Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


TITANS 25 – Redskins 16*** (Titans -12…o/u 38 OVER) Washington started off with an early FG. The Titans scored a TD later on but missed the PAT. It was a flip in the second quarter as Washington scored a TD and Tennessee kicked a FG. It was 10-9 Washington at the half. Washington scored the only points in the third with a FG. The teams then traded FGs to start the fourth quarter. Tennessee stole the game with a TD within five minutes left in the game and they added a pick-six while time ran out. Washington went 8-14 on third downs. Washington had 292 yards and the Titans had 291. The Skins threw two INTs. The Titans had only two penalties.

Josh Johnson went 13-23 for 153 yards with a TD and 2 INTs. Adrian Peterson went 26-119 yards. Marcus Mariota went 10-13 for 110 yards and Blaine Gabbert came in and went 7-11 for 101 yards with a TD. Derrick Henry went 21-84 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Titans held on to their playoff chances with this win. The Redskins are basically down to a fourth-string quarterback and it shows. And although it took a backdoor win, a win is a win. So with one week left they are still alive, but barely. The Colts are right there to steal the slot. The sad, sad Redskins were so snakebitten this season. So many injuries and so many letdowns. Cross your fingers for next year, and that they draft a young fresh QB. They desperately need it.



CHARGERS 10 – Ravens 22*** (Chargers -4…o/u 42.5 UNDER) It was a half of only FGs as the Ravens kicked on in each quarter and the Chargers kicked one in the second. It was 6-3 Ravens. In the third, the Chargers scored immediately on  Melvin Gordon run. Baltimore matched that TD on the very next drive just a minute later. They also added a FG to go up 16-10. The fourth quarter was scoreless for the longest until the Ravens scored on a fumble return for a TD. That totally iced the game. The Ravens had 100+ more rushing yards (159-51). The Ravens had four sacks and the Chargers had three. The Chargers had eight penalties. Each team had two fumbles and lost one of them.

Lamar Jackson went 12-22 for 204 yards with a TD passing. He went 13-39 yards rushing. Gus Edwards went 14-92 yards rushing. Mark Andrews went 2-83 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: This was a surprise. These teams may meet in the playoffs, and that is very likely. The Chargers needed this game and it should be upsetting that they dropped it. Baltimore winning has put huge pressure on Pittsburgh and they might miss the playoff altogether which would be absolutely amazing. The Ravens continue to run and run and run. Lamar Jackson is definitely hard to catch, but can he throw the ball? That remains the million dollar question. One thing for sure is that LA has the leg up in seeing this offense. If they have to play again. there won’t be many surprises.



PANTHERS 10 – Falcons 24*** (Falcons -2.5…o/u 46 UNDER) Carolina scored first to start the game. Atlanta matched the TD and it was tied 7-7 after one quarter. The same thing happened in the second quarter with Carolina kicking a FG and Atlanta matching it. Atlanta stole the game in the third quarter with two big passing TDs, and it was just enough as there were no other scores in the game. Carolina had a whopping 29 first downs in the game. They went 7-14 on third downs. The teams combined for 850+ yards (427 for Atlanta and 436 for Carolina). The difference was the Carolina throwing three INTs. Carolina also had ten penalties. Both teams had two fumbles. Atlanta lost both and Carolina lost one.

Matt Ryan went 15-26 for 239 yards with 3 TDs. Brian Hill went 8-115 yards. Calvin Ridley went 3-90 yards with a TD. Mohamed Sanu went 5-81 yards with a TD. Julio Jones went 4-28 yards with a TD. Taylor Heinicke went 33-53 for 274 yards with 1 TD and 3 INTs. Christian McCaffrey 21-101 yards rushing and 12-77 yards receiving. Ian Thomas went 4-48 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: Cam Newton was shelved for the season. This game proved that. For some reason, the Panther coaching staff decided to let this young back-up throw the ball 53 times! That is a recipe for disaster, and how one throws 3 INTs. The Falcons winning is totally bittersweet. What a terrible season. You have to wonder what they do next year to fix this. There is talent. Matt Ryan is a stud, but why does this team continue to underperform? For now, they take the win and help continue the embarrassing slide of the Panthers.



