 29-16 at the half. Sadly for Jacksonville that was enough points for the Colts to hold on to the win. The Jags scored a TD in the third quarter and scored a FG in the fourth. Both teams played a very similar offensive game.

Both teams had zero sacks. Blake Bortles went 26-38 for 320 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Leonard Fournette came back this season and went 24-53 yards with a TD. He also had 5-56 yards with a TD receiving. Donte Montcrief went 3-98 yards and a TD. Andrew Luck went 21-29 for 285 yards and 3 TDS with 1 INT. Eric Ebron had a great day going 3-69 yards with 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: What a tale of two different teams. The team figured to finish in last place (the Colts) against the team that was figured to win the division and make a shot for the Super Bowl ( the Jags). This game makes the Colts winners of three in a row. With this loss, the Jags have lost four in a row. And guess what? The Jags are in last place, and the Colts are in first place. The Colts are starting to turn on the scoring. The Jags keep giving up tons of points. Blake Bortles is having a terrible year. They didn’t have Leonard Fournette all year, but it is the defense that has become the biggest let-down.



CHIEFS 26 – Cardinals 14*** (Chiefs -16…o/u 49.5 UNDER) This was a game in the first quarter. The Chiefs got a Tyreek Hill from Pat Mahomes TD. The Cards got a David Johnson from Josh Rosen passing TD. In the second quarter the Chiefs went ahead with a FG and another Mahomes to Tyreek Hill TD. They led 20-7 at the half. The third quarter was just a Cardinals David Johnson TD. The game was sealed up with a fourth quarter Chiefs TD from Spencer Ware.

Each team had FIVE SACKS. Each team had one fumble, but no turnover. Josh Rosen went 22-39 for 208 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs. David Johnson had a monster game. He went 21-98 yards rushing with a TD, and he went 7-85 receiving with a TD as well. Pat Mahomes went 21-28 for 249 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Tyreek Hill had a sick game going 7-117 yards with 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: For a home game, the Chiefs didn’t really show up here. They certainly didn’t cover. This was one of those games where you felt like they would score a ton of points. They didn’t. But that is OK. A win is a win. Sometimes the sign of a good team is winning games no matter what. Even if you did not play at the top of your game. The Chiefs are still a wrecking ball, but the Cards made this game a little tougher than usual. There is nothing to worry about here. The Chiefs will be looking to not only win their division, but take the whole AFC. They do have the firepower to do just that. Only the Pats and Steelers really have a shot against them.



JETS 10 – Bills 41*** (Jets -7…o/u 37.5 OVER) This game was a disaster for the Jets fro the start. Buffalo went up 31-3 at the half and this game was over. This included two LeSean McCoy TD runs. The teams traded TDs in the third quarter, and the Bills added a fourth quarter FG that wasn’t totally necessary. The Bills had more than 200+ yards over the Jets. They rushed for 212 yards alone. They literally had the ball for DOUBLE the time that the Jets did.

Matt Barkley in his first start in forever went 15-25 for 232 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. LeSean McCoy had his best game ofthe season with 26-113 yards and 2 TDs. Zay Jones went 8-93 yards witha TD. Josh McCown had an embarrassing 17-34 for 135 yards with 0 TDs and 2 INTs. Not one other Jet player did much of anything worth mentioning.

MY TAKE: This was a backup bowl game. The Jets started Josh McCown and the Bills went to the scrap heap to get Matt Barkley. Barkley had a very efficient game. He also seems to have lit a fire under LeSean McCoy who had perhaps his best game of the season. The Bills have been garbage, so to score 41 points on the road is like a magic act. Maybe Matt Barkley is the answer. Maybe he is the savior. Probably not, as Josh Allen will be back. But it probably felt really good to get this win on the road. This game also shows how really bad the Jets are. They were supposed to have a good defense. Where did it go? It seems that as mediocre a year Sam Darnold was having, they missed him in this one.



BUCS 3 – Redskins 16*** (Bucs -3.5…o/u 51 UNDER) This awful game was just that…AWFUL. These teams traded three FGs through three quarters with Washington claiming a 6-3 lead. The Skins scored the only TD in the fourth quarter. And that was pretty much it. Somehow Tampa Bay had 29 first downs and 500+ yards. Can you believe that? Well when the team throws 2 INTs and has four fumbles (2 of which they lost), that is the recipe for disaster.

