Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


49ERS 34*** – Raiders 3 (Raiders -1.5…o/u 44 UNDER) After an Oakland FG to start the scoring, they never scored again. I repeat, they let up 34 straight points! And they did all of this against the Niners third-string QB, Nick Mullens, who came in for the injured CJ Beathard. It was one of the most productive debuts in NFL history. Mullens went 16-22 for 262 yards and 3 TDs. He had 0 INTs. Tight End George Kittle was the favorite target going 4-108 yards with a TD. Mullens also hit Garcon and Kendrick Bourne for TDs as well. Raheem Mostert had a big game rushing going 7-86 yards and a big TD run. He wound up breaking his arm very badly trying to brace for a fall. It was really bad and really gruesome. The Raiders were awful. They gave up eight sacks. They didn’t even have 300 yards of offense. David Carr went 16-21 for 171 yards. He had 0 TDs and INTs. Doug Martin only had 11-49 yards. And the wide receivers were even worse.

MY TAKE: The Raiders continue to prove they are the worst team in football. Another loss. This time without even scoring a TD. How funny is it that they actually started the game scoring first in this one. A third stringer named Nick Mullens whipped the Raiders’ butts in this game and made himself famous all in one night. The rookie had a very impressive line. He even made himself the start going forward this season. There is nothing more to say about the Raiders. They are bad. They quit. And they are embarrassing.



RAVENS 16 – Steelers 23*** (Ravens -1.5…o/u 47 UNDER) The Ravens scored a FG with five minutes left in the first to open the game. The Steelers matched that with a TD to end the first and a TD halfway into the second quarter. One James Conner catch from Big Ben and one Antonio Brown catch from Big Ben. The Ravens couldn’t score a TD, but they kicked another FG. Big Ben ran a TD in the 3rd quarter, to be answered by the Ravens only TD of the game run in by Alex Collins. Both teams had FGs in the fourth quarter. Pitt had 27 first downs to Baltimore’s 18. Pitt was a whopping 10-16 on third downs. Big Ben threw a lot going 28-47 for 270 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. James Conner continued his magic going 24-107 yards. He added 7-56 yards and a TD receiving. Joe Flacco threw a lot for only 206 yards on 23-37 passes. Alex Collins ran for 9-35 yards and a TD. Not one wide receiver had a game worth mentioning.

MY TAKE: This was a classic AFC North matchup. The Steelers were in first coming in, and they stayed right there. The Ravens are hard to figure out. They are one of those coin toss teams you here me mention here. They win they lose, they lose they win. You never know when and with who they will beat or not. The Steelers are gonna win this division. Baltimore is playing for the Wild Card in the AFC. That is the best that they are going to muster.



BILLS 9 – Bears 41*** (Bears -10…o/u 38 OVER) This game was a total and complete annihilation. It was actually a scoreless first quarter if you can believe that. The Bears absolutely blew it open offensively and defensively with FOUR TDs in the second quarter. Two Jordan Howard runs along with a pick-six TD and a 65-yard fumble return for a TD. The two teams traded FGs in the third quarter as the Bills finally got on the board. The Bears added a FG to start the fourth. The Bills got their only TD on a QB Nathan Peterman run for a yard. The Bears stuck a dagger in by adding a Trey Burton TD from Mitch Trubisky.

What an odd game considering the score. Buffalo had 22 first downs to Chicago’s 11. The Bears did not even get 200 yards of offense (190). The Bears did have four sacks and 3 INTs. The game was full of penalties. 24 total with Chicago pulling 14 of them and Buffalo got 10. Mitch Trubisky went 12-20 for only 135 yards with a TD and an INT. Jordan Howard had 14-47 yards and 2 TDs. Nathan Peterman only had 189 yards. He threw 49 times to do that. He sadly led the team in rushing going 8-46 yards with a rushing TD. LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory combined to go 17-46 yards. Both had terrible games. No WR did much of anything.

MY TAKE: The Bears have gotten really hot. So hot, they are now in first place in the NFC North. Imagine that? This was a destruction, and it should have been. One team is good and one team is terrible this year. Mitch Trubisky went from a guy that the team would not even let throw downfield, to a guy that whips the ball around all over the field. It is interesting, that all of a sudden, the Bears can’t consistently run the ball. Once they get that balance back, they will be close to unstoppable. The defense is strong, so we know that won’t be a problem. Buffalo started Nathan Peterman in this game. He is their third stringer. He is so awful, that after this game, the fans are starting a Go Fund Me to get him to retire.