BROWNS 26 – Bengals 18*** (Browns -10…o/u 44 PUSH) It was a scoreless first quarter. Cleveland then got serious and scored two quick TDs and kicked a FG to close out the half up 16-0. They added to the lead with another passing TD. This game was over. In the fourth Cincy got on the board right away with a FG. Cleveland then kicked a FG to match. Cincy scored two late TDs under the five-minute mark but it was too little too late. Cincy went a miserable 1-8 on third downs. Cleveland threw for 347 yards while Cincy threw for 107. Cleveland had almost 500 yards of total offense (493). Cleveland had three sacks to Cincy’s zero.

Jeff Driskel went 13-19 for 133 yards with 2 TDs. Joe Mixon went 17-68 yards. CJ Uzomah went 4-49 yards with a TD. Baker Mayfield went 27-37 for 284 yards with 3 TDs. Nick Chubb went 19-112 yards. David Njoku went 3-73 yards with a TD. Rashard Higgins went 6-60 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: These Cleveland Browns sure are fun. This is definitely not last year’s Brownies. Must feel good to beat a division team as that team had such a terrible year. Ever since the Browns have fired Hue Jackson, they have been riding high. Mayfield and Chubb are the future, and this is a future to be excited about. It has been an amazing season. Just imagine that the Browns did not have a win last year.



COWBOYS 27 – Bucs 20  PUSH (Cowboys -7…o/u 48 UNDER) Dallas jumped out quickly in this one. Oddly enough the first score was a Tampa Bay FG on their first drive. But Dallas scored on a run and on a defensive fumble return TD. The second quarter evened things up a bit with Tampa Bay kicking a FG first. Dallas matched the FG with a 59-yarder of their own with under two minutes in the half. Tampa wasn’t done as they scored a rushing TD to make it a game. It was 17-13 Dallas at the half. Dallas stole the game back late in the third quarter with an easy FG and a passing TD. The fourth was scoreless till the very end when Tampa scored a junk TD close to the two-minute mark. Tampa had 27 first downs. Dallas was only 3-9 on third downs. There were nineteen penalties in the game (nine for Tampa and ten for Dallas). Tampa fumbled twice and turned both over.

Jameis Winston went 34-48 for 336 yards with a TD. Mike Evans went 6-90 yards with a TD. Adam Humphries went 10-79 yards. Dak Prescott went 20-25 for 161 yards with a TD. He also had a rushing TD. Ezekiel Elliott went 18-85 yards rushing. Michael Gallup went 5-53 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Cowboys continue to look impressive this second half of the season. This was a game they had to win and they did. They showed that they were serious about winning this division. Dallas is gonna be tough if they can keep up the good defense and the running game. Another loss for Tampa Bay. Jameis Winston did have a good game and maybe they will actually retain him, but please for the love of God, do not pay this guy the $21 million he has coming to him. Make him re-structure! Please…



LIONS 9 – Vikings 27*** (Vikings -6.5…o/u 42.5 UNDER) Detroit started all of the scoring off with three straight FGs. One in the first quarter and two in the second quarter. That would be all of the scoring they would muster in the game. Minnesota scored two TDs on Kirk Cousins passes in the last two minutes of the half. It was 14-9 Minnesota. The Vikings had a FG in the third and added a TD early in the fourth and a FG as well, later on, to beat Detroit pretty easily. Surprisingly the stats in this game were very even and not overly impressive. Minnesota did have a 120 total yard advantage (340-223). Minnesota had three sacks. There were eighteen penalties in the game (eleven for Minnesota and Detroit had seven).

Kirk Cousins went 21-28 for 253 yards with 3 TDs. Dalvin Cook went 16-73 yards rushing and 35 more yards receiving. Kyle Rudolph went 9-122 yards with 2 TDs. Adam Thielen went 5-80 yards. Stefon Diggs had a TD and ten yards. Matt Stafford went 18-32 for 116 yards. Zach Zenner went 8-45 yards. Kenny Golladay went 6-58 yards.