Alex Smith went 19-27 for 178 yards with a TD. Adrian Peterson went 19-68 yards. Ryan Fitzpatrick went 29-41 for 406 yards with 2 INTs. and 0 TDs. Chris Godwin went 7-103 yards.

MY TAKE: This was the worst game of the week. How does Tampa Bay, who scored so much this season, lay such an egg? The Skins are a better team and the better team won the game. The Bucs don’t know what they are doing, and they will more than likely fire the head coach and let Fitz walk unrestricted and cut Jameis before they have to pay him a motherload! They are both turnover machines. The Bucs season is already over. The Skins are in a 3-way race for first place chances in the NFC East. Every win matters for them, so this was a big one.



TITANS 34*** – Patriots 10 (Patriots -6.5…o/u 46.5 UNDER) The Titans were just on. They jumped out to a 17-3 lead in the first quarter on two Marcus Mariota passing TDs. By the half they were up 24-10. The Patriots wouldn’t score in the second half as the Titans added a FG and TD in each second half quarter. Tennessee outrushed the Pats 150 yards to 40. They did have three fumbles but did not turn any over. Tom Brady went 21-41 for 254 yards with 0 TDs and 0 INTs. Julian Edelman went 9-104 yards. Marcus Mariota went 16-24 for 228 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Corey Davis went 7-125 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The biggest surprise of the week. And further proof that you cannot call games in the NFL. This game seemed like it was an easy Patriot win. But this is why they play the games. Tennessee ran ALL OVER New England. I have no faith in Tennessee even with this impressive win. This is as good as you are gonna get from them, and while it is an exciting win, I wouldn’t get used to it if I were a fan. The Patriots were really never in this game, and it looked like it. I am not sure why, but they just didn’t have their hearts in this one.



RAIDERS 6 – Chargers 20*** (Chargers -10…o/u 50.5 UNDER) Oakland started the game off with a FG. In the second quarter, the Chargers scored a FG and a TD. By the third quarter, they added a TD to go up 17-3. Both teams traded FGs in the fourth quarter. The stats in this game were very even. The Chargers had four sacks, and the Raiders fumbled as well.

Philip Rivers went 18-26 for 223 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Melvin Gordon went 18-93 yards rushing and 5-72 yards receiving with a TD. Keenan Allen went 6-57 yards and a TD. The Raiders had nobody with stats worth mentioning.

MY TAKE: What do you know, the Raiders lose again! Who has been telling you all season how bad Oakland is? Not only do they lose, but they have games where they can’t even score. Another game without a TD. And another game where they scored first to start the game and lost. They are the worst team in football. They know it too. The Chargers look great. They still have the Chiefs ahead of them, but are in the AFC Wild Card driver’s seat. This was an easy win, and it was supposed to be. The Chargers beat Oakland both times this year.



PACKERS 31*** – Dolphins 12 (Packers -12.5…o/u 49 UNDER) These two teams traded scores. Green Bay would score a TD, and Miami would kick a FG. They did this twice. Miami added an extra FG close to halftime and this game was 14-9 at the half Green Bay. The Pack put the dagger in the Fins in the third quarter scoring two TDs to another Fins FG. The Pack added a junk FG in the fourth quarter. The stats in this game were pretty close. The Pack had six sacks.

Brock Osweiler went 23-37 for 213 yards with 0 TDs and 1 INT. Frank Gore went 13-90 yards. Danny Amendola went 7-72 yards. Aaron Rodgers went 19-28 for 199 yards and 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Aaron Jones had the big day though. He went 15-145 yards with 2 TDs. Davante Adams went 4-57 yards with 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: The Dolphins had no shot in his game on paper, and as you see from the score, they had no shot once the ball was snapped as well. After that magical Bears game, Brock Osweiler has been awful for Miami. This game can be included in that. The Packers have been up-and-down this year. This game was a major up and they needed it. The Pack have an outside chance at the playoffs and actually so does Miami, as hard as that is to believe. Both have no shot in their divisions, but the Wild Cards await them. Hold your breath for both of them.