PANTHERS 42*** – Bucs 28 (Panthers -6…o/u 55.5 OVER) Ryan Fitzpatrick got the start againGreat first half…lame second half. There were 49 total points by both teams in the FIRST HALF! Carolina scored 14 in the first quarter. Tampa Bay answered back with a TD before allowing 3 more Carolina TDs. Tampa did add a TD to close out the half. They were down 35-14 at the half and it seemed all but over. Tampa Bay tried to come back and they did. Little Adam Humphries scored the only TD in the third quarter, and he added a TD to start the fourth quarter. The fun was ended by Carolina with a Cam Newton passing TD halfway into the fourth quarter. Game Over.

Fitzpatrick went 24-40 for 243 yards and FOUR TDs with 2 INTs. Adam Humphries (8-82 yards) and OJ Howard (4-53 yards) both had 2 TDs receiving in the game. Cam Newton went 19-25 for 247 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INT. He also went 11-33 yards rushing. Christian McCaffrey went 17-79 yards and 2 TDs rushing along with 5-78 yards receiving. Greg Olsen went 6-76 yards and a TD. No-name Curtis Samuel had 2 TDs (one rushing and one receiving). There were 17 total penalties. Carolina ran for 179 yards in the game. They had 100+ more total yards than Tampa Bay.

MY TAKE: What a strange game. This was a tale of two halves. The Panthers were all over the Bucs in the first half. Complete destruction. The second half, the Bucs attempted a huge comeback. They came close, but it was no cigar. Even Ryan Fitzpatrick threw INTs that really hurt the team. Christian McCaffrey ran for two TDs which is rare for him. The Panthers needed the win to keep up in the Wild Card race in the NFC. The Saints are leading the NFC South and more than likely will win it. That means that all that the Panthers can do is the Wild Card.



BROWNS 21 – Chiefs 37*** (Chiefs -8…o/u 51.5 OVER) The game started out just like all Chiefs game do. Witha huge Chiefs TD to take a lead. In this case, it was a 50-yard catch for Kareem Hunt from Pat Mahomes. Cleveland added a FG in the first quarter. The second quarter had a bunch of scoring as the teams traded touchdowns with each other as Cleveland did what they could to stay alive in the game. Unfortunately for Cleveland, they missed both 2-pt. conversions on each TD. It was 21-16 at the half and there was excitement. The Chiefs added to the lead with two more TDs and this game was over. Cleveland did not score in the 3rd quarter. To start the 4th, Cleveland got a TD but was still down 34-21. The Chiefs added a junk FG in the 4th as the game was well over.

The Chiefs had 499 yards of offense in the game. Cleveland had a healthy 388 yards. Each team had two sacks. Each team had one INT. The Chiefs played an undisciplined game getting ELEVEN PENALTIES. Pat Mahomes had yet another monster game. 23-32 for 375 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT. Kareem Hunt ran 17-91 yards with 2 TDs and he caught one ball for a 50-yard TD. Travis Kelce went 7-99 yards with 2 TDs. Baker Mayfield went 29-42 for 297 yards and 2 TDs. He had 1 INT. Nick Chubb went 22-85 yards with a TD. Duke Johnson showed up and went 9-78 yards receiving with 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: The Chiefs keep proving how great they are. Another 30+ performance. It is getting hard to come up with new things to say about the Chiefs. Matt Mahomes is still the best QB in the game this year. Yes, he had another 300-yard passing game. Yes, they are still in first place. The Browns gave it a go. Unfortunately, it was not enough. Cleveland is having a better year than last year clearly. But it may not be enough to make the playoffs though. This was the first game Cleveland played after the head coach, Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley firing. While the Browns played inspired, they did still lose.



DOLPHINS 13*** – Jets 6 (Dolphins -3…o/u 43 UNDER) Terrible game. Not one offensive TD in the game. All FG’s. There was a TD by Miami but it was defensive, and it ended the game in the 4th quarter. No scoring in the first. Miami kicked two FGs in the 2nd quarter. They did leave the Jets a chance late to kick FG to end the half. Neither team scored in the 3rd quarter. In the 4th the FIns got a pick-six off of Darnold. This was the dagger. The Jets added on a FG, but it didn’t matter. The FIns had only SEVEN FIRST DOWNS in the game! Both teams could not convert a 3rd down. (Jets 2-13 and FIns 3-16) Each team had 4 sacks. The difference was that the Jets and Sam Darnold threw FOUR INTERCEPTIONS. The fins didn’t even manage 200 yards total (168).