MY TAKE: This game was a blowout and it was supposed to be. The Vikings are holding on for dear life. Beating a terrible Lions team was exactly what was needed. They stay alive, but the season is not over. They will need to win in week 17 as well. As for the Lions, what do they even do next year? Another sad franchise with no hopes and very little talent. Why will next season be any different? It won’t. If that is the answer you were looking for.



COLTS 28 – Giants 27*** (Colts -10…o/u 48 OVER) The Giants scored two TDs in the first and left the Colts stunned. In the second quarter, the Colts scored a TD to climb back late but the Giants kicked a FG to make the game 17-7 Giants at the half. The teams traded three TDs in the third (Colts, Giants, and Colts again) as the Colts chipped away at the lead and it was now 24-21 Giants. The Giants extended their slight lead with a FG in the fourth, but the Colts won the game with under a minute left in the game with a one-yard TD. The Colts had 27 first downs. The Giants went 7-12 on third down and the Colts went 7-11. The teams had just under 800 yards combined of total offense (392 for the Giants and 402 for Indy). The teams combined for one sack. Each team had six penalties. Neither team fumbled the ball.

Eli Manning went 25-33 for 309 yards with a TD passing and rushing and INT. Saquon Barkley went 21-43 yards with a TD. He also had 34 yards rushing. Sterling Shepard went 6-113 yards. Andrew Luck went 31-47 for 357 yards with 2 TDs and an INT. Marlon Mack went 12-34 yards with a TD. TY Hilton went 7-138 yards. Chester Rogers went 7-54 yards with a TD. Dontrelle Inman went 4-46 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: This was a fun game. Give the Giants credit. They played their hearts out even without crybaby Odell Beckham Jr. And somehow Eli Manning wound up with 300+ yards….hmmmm. But the Colts would not be denied. They have made the push and are looking like they will make the playoffs. Watch out for the Colts. They are red hot. They have a running game. They have an excellent QB and they have a top notch WR. If this defense steps up, they will cause some havoc.



DOLPHINS 7 – Jaguars 17*** (Dolphins -3…o/u 39.5 UNDER) For such a low scoring game, these teams each scored TDs in the first quarter to make it 7-7. It was a scoreless second and third quarter for both teams. The Jags scored a FG to start the fourth and also added a pick-six TD. Miami had only eleven first downs in the game. They went 2-9 on third down. They had only 62 rushing yards. Miami had under 200 yards of total offense (183). Miami did have six sacks. Both teams had ten penalties.

Cody Kessler went 12-17 for 106 yards. Leonard Fournette went 18-43 yards with a TD. Carlos Hyde went 8-47 yards. Ryan Tannehill went 15-22 for 146 yards with a TD and INT. Kenyan Drake went 6-23 yards rushing and 4-31 yards receiving. Danny Amendola went 3-40 yards.

MY TAKE: Pathetic game. Pathetic teams. Low scoring. Low energy. Someone had to win. Imagine how bad the Fins must be to lose to a Cody Kessler lead Jags team? Well, that bad! It really is sad. Say good-bye to your head coach Miami and more than likely, say good-bye to your quarterback. Oh, and Jacksonville can say goodbye to Blake Bortles. They may perhaps say good-bye to head coach Doug Marrone as well.



PATRIOTS 24 – Bills 12*** (Patriots -13.5…o/u 45 UNDER) As expected the Patriots jumped on Buffalo and shut them out at the half scoring on two TD runs in each quarter. It was 14-0 at the half. Buffalo got on the board to start the third quarter. They added a FG again once they got the ball back. The Patriots scored another TD in the third and it was a 21-6 game. With the game pretty much in hand, the Pats added a FG and Buffalo scored a junk TD inside the two-minute mark. Both teams were bad on third down (2-12 for Buffalo and 3-12 for the Pats). There was a huge 200-yard difference in rushing (273 for the Pats to 72 for Buffalo. Buffalo had only one sack and New England had zero. Each team fumbled once and turned it over.

