Every week I will be updating you on the NFL week that passed. This wrap up will give you some betting advice and fantasy advice. This weekly feature will cover everything you need to know for fantasy football info and for betting purposes.

The week started out pretty shitty as the Thursday night game just wasn’t that entertaining. But the week did get a lot better with some huge star performances and some barn burner games.

Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


EAGLES 18*** – Falcons 12 (Falcons -1…o/u 44.5 UNDER) So Nick Foles started this game for Philly. That already made the champs a Home Underdog in week one. Foles was awful, and Matt Ryan wasn’t much better. Both QB’s had 50+ QB ratings and neither threw a TD. There were very few bright spots. Jay Ajayi did his part and basically won the game for Philly. He had 2 TDs and a modest 62 yds on just 15 carries. There were no real worries from Clement or Sproles taking carries as they did very little. Mike Wallace did not even have a catch for Philly. Julio Jones did have a MONSTER, however. He had 10 catches on a whopping 19 targets. He had 169 yds but no TDs.

Both Atlanta running backs did very little. Freeman had 36 yds on 6 carries, and Coleman had a TD, but only 19 yds on 9 carries. With Carson Wentz out for more weeks ahead, hold your breath in Philly. This is gonna be a little roller coaster. As for the over/under these teams did not even sniff the number. That probably won’t hold, but most figured this game would have gone over. Both teams racked up a ton of penalties. Atlanta had 15 and Philly had 11. Both will need to get that number way down. Injury wise, Atlanta got screwed. Starting DB Keanu Neal is out for the year, and RB Devonta Freeman is week to week with a knee injury.

MY TAKE: Atlanta will score more than this. This was a game they probably could have won. It would have helped to get a road NFC win. That being said, they have some things to figure out. This was a huge underperformance. Especially with the numbers, Julio put up. The Eagles have a right to be nervous. Foles did not look one iota like the guy in the Super Bowl. Time to hold your breath Philly fans.



RAVENS 47*** – Bills 3 (Ravens -7.5…o/u 38.5 OVER) This was an all-out MAULING. Not even funny. I am convinced that Buffalo is the worst team in football. There is no talent anywhere with the exception of LeSean McCoy. And with his legal situations, his head clearly was not in this game. Let’s start with the Bills and get them out of the way. The Bills started Nathan Peterman and he was awful as expected. 5/18 for 24 yards!! WHAT?!?? How about 2 INTS as well. Rookie Josh Allen came in and also chimed in with a terrible 6/15 for 74 yards. No picks though, so I guess that is a silver lining. LeSean McCoy had 7 carries for 22 yards. Chris Ivory had 3 carries for 3 yards. JUST AWFUL.

Now the Ravens, on the other hand, came to play. They loaded Joe Flacco with new WR talent (John Brown, Michael Crabtree & Willie Snead) and EVERY ONE OF THEM SCORED A TOUCHDOWN! Flacco had all of his stats in the first three quarters, by the fourth they were in full cruise control. He finished with 236 yds and 3 TDs. The running backs didn’t put up huge numbers, but they didn’t have to. Each RB (Kenneth Dixon, Javorius Allen & Alex Collins) scored a TD, just like the WRs did. The only injury was to RB Dixon who is week to week with a knee.

MY TAKE: I loved Baltimore in this game, and I like them this season. I think they got a serious passing game. It is also interesting how well the defense played. To only give up three after all this scoring and Buffalo getting the ball back plenty, shows how stout they are. Look for this to continue for Baltimore. On the other hand, Buffalo may be arguably the worst team in football. They truly have no talent, no QB and no defense.

This was one of my 5 STAR BEST BETS as I picked the Ravens in this one to cover!



BROWNS 21*** – Steelers 21 (Steelers -3.5…o/u 41 OVER) Everyone was high on the Browns. Everyone is betting on the Browns in Vegas. Now, it is true that the Browns went and got a ton of players all over the offense to help rebuild the team. Last year they had ZERO WINS. So anything would help! Last season, this was the same matchup and the Browns played a close game then. This year, they have way better players. But all it could get them was a tie. This was a fun game though, tie or not. For the Steelers, they were missing the top NFL RB in Le’Veon Bell, as he is still a contract holdout. The Browns were shutout in the first half. The Steelers got one TD from backup RB James Conner, who had a SICK 135 yards and 2 TDs on a 31 carries!!! What a way to step up.