Brock Osweiler had another sub-par game. He went 15-24 for 139 yards. Another 0 TD and 0 INT game. Frank Gore had a mediocre game going 20-53 yards. Kenyan Drake had another terrible game going 3-9 yards. Sam Darnold went 21-39 for 229 yards with his 0 TDs and those pesky FOUR INTs. Nobody else did anything worth mentioning.

MY TAKE: The worst game of the weekend needed a winner. Neither team scored an offensive TD, so the team that scored a defensive TD won. The Jets have not been the same since Bilal Powell went down. The Dolphins have really struggled under Brock Osweiler. The Jets season is over, but the Dolphins need every win they can get for the Wild Card in the AFC. Even this one. All that on top of the fact that beating the Jets twice in a season feels pretty good to the Dolphins.



VIKINGS 24*** – Lions 9 (Vikings -4.5…o/u 47 UNDER) A completely lopsided affair. The Vikings scored first and were the only TD scored in the first quarter. The Lions kicked two 35-yard FGs in the 2nd quarter. The Vikings answered with a TD to lead 17-6 at the half. Neither team scored in the third quarter. In the fourth, Minnesota got a defensive TD to bury this game. The Lions added a garbage FG late in the fourth for some reason that meant nothing.

Both teams combined to go 4-4 on 4th downs (Lions 3-3 and Vikings 1-1). The Lions barely mustered 209 total yards in the game. The Vikings had an amazing TEN SACKS in the game! Somehow the Lions had 36 minutes of possession time to 23 minutes by Minnesota. Matt Stafford went 25-36 for 199 yards and 0 TDs and 0 INTs. Not one other player even remotely put up decent numbers. Kirk Cousins went 18-22 for 164 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. Dalvin Cook came back and did well. He outrushed Latavius Murray as both had 10 carries, but Cook had 89 yards and Murray had 31 yards. Murray did have a TD. Adam Thielen added a TD but saw his EIGHT GAME 100-yard receiving streak end in this game.

MY TAKE: The Vikings are the much better team. This game showed it. It was nice to have Dalvin Cook back as he paid off in his return. The Lions have very little firepower. The Vikings have way more. Quite simply put, the Lions will finish in last place in the NFC North and the Vikings will be in the fight to win it. They didn’t know that the Bears would be in the way.



REDSKINS 14 – Falcons 38*** (Skins -1.5…o/u 46.5 OVER) The Falcons are hot and they showed it. They jumped out with a TD in the first quarter. The Falcons scored first in the second quarter. Washington finally got on the board with a TD late in the second quarter. Atlanta closed the half with a late big TD pass to go up 21-7 at the half and had the game won at this point. The Falcons added to their big lead scoring first in the third quarter. Washington scored as well in the third but this game was already over. Atlanta added a FG as well as an amazing Julio Jones effort for a TD that allowed him his first one on the season if you can believe that.

Atlanta was a solid 10-13 on 3rd downs. Atlanta had just a hair under 500 yards of total offense (491). There were seventeen penalties in the game (ten for Washington and seven for Atlanta). Matt Ryan went 26-38 for 350 yards and 4 TDs with 1 INT. The Falcons also ran well. Tevin Coleman went 13-88 yards rushing, but he went 5-68 yards with 2 TDs. Ito Smith went 10-60 yards with a rushing TD. Julio Jones went 7-121 yards with a TD and Calvin Ridley went 6-71 yards with a TD. Alex Smith went 30-46 for 306 yards with a TD and 1 INT. The team had not one running back perform well. Adrian Peterson went 9-17 yards. Someone named Kapri Bibbs went 3-20 yards with a TD. And Samaje Perine went 2-20 yards. Maurice Harris went 10-124 yards.

MY TAKE: Just when the Redskins were laying claim to the NFC East, they drop this game. Now, Atlanta was red hot granted, but Washington dropped a home game that could have really showed that they belong. Now, Washington falls right in line with Dallas and Philly in the hunt for the NFC East crown. The Falcons are staring to roll a little bit. They, unfortunately, have the luxury of being in the same division with New Orleans and Carolina. The NFC South may be the toughest division in football. Atlanta probably will not win the division. But they will be in the fight for the Wild Card game. This was a big win, because Washington is in the same hunt, so advantage Atlanta here.