Josh Allen went 20-41 for 217 yards with a TD and 2 INTs. He had 30 yards rushing. LeSean McCoy went 6-9 yards. Zay Jones went 5-67 yards with a TD. Tom Brady went 13-24 for 126 yards with a TD and 2 INTs. Sony Michel went 18-116 yards with a TD. James White went 8-41 yards with a TD. Julian Edelman went 6-70 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Pats have quietly won the AFC East. Quietly are going to have a bye week in the playoffs, and quietly are still a top-five team. Now, they are no longer top notch. You can say the Chiefs, Saints, and Rams are better and that’s probably true, but the Pats are still the team you have to go through to prove your worth. Buffalo seems to be happy with Josh Allen. He has turned out OK. Next year will be interesting for the Bills and how Josh Allen steps up.



JETS 38 – Packers 44*** (Packers -3…o/u 47 OVER) A lot of fun and a lot of offense and even some overtime. The Jets scored first very late in the first. The second quarter saw a ton of scoring. The Jets scored first to go up 14-0. The Pack then scored to get on the board. The Jets then returned that kick off for a huge TD. Green Bay closed out the quarter to get back in the game with a late TD and a FG to end the half. It was 21-17 Jets and we had a game. The third quarter had Green Bay kick a FG to inch closer. But the Jets weren’t dead. Two passing TDs late within two minutes of each other and the game was on fire 35-20 Jets. The fourth quarter was all Green Bay. They started with a FG. Then they sprinkled in two Aaron Rodgers 1-yard runs for TDs to tie the game. The Jets amazingly kicked a FG with :17 left to tie the game. But Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers and he won the game for Green Bay in overtime on their first possession.

Green Bay had 35 first downs. The Jets went 3-11 on third downs. The teams had 900+ yards of total offense (Green Bay with 540 yards and New York with 370). There were 26 penalties in the game (10 for Green Bay and 16 for the Jets). Aaron Rodgers went 37-55 for 442 yards with 2 TDs. He went 5-32 yards with 2 TDs rushing. Jamaal Williams went 15-95 yards with a TD. Davante Adams went 11-71 yards with a TD. Sam Darnold went 24-35 for 341 yards with 3 TDs. Elijah McGuire went 14-35 yards with a TD rushing and 3-50 yards with a TD receiving. Robby Anderson went 9-140 yards with a TD. Chris Herndon went 6-82 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: This was the highest scoring game of the week. It was probably the most fun as well. The Jets gave it a good run. But the Pack just has more firepower. Sam Darnold is finishing the season on a good note. He actually had a good year. Green Bay has a lot to figure out. Firing their coach is one way to fix things. But this team needs more than that. Next year will be interesting on how they turn things around or not. A new coach is a fresh start. But if you have all the same pieces?



EAGLES 32 – Texans 30  PUSH(Eagles -2…o/u 46.5 OVER) The Eagles scored a TD first halfway through the first quarter. The Texans slapped back hard with a FG to start the second. They then got a Watson TD run. Philly sandwiched a TD in between the next Watson TD run with under two minutes left. It was 16-13 Houston at the half. The Eagles came right back in the third with the only scores. A FG and an 83-yard monster TD pass. The Eagles weren’t done. They took a big lead with a TD to start off the fourth quarter. The Texans weren’t done. They scored two TDs on Watson passes On back to back possessions within three minutes of each other to take the lead by a point. They left the Eagles time to win the game as time expired with a FG.

Each team had 25 first downs. The Eagles went 9-16 on third downs. They went 4-4 on fourth downs! This game had almost 900 yards of offense (371 for Houston and 519 for Philly). Philly had four sacks. There were 21 penalties in the game (10 for Houston and 11 for Philly). The teams had five fumbles combined and lost three of them (Houston had 2 and 1 lost…Philly had 3 and 2 lost). Deshaun Watson went 29-40 for 339 yards and 2 TDs. He also went 8-49 yards with 2 TDs rushing. DeAndre Hopkins went 9-104 yards. Vyncint Smith and D’Onta Foreman had receiving TDs. Nick Foles went 35-49 for 471 yards and 4 TDs with an INT. Darren Sproles and Josh Adams combined for 20 carries and 53 yards rushing. Sproles also had 3-76 yards with a TD receiving. Nelson Agholor went 5-116 yards with a TD. Zach Ertz went 12-110 yards with 2 TDs. Alshon Jeffery went 3-82 yards.