The Browns tied the game with a big Tyrod Taylor QB scamper for 20 yds in the early 3rd quarter. The Steelers snapped right back with two quick TDs to take the lead going into the 4th quarter. Cleveland had a never say die attitude and shut the Steelers out in the 4th. The Browns scored two TDs (Carlos Hyde a one-yard punch in and Josh Gordon had a TD on his only catch). This tied the game and sent it to overtime. Both teams could not score though, and the game ended in a tie.

MY TAKE: While Cleveland can be happy coming out with a tie, they really shouldn’t be too excited. They got a ridiculous SIX TURNOVERS (Three Big Ben picks and Three fumbles lost) and STILL COULD NOT WIN!! Not a good sign, honestly. The Steelers did put up numbers, but they did have trouble here. We will see how quickly this changes. 



COLTS 23 – Bengals 34*** (Bengals -1…o/u 47.5 OVER) This game was fairly even. It was one of the more boring matchups for week one. The only reason to have eyes on it was to see how Andrew Luck would bounce back in his first start in forever. The Colts actually had a lead going into the 4th quarter leading 23-17. Aside from the first FG being scored by Cincy, the Colts lead the whole game till the 4th. Then the wheels completely fell off. The Bengals scored 17 unanswered points to win, and win big. The game was buried when the Bengals got an 80+ yard fumble return for a TD very late in the 4th.

MY TAKE: There were no huge stat days here. But many players did play well. Both QBs had decent games. Mixon, AJ Green & TY Hilton all had TDs. Keep an eye on both teams. This game was hard to read. There really were no tea leaves here. Personally, I wouldn’t put my money on or against either team. You just don’t know what you are going to get from them week to week.


DOLPHINS 27*** – Titans 20 (Titans -1…o/u 43.5 OVER) This game was kinda fluky as it had TWO extremely long lightning delays. There were two major injuries for Tennessee in this game as Delanie Walker went down for the season with an ankle, and Marcus Mariota is questionable with an elbow. He is week to week. All the action happened in the 4th quarter. The fins had back to back HUGE scores with a 102 yd kick return for a TD followed by a 75 yd bomb TD from Kenny Stills. It was a minor upset as many thought this was an easy Titans walk over. They were wrong.

MY TAKE: The Fins didn’t look bad at all. Tannehill did what he does. 2 TDs and 2 picks. The running game was OK. Gore looked good and Drake looked OK. The Miami D got 3 INTs and that really was a difference maker. Tennessee is just a disappointment and I feel that they will be all year. Buyer beware on them. The Fins had some big plays. Keep an eye on them to battle the Jets for a shot at New England.

The Titans were my other 5 STAR BEST BET. I lost. Never helps when the teams two best players are knocked out of the game. Oh, well.



VIKINGS 24*** – 49ers 16 (Vikings -6…o/u 46.5 UNDER) The Vikings were in the driver seat the whole game here. They never trailed. Stat wise this game was pretty even, with one exception. Jimmy Garoppolo threw 3 INTs. Kirk Cousins in his debut for the Vikes had a solid start. 2 TDs no picks. The Minnesota running game was not so good. Dalvin Cook came back and had a very mediocre 16-40. He did have 6-55 receiving. Latavius Murray added 11-42. Neither scored. The difference in the game was that one of those 3 INTs for Minny was a pick 6.

MY TAKE: The San Fran train from last year has officially stopped. Nothing exciting happened here. Didn’t score much. The tight end lead the team in receiving. The running game was ehh. Minnesota did outplay them and should have. They did cover. This game pretty much went how it should. Keep an eye on both teams to see if they get a change of pace. I will say that getting three picks and scoring on one, should have made for a bigger win for Minny. It didn’t.