BRONCOS 17 – Texans 19*** (Broncos -1…o/u 46.5 UNDER) Houston jumped out with a TD early in the first quarter. Denver was only able to answer with a FG. Houston scored a TD in the start of the 2nd quarter, and Denver answered back with a TD. Houston was able to close the half out with a FG to lead 16-10. Denver took the lead in the 3rd quarter as they were the only ones to score. Houston took the lead back very early in the 4th quarter with a FG. That was it for the scoring as they held on. This game was Denver’s to win, but kicker Brandon McManus missed a 51-yard FG to win the game. This was the first game for Demaryius Thomas since being traded to Houston, and ironically enough it was against the team that traded him, Denver.

Statistically, this was a very even game. There was not much stat-wise in the game to get excited about. Deshaun Watson went 17-24 for 213 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. A weak running game as Alfred Blue actually led the team going 15-39 yards and Lamar Miller went 12-21 yards. DeAndre Hopkins had 10-105 yards with a TD. Newcomer Thomas had a productive 3-61 yards. Case Keenum threw a lot going 26-42 for 290 yards. He had 1 TD and 0 INTs. Phillip Lindsay rushed 17-60 yards. Devontae Booker added a TD. Jeff Heuerman strangely led the team going 10-83 yards and a TD.

MY TAKE: Well, look at what we have here. Houston has rattled off SIX STRAIGHT WINS after losing their first three games of the year. They are firmly in first place with a 1.5 game lead over the Titans. The trade for Thomas was a nice move to make up for the loss of Will Fuller. He should make a difference. This team seems poised to win the AFC South now that the Jags are officially garbage. Denver is now 3-6 and just can’t win games. They have a good defense, and it just does not matter. For all intents, Denver’s season is basically over. They have the unfortunate luck of being in the AFC West with the Chiefs and Chargers. One is going to win the division and one is probably gonna take one of the Wild Card slots.



SEAHAWKS 17 – Chargers 25*** (Seahawks pk…o/u 48.5 UNDER) The teams traded touchdowns in the first quarter. The Chargers scored two TDs in the second quarter but Seattle kicked a FG to close out the half down 19-10 This quarter decided the game for San Diego. Both teams were blanked in the 3rd quarter. Each team scored a TD in the fourth quarter but it was too little too late for Seattle. Seattle went 3-3 on 4th downs. The Chargers had four sacks. The teams combined for 22 penalties (twelve against the Chargers and ten against Seattle). Seattle had the ball for eleven more minutes in the game.

Philip Rivers went 13-26 for 228 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Melvin Gordon came back from injury to go 16-113 yards with a TD rushing. Keenan Allen showed up and went 6-124 yards. Both Mike and Tyrell Williams each had a TD receiving in the game. Russell Wilson went 26-39 for 235 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT.

MY TAKE: The Chargers are showing that they are a team that better be respected. They may not catch the Chiefs to win the AFC West, but they are in the driver’s seat to make the AFC Wild Card. The Seahawks came into this game on a little roll and the Chargers slapped them. Getting Melvin Gordon back was huge. This team has a serious one-two punch with Rivers and Gordon, and they are difficult to stop. Seattle goes as Russell Wilson goes. They have no shot at the division looking up at the Rams, but they are in the Wild Card hunt. Even with this loss, they are still there. 



SAINTS 45*** – Rams 35 (Rams -2…o/u 57 OVER) This was perhaps the best game of the season so far. It lived up to all the hype. The first half had a ton of scoring. The first quarter was a TD trade fest. The Saints ran a TD in first. The Rams ran one in right after. The Saints then closed out the quarter with a TD pass. The Rams scored right away after with a TD to start the second quarter. At this point, the Saints stole the game with THREE STRAIGHT TDs scored before the Rams closed the half out with a long 56-yard FG. This made the game 35-17 at the half in favor of the Saints. The Rams put up a fight scoring a TD and FG in the third while the Saints were blanked. The Rams added a huge Cooper Kupp TD and they felt like they were alive. Halfway into the 4th quarter, the Saints kicked a long 54-yard FG and then got a monster Mike Thomas 72-yard TD that blew the doors off of the game with about four minutes to go.

There were 54 first downs in this game. The Saints went 7-12 on 3rd downs. There were just under 1,000 yards of offense in this game (970 yards). Amazingly, this game had ZERO SACKS combined by these two teams. There were only three punts combined and only six penalties combined. Jared Goff went 28-40 for 391 yards with 3 TDs and 1 INT. Todd Gurley went 13-68 yards and a rushing TD. Brandin Cooks went 6-114 yards and a TD. Cooper Kupp went 5-89 yards with a TD. Robert Woods went 5-71 yards. Drew Brees went 25-36 for 346 yards and 4 TDs. He had 0 INTs. Alvin Kamara went nuts going 19-82 yards with 2 TDs rushing and 4-34 yards receiving with a TD. Ben Watson showed up and went 3-62 yards with a TD. The big day was by Mike Thomas who had an amazing 12-211 yards receiving with a huge TD.