MY TAKE: This was another fun game. The Eagles are flying high. They are poised to actually make the playoffs which is amazing. It seemed like a lost season, but here comes the Nick Foles magic. The Eagles have talent so this isn’t surprising. What was surprising was the fact that they weren’t in the playoffs. This is the defending Super Bowl Champs for God’s sake. The Texans did drop this game, but they should be fine. I, personally am not sold on them, but they are a good team and will be winning the AFC South division. What they do in the playoffs is up for debate. I don’t think they go far at all.



CARDINALS 9 – Rams 31*** (Rams -14…o/u 43.5 UNDER) Arizona led off with a FG in the first. The Rams scored a TD on their next possession. The Rams scored a TD first in the second. The Cards matched them with a TD on a trick play. The Rams closed out the half with a TD run to open the lead to 21-9. The Rams scored a FG almost halfway through the third. They added a junk TD halfway through the fourth to throw salt in the wounds. The Rams had 33 first downs. They went 6-9 on first downs to Arizona who went 2-11. The Rams had 461 yards of total offense. They had four sacks. The Rams had the only turnover in the game, a fumble.

Jared Goff went 19-24 for 216 yards and a TD passing and rushing. CJ Anderson went 20-167 yards and a TD. Robert Woods went 6-89 yards with a TD receiving and 2-15 yards rushing with a TD. Josh Rosen went 12-23 for 87 yards. Mike Glennon went 5-7 for 63 yards. David Johnson went 10-35 yards rushing and 1-32 yards receiving with a TD. Larry Fitzgerald went 6-53 yards receiving. He also threw a 32-yard TD pass.

MY TAKE: Not much to say here. One of the best teams beat one of the worst. How do you doll this pig up? Give it some lipstick, I guess. I do find it funny that the Panthers dumped CJ Anderson, whom I liked, and he gets one start with the Rams for an injured Todd Gurley and winds up with 150+ yards and a touchdown. What a joke.



49ERS 9 – Bears 14*** (Bears -3.5…o/u 44 UNDER) It was a scoreless first quarter. The 49ers kicked two short FGs to get on the board in the second. The Bears got on the board with a TD under the two-minute mark. The 49ers added another FG with time expiring at the half. It was 9-7 Niners, but it would be all they would score in the game. The Bears took the lead with a TD deep in the third quarter. It was enough, as no team would score in the fourth. The Bears had twenty first downs. The Niners went 7-14 on third downs. The Niners had three sacks. The Bears fumbled twice and lost both fumbles.

Mitch Trubisky went 25-29 for 246 yards with a TD. Jordan Howard went 13-53 yards and a TD. Allen Robinson went 6-85 yards. Nick Mullens went 22-38 for 241 yards and an INT. George Kittle went 7-74 yards.

MY TAKE: This one was just too close for comfort. The Bears are too good to let this one slip away. They didn’t even though it was close. The Bears are ready to win the NFC North division and perhaps get a bye in the playoffs. Even if they don’t get the bye, they will make it in. What they actually do is interesting. Many just do not believe in them. I am kinda caught in the middle. If they can throw the ball, they seem good. But you just don’t know if they are going to throw the ball well. You also don’t know if they are going to abandon the run. You also don’t know who is actually going to run the ball. That’s what makes the Bears a head-scratcher.



SAINTS 31 – Steelers 28*** (Saints -6.5…o/u 53.5 OVER) The Steelers get on the board first with a FG. The Saints scored a TD also in the first. The teams alternated scores in the second quarter. The Steelers kicked a FG to start the quarter. The Saints scored another TD. To close out the quarter the Steelers scored with :40 left in the half, but that was enough time for the Saints to drive close enough for a FG right at the end of the half. The score at the half was 17-14 Saints. The third quarter saw more scoring. The Saints added to the lead another TD. The Steelers scored two Antonio Brown TDs in the third to take the lead into the fourth. The Saints won the game on a Drew Brees to Michael Thomas TD with under two minutes to go.