PATRIOTS 27*** – Texans 20 (Patriots -6…o/u 49 UNDER) The Pats jumped all over the Texans right off the bat 21-6 at the half. Brady hit Gronk right away to start the game. They never trailed. It was a bit surprising as many thought this was a playoff preview with DeShaun Watson coming back. Well, Watson laid a dud. He had 17 incompletions on 34 passes. Only 1 TD and 1 INT. Brady, however, had 3 TDs and 1 pick. There were not many other amazing performances in this game. The Pats won this game with defense. Gronk had a monster as he was a target magnet.

MY TAKE: The Texans did not impress. Granted it was New England, but they just didn’t have any big plays at all. Watson was a no-show. DeAndre Hopkins had 8-78 and no TDs. Will Fuller didn’t even have a catch. This game may not tell a lot. The team that should have won, won the game. Let’s not judge either just yet though. But if the Texans don’t step it up, the fans will get restless soon.



SAINTS 40 – Bucs 48*** (Saints -10…o/u 49.5 OVER) This was the best game of the week! A ton of plays. A ton of stats. A huge upset and more! I’m talking about 1,000 yards of offense! How about SEVEN TDs thrown and ZERO INTs from these two QBs. This game went back and forth with Tampa upsetting the Saints 31-24 at the half. After the 3rd quarter, the Bucs opened up a 41-24 lead going into the 4th and pretty much had the game in hand. It was too little too late by the 4th even though Alvin Kamara added his 2nd and third TDs. Now the stats!

This was by far the biggest fantasy game point getter for the week. Ryan Fitzpatrick (who nobody owns and especially, noone started) actually outplayed Drew Brees. His line was an amazing 21-28 for 417yds and 4 TDs. Brees still had 439 yds and 3 TDs himself. Neither team ran very well. Kamara led NO with 29 yds, but 2 TDs. Peyton Barber lead TB with 69 yds. But the WRs, OMG they had HUUUUUGE days! Mike Evans had 7-147 and a TD. DeSean Jackson had 5-146 and 2 TDs. Mike Thomas had a sick 16 catches on 17 targets for 180 yards and a TD! Alvin Kamara added 9 catches from the backfield for 112 and a TD.

MY TAKE: First off, Jameis Winston is done here. There is no reason to pull Fitzpatrick now. Even Tampa Bay said before the season started that they would not pull Fitzy if he is playing well once Winston’s suspension is over. He is playing well…LOL. Both of these teams have no defense. I mean come on here. This was a major upset as it was a division game. Not every game is going to go like this for these two teams, but holy cow this was fun. We will see how it all plays out for both. Watch that DeSean Jackson got a concussion in this game.



GIANTS 15 – Jags 20*** (Jags -2.5…o/u 42.5 UNDER) Boring game. Jags lead the whole game. The game had 5 FGs and only 3 TDs. Now the one and only Giant TD was an amazing Saquon Barkley 68yd run, but that was all for the G-men. Because of that run, he did finish with 106 yds. But he only had 18 carries. Hmmm. Hard to understand that one. Both QBs were mediocre having 67 point QB ratings. Each had a pick. TJ Yeldon out carried Leonard Fournette as Fournette went out of the game with a hammy injury. He is now questionable and week to week. Odell Beckham Jr had 11 catches for 111 but it didn’t seem to mean or lead to much.

MY TAKE: The Jags came away with the win as they should have, they are a Super Bowl team. But no thanks to Blake Bortles. This game was very even and pretty boring. However, the Jags did cover. Not much to be excited about for either team. Next week should tell a further story for both. Get hold of TJ Yeldon now as Fournette’s nagging hammys have already become a problem.



CHARGERS 28 – Chiefs 38*** (Chargers -3.5…o/u 48 OVER) Fun game with big plays. 900 yds of offense. 7 passing TDs combined. And 66 points of offense for the fans. Let’s start with the Chiefs and the debut of Pat Mahomes. He finished the game with 250+ yds and FOUR TDs (One for 58 yds and one for 36 yds) and ZERO picks in his debut. He looked phenomenal. But don’t count our Philip Rivers. He also played his ass off. He threw 51 times and completed 34 for 424 yds and 3 TDs. There were other big stat lines.