MY TAKE: This may have been the best game of the season. The Rams came in as the best team in football. They left watching that the Saints may be the best team in football. The Saints came in as a major challenger no doubt. But we now see that they may be the best team in the NFL. Drew Brees is just unstoppable. Alvin Kamara is unstoppable. And Mike Thomas is unstoppable. Imagine putting up 200+ yards receiving in such a huge game. Now, the Rams don’t have anything to be worried about, they are going to be fine. And there is a really good chance that these teams may face each other again to decide who goes to the Super Bowl. We should only be so lucky.



PATRIOTS 31*** – Packers 17 (Pats -5…o/u 56 UNDER) The battle of the GOATS. The real GOAT won the game. The Pats started out with a TD. Green Bay scored a FG to answer in the first. In the second, the Pats scored a FG to start the quarter. Green Bay tied the game with a TD. At the 2 minute mark of the half, the Pats scored a TD to go up 17-10, and it was a close game. Green Bay tied the game in the third quarter and we had a game. The fork was stuck in the Pack when the Pats scored two TDs. The last TD really blew the game open on a Josh Gordon 55-yard TD catch from Tom Brady.

There were 800 yards of combined offense in this game. There were zero interceptions thrown. Aaron Rodgers went 24-43 for 259 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Marquez Valdes-Scantling went 3-101 yards. Jimmy Graham had a TD receiving as did as Davante Adams. Tom Brady went 22-35 for 294 yards with 1 TD and 0 INTs. James White went 12-31 yards and 2 TDs rushing. He added 6-72 yards receiving. Josh Gordon had his best game as a Patriot going 5-130 yards with a TD. While Cordarrelle Patterson is a wide receiver, he only caught one ball for seven yards. He did, however, get 11 carries for 61 yards right out of the backfield along with a rushing TD.

MY TAKE: It took a little time, but the Patriots are the kings of the AFC and perhaps still the kings of the NFL. Beating Kansas City and Green Bay says a lot. These are good teams. The Pats are poised to go to another Super Bowl. They more than likely will meet up with Kansas City again. Beating Kansas City two times would truly solidify that the Pats belong in the Super Bowl. At this point, the division is theirs for sure. They will get home field as well with the KC win too. As for Green Bay, what do you say? They may not even make the playoffs. While they do still have a shot in the division, let us assume that the Vikings win the NFC North. Does Green Bay have enough to make a Wild Card run? We shall see. Any team with Aaron Rodgers has a shot. But this ain’t the Green Bay Packers of five years ago.



COWBOYS 14 – Titans 28*** (Cowboys -4.5 o/u 40 OVER) Dallas was so geeked to score first on an Amari Cooper TD catch halfway into the first quarter. The Titans scored on back to back TDs in the second quarter. Dallas scored a TD to close out the half to tie the game, and we had a real barn-burner. That was it though for Dallas. They never saw a point again. The Titans scored a TD in the third quarter and ran for a TD score in the fourth quarter.

The Titans were 11-14 on 3rd downs. There were NINE SACKS in the game (five for Tennessee and four for Dallas). Marcus Mariota went 21-29 for 240 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. He added 10-32 yards rushing with a rushing TD. Dion Lewis showed up to go 19-62 rushing and 4-60 receiving with a TD. Derrick Henry went 6-27 yards with a TD. Dak Prescott went 21-31 for 243 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Ezekiel Elliott went 17-61 yards rushing and 4-51 yards receiving. Amari Cooper went 5-58 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Cowboys had a shot. They had a shot on primetime TV to beat a team AT HOME, that really isn’t all that good. They needed this game to stay in striking distance of the Redskins in the NFC East. They blew it. After scoring in the first half (a little bit) they were blanked out in the second half. All the hype around this team and the Amari Cooper trade, and it meant nothing. Another loss for Dallas who is now 3-5. Tennessee wins and stays in line with Houston. They are still a little ways from first place, but they are still alive. This was an impressive win, and it really looks like this game was about as good as Tennessee can possibly play.



Bye Week: Cardinals, Bengals, Colts, Jags, Giants & Eagles

ATS 6-7…..Over/Under 6-7

YTD ATS 62-70-2…..Over/Under 66-67-1