A very even statistical game. 26-24 first downs in favor of Pittsburgh. 6-13 on third downs for Pitt and 6-12 for the Saints. 65-57 rushing yards in favor of Pitt. The teams combined for just under 800 yards (429 for Pitt and 370 for the Saints). The Saints had nine penalties. The Steelers had three fumbles and turned two over. Ben Roethlisberger went 33-50 for 380 yards with 3 TDs. Jaylen Samuels went 12-53 yards and had a TD receiving. Antonio Brown went 14-185 yards with 2 TDs. Juju Smith-Schuster went 11-115 yards. Drew Brees went 27-39 for 326 yards and a TD. Mark Ingram went 11-35 yards and a TD. Alvin Kamara went 7-23 yards with 2 TDs. He also went 4-82 yards receiving. Mike Thomas went 11-109 yards with a TD. Tedd Ginn Jr. went 5-74 yards.

MY TAKE: Another amazing game this weekend. The poor Steelers just can’t catch a break, can they? They had this game and let it slide away. And boy, they needed this game. The Steelers are falling right out of the playoffs. There are a few teams that have totally collapsed this season. The Steelers may be the most talented team to do so, and the team that did it the latest into the season. The Saints are just moving along. Another win. Another 30+ points. Another 10 win season. Another playoffs appearance. Perhaps, another Super Bowl? We shall see.



SEAHAWKS 38*** – Chiefs 31 (Chiefs -1…o/u 54.5 OVER) Seattle scores first with a TD halfway through the first. KC kicked a 54-yard FG to get on the board. Each team scored a TD in the second and it was 14-10 Seattle at the half. Seattle added to the lead with a FG. KC scored another TD, but Seattle scored to maintain a lead with under a minute left in the third. It was 24-17 Seattle. The fourth saw a bunch of scoring. KC kicked a FG. Seattle scored a TD. Kansas City matched with a TD. Seattle then put a nail in the coffin with a TD right before the two-minute mark. Kansas City did kick a FG but it didn’t matter. Seattle had 31 first downs. They went 7-14 on third downs. There was just under 900 yards of offense (419 for Kansas City and 464 for Seattle). KC had three sacks. KC had eight penalties. They also had three fumbles and lost two.

Pat Mahomes went 23-40 for 273 yards with 3 TDs. He also had 33 yards rushing. Damien Williams went 13-103 yards rushing. He also had 7-37 yards with a TD receiving. Charcandrick West had a TD receiving as well as Demarcus Robinson. Russell Wilson went 18-29 for 271 yards with 3 TDs. He also had 8-57 yards rushing. Chris Carson went 27-116 yards with 2 TDs. Doug Baldwin went 7-126 yards with a TD. Tyler Lockett went 4-99 yards. Ed Dickson and Nick Vannett had receiving TDs.

MY TAKE: Well, the Seahawks want to make the playoffs. This much is true. They probably should not have won this game. But they did and it helps extend their season. The Chiefs could have used this game to bury the Chargers. Both teams lost though, so no ground gained. More than likely both of these teams will make it through. They played a fun game here. Should make for more excitement later on in the season.



RAIDERS 27*** – Broncos 14 (Broncos -2.5…o/u 42.5 UNDER) Oakland scored a TD to start the game. They added a TD and a FG right before the end of the half and they were up 17-0. Denver scored the only points with a TD in the third. The Raiders put the game away in the fourth with a TD right away. Denver scored one more TD but it wasn’t enough. The Raiders added a junk FG as well.

Case Keenum went 23-37 for 202 yards with 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Phillip Lindsay went 10-46 yards. Courtland Sutton went 6-65 yards with a TD. DaeSean Hamilton went 6-40 yards with a TD. Derek Carr went 19-26 for 167 yards. Doug Martin went 21-107 yards with a TD. Jalen Richard had a TD rushing and 4-40 yards receiving. Jordy Nelson went 7-75 yards.

MY TAKE: The Raiders don’t seem to want the first pick of the draft. They won a game that didn’t matter at all, but it shows that they can win a road game against an AFC West rival. It also proves that they aren’t laying down for that pick. You gotta give the Raiders credit for that. Many accused them of mailing it in.



ATS 5-9-2…..Over/Under 6-9-1

YTD ATS 103-127-10…..Over/Under 112-125-3