Melvin Gordon had 15-64 rushing but added 9-102 receiving. Keenan Allen had 8-108 and a TD. For the Chiefs, Kareem Hunt only had 49 yds and for some reason ZERO catches. Tyreek Hill had a huge game with 7-169 and 2 TDs. He also had a punt return for 91 yds to start the game. Just another amazing performance. The Chiefs dominated this game score wise even though the Chargers put up plenty of stats. By the end of the 3rd, the game was basically over as the Chiefs lead 31-12.

MY TAKE: This was a fun division game. Clearly, the Chiefs are for real with Mahomes. The Chargers were favorite and you never would have known it. If people were worried about Pat playing well, worry no more. This guy is gonna be something to watch this year. He didn’t really let the wheels spin running the ball, so that should come as well. The Chargers may give some fits and headaches this year, but they dropped a home division game. Not a great start.



CARDINALS 6 – Redskins 24*** (Cardinals -2…o/u 43.5 UNDER) Well, this just in. The Cardinals are in trouble. They couldn’t muster any offense at home. On top of that, they got to watch Adrian Peterson, a player they had, beat them up. Peterson had 96 yds and a TD in his debut in Washington. He also added two catches for 70 yds. Alex Smith in his debut for Washington had 250+ Yds and 2 TDs with ZERO picks. The Washington WRs are no existent as this does seem to be a weak point. Arizona looked terrible. They scored their only points at the very end of the game on a David Johnson punch in for a TD. He had only 9 carries for 37 yds. Sam Bradford looked awful as he dinked and dunked for 153 yds and a pick.

MY TAKE: Washington may be a team that is going to be a surprise. They have two solid veterans that provide serious leadership. If those guys can put up stats, then Washington may surprise people. We will see. Arizona, on the other hand, should be very nervous. To have a home game and lose so badly is not a good thing to rally around. 


PANTHERS 16*** – Cowboys 8 (Panthers -3…o/u 42 UNDER) This turned out to be one of the more boring games of the weekend. Dallas is in very serious trouble. This is very scary how bad this team is. They have so little to work with, it’s not even funny. Carolina has a great defense but this is no excuse for looking so bad. The Panthers lead the entire game. Ezekiel Elliott added a junk TD halfway through the 4th quarter. He only had 15 carries for 69 yds. Dak Prescott had ZERO TDs and ZERO picks. He had only 170 yds passing. Cam Newton didn’t look much better in the air, but he was huge on the ground. He also had ZERO TDs and picks finishing with 161 yds passing. The strange thing was that he lead the Panthers in rushing yds and attempts going 13-58 and ran for a TD. Christian McCaffrey had an OK day. He had 10-50 rushing and 6-45 receiving, but no TDs.

MY TAKE: Dallas has no talent. Dak Prescott is not Tony Romo and Ezekiel Elliott is not Emmitt Smith. He may not even be DeMarco Murray. They are weak at the O line and this at WR. Imagine how bad they didn’t want Dez Bryant, because they are playing with very little. Pick up Allen Hurns only had 1-20 yds. Greg Olsen got hurt in this game and is uncertain on when he will return. That won’t help Carolina, as they are plenty weak weapon-wise themselves. 


BRONCOS 27 – Seahawks 24 PUSH (Broncos -3…o/u 42.5 OVER) This game turned out to be one of the best games of the weekend.  It went up and back the entire game. A lot of passing as both QBs (Russell Wilson & Case Keenum) combined for 6 TDs (3 a piece) and 5 INTs (3 for Keenum and 2 for Wilson). Keenum had 329 yds and Wilson was a smidge under 300. Strangely both Denver backs (Lindsay and Freeman) had 15-71 and no TD lines. Emanuel Sanders had a monster with 10-135 and a great TD. Three WRs had TDs for Seattle including new pickup Brandon Marshall. This game was surprisingly close considering that Seattle threw 3 picks and was sacked SIX TIMES. They also fumbled three times and lost one.