RAMS 36 – Seahawks 31*** (Rams -9.5…o/u 51 OVER) Seattle fought hard and took a lead with two TDs in the first quarter to the Rams one. The Rams scored a TD and FG in the second as Seattle got blanked. It was 17-14 Rams at the half. It was 21-20 Seahawks after the third quarter. The teams did their most scoring in the fourth quarter as the Rams pulled away scoring two TDs in the final quarter. The Rams threw for 300+ yards, but Seattle had a whopping 273 yards rushing! The Rams had four sacks and ten penalties.

Russell Wilson went 17-26 for 176 yards with 3 TDs. Rashaad Penny went 12-108 yards with a TD. Wilson himself ran 9-92 yards. Tyler Lockett went 5-67 yards with a TD. Jared Goff went 28-39 for 318 yards with 2 TDs. Todd Gurley went 16-120 yards with a TD. He added 3-40 yards receiving. Brandin Cooks went 10-100 yards.

MY TAKE: The Rams keep finding ways to win close games. Here is another one. Give the Seahawks credit. They scored a lot of points against a very good defense, even if this defense has been giving up points lately. Good teams win close games, and that is what the Rams did here. It seems like the Rams score 30+ every game of the season. They did here as well. They keep it moving with another win. Seattle does have an outside shot at the playoffs. A win here would have really helped. They are still alive. The Rams just need to keep playing for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. This win is another notch in doing that.



EAGLES 20 – Cowboys 27*** (Eagles -7.5 o/u 45.5 OVER) Only one TD scored in the first half, and it was by Dallas. They took a 13-3 lead halftime lead. Philly tied the game in the third with 10 points. But Dallas took the game in the fourth as Ezekiel Elliott scored twice to Philly’s one TD. One rushing and one receiving. The stats in this game were very even,

Dak Prescott went 26-36 for 270 yards and a TD. He also had a TD rushing. Ezekiel Elliott went 19-151 yards with a TD. He also went 6-36 yards with a TD. Amari Cooper went 6-75 yards. Carson Wentz went 32-44 for 360 yards and 2 TDs. He had 1 INT. Zach Ertz had a monster going 14-145 yards and 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: A major division game that both teams needed BADLY. The home team Eagles are becoming one of the biggest letdowns this season along with the Jacksonville Jags. A home loss against a division rival is bad. The Cowboys are starting to press for the division lead. This was a must-win game for both teams. Tip your hat to Dallas for stealing this one. Philly is showing that this year, they just don’t have the firepower. Nobody is talking about Carson Wentz. Nobody! Not a peep. Philly is in real trouble. Watch this team continue to slide. This was a bad loss that nobody should be happy about. This is a locker room disruptor in my opinion.



49ERS 23 – Giants 27*** (49ers -3.0 o/u 45 OVER) This game went up and back. Frisco scored a FG first. Giants then scored a TD. Frisco then scored a TD and the Giants scored a FG. The Niners kicked a FG to end the half. They were up 13-10. The Niners went up with a third quarter TD, but the Giants answered back with a TD and FG. The fourth quarter went the whole way with no scoring till the end where the Niners kicked a FG late to take a lead, but the Giants won the game on a late TD from Eli in the last minute of the game.

Frisco had seven more first downs and went 8-13 on third downs. They had 100+ more total yards too. There were a total  of 18 penalties in the game. Eli Manning went 19-31 for 188 yards with 3 TDs. Saquon Barkley had 20-67 yards rushing and 4-33 yards receiving. Odell Beckham went 4-73 yards and 2 TDs. Nick Mullens went 27-39 for 250 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs. Matt Breida went 17-101 yards and a TD. He added 3-31 yards with a TD receiving. Greg Kittle went 9-83 yards.

MY TAKE: This was actually a very good game even though on paper it could make you want to throw-up. Nick Mullins got another start and he did all he could. It is just that Eli Manning was just a little bit better. And you can see from the score, it really was only a little bit. The Giants snapped a five-game losing streak with this win. So needless to say, it was a surprise. It did show that the Giants do have a little life and a little pride. They could have mailed in every game. This was a winnable game against a winnable team. They snatched it. Even if it was as close as it was.



Bye Week: Ravens, Broncos, Texans & Vikings

ATS 4-9-1…..Over/Under 8-6

YTD ATS 66-79-3…..Over/Under 74-73-1