MY TAKE: Someone had to win. Both teams can come out of here with their head high. I have a feeling both teams will make noise in their divisions. Denver is not so surprising as many feel with Case Keenum this team can turn a corner. The weapons are there. Seattle, on the other hand, will be worth watching. This game was a mild surprise to me as Seattle stayed in the game. They did get an injury to star WR Doug Baldwin. He is week to week.


PACKERS 24 – Bears 23*** (Packers -7…o/u 45 OVER) What an amazing game. The Bears were completely in the driver’s seat for three quarters. They lead 20-3 after three quarters. One of those TDs was a Khalil Mack pick 6 as DeShone Kizer threw a terrible INT right to him as he fell avoiding a sack. Kizer was in because the Bears knocked Aaron Rodgers with a knee injury. He did come back though and when he did, it was over for the Bears. Rodgers hit three different WRs with TDs and won the game with a Randall Cobb 75 yd TD that was just unbelievable. The Packers still can’t run the ball, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Mitch Trubisky started off the game scoring with a 2yd punch in TD. Jordan Howard only had 15-82 and the WRs didn’t have many yards either. This really was a Bears game that they had no business losing.

MY TAKE: Wow, this is a game that is gonna sting the Bears all season. This was a road, division win against a better team, and they let it slip right through their fingers. It really is a bad sign. I’m not sure the offense for the Bears can play better. And I’m not sure that the defense will hold up if the offense can’t do their part. Watch how both teams bounce back from this one. It will be interesting.


LIONS 17 – Jets 48*** (Lions -7…o/u 44 OVER) This game turned out to be the biggest surprise and biggest mauling at the same time. The funniest part is that Sam Darnold started the game by throwing a pick six! The Lions were off and running toward a win. Not so fast. The Jets actually lead at the half a modest 17-10 as Darnold threw a really nice TD to Robby Anderson for 41 yds. The Lions tied the game in the 3rd by scoring early. And then things just went bonkers. Darnold threw another TD, then the Jets had a pick six. Right after that, they took a punt 78 yds for a TD. They even added a FG and a huge 62 yd run by Isaiah Crowell that left the Lions wondering what the hell happened. It was a 31 pt 3rd quarter for the Jets. Neither team scored in the 4th quarter. The Jets didn’t need to and the Lions were shellshocked.

Sam Darnold had a great debut going 16-21 for 198 yds and 2 TDs after he threw the pick six. Powell and Crowell combined for 22 carries and 162 yds. Crowell had 2 TDs. Matt Stafford threw FOUR INTs and even Matt Cassell came in and threw one for good measure.

MY TAKE: The Jets by far were the most impressive team this week. They ran well, threw well, had special teams and defense make plays. It is amazing how well they and Darnold played. Equally amazing is how bad the Lions played. This is gonna be a game that may haunt them. They really looked bad. I’m not sure where they go to fix their issues. All they can do is throw this game away and start completely over.


RAIDERS 13 – Rams 33*** (Rams -6…o/u 47.5 UNDER) Amazingly, this game started out with the Raiders marching right down the field and scoring an opening drive TD. They even led 13-10 at the half. The Rams came back by adding 10 in the 3rd and shut the Raiders out for the 2nd half To end the game, the Rams added a pick six. Todd Gurley did have 100 yds rushing and added a TD receiving. Brandin Cooks had 80+ yds and Cooper Kupp had a TD. The Raiders on the other hand, had bad stats all around. Derek Carr had 300 yds passing but threw 3 INTs. Marshawn Lynch had a TD but only 40 yds rushing. The biggest weakness was at WR. New free agent pick up Jordy Nelson only had 3-23 and Amari Cooper was even worse with a meager 1-9. The only bright spot was TE Jared Cook and his 9-180 line. Clearly, that was the only player Carr felt safe throwing to.

MY TAKE: The Rams did what they needed. The fact that they started off so slow but rebounded back so hard shows their talent. The Raiders should be very nervous. This was an embarrassment for sure. What they do from here will be interesting. 

ATS 7-8-1…..Over/Under 9-7