Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


TITANS 30*** – Jags 9 (Titans 5-5..o/u 37 OVER) Very one-sided game. In the first quarter, it was 7-2 Titans. The Titans added a huge 99-yard TD run and a FG and it was 16-2 at the half. Henry scored two more TDs in the 3rd quarter while the Jags added a TD as well. There was no scoring in the fourth quarter as Tennessee had mercy and Jacksonville just quit. The Titans went 7-11 on third downs while the Jags went 2-12. The rushing difference was 264 yards to 60 in favor of the Titans. The Titans had four sacks. The Jags had seven penalties.

Cody Kessler went 25-43 for 240 yards with a TD. Leonard Fournette went 14-36 yards. Dede Westbrook went 7-88 yards with a TD. Marcus Mariota went 18-24 for 162 yards with an INT. Derrick Henry had an amazing 17-238 yards with 4 TDs.

MY TAKE: An absolute embarrassment of a game for Jacksonville. To be run on like this and give up on plays the way they did is shameful. The Titans on the other hand never ran like this of gave Derrick Henry this sort of opportunity to do this all year. Makes you wonder what they were thinking. They did win a game they needed badly though.



BILLS 23 – Jets 27*** (Bills -4.5…o/u 37 OVER) The Bills jumped out fast. Two rushing TDs in the first quarter while the Jets added a FG. The Jets fought back with a FG while Buffalo kicked one right after. After Buffalo kicked their FG the Jets scored a TD to make the game 17-13 Bills at the half. The Bills added a FG to start the third quarter. The Jets started the fourth with a TD to tie the game. The whole quarter went by until the Bills kicked a FG very late. The Jets scored a game-winning TD with 1:17 left in the game. Buffalo outrushed the Jets 176 – 78 yards. The Jets had three sacks. There were 14 penalties in the game, seven by each team. There were three fumbles in the game. Each team lost one.

Sam Darnold went 16-24 for 170 yards with a TD and an INT. Elijah McGuire went 17-60 yards with a TD. Robby Anderson went 4-76 yards with a TD. Josh Allen went 18-36 for 206 yards with 2 INTs. He did rush for 101 yards on 9 carries with a TD. Robert Foster went 7-104 yards.

MY TAKE: A battle of rookies and it was a good game. Both of these guys have shown promise as the season went on. Both got hurt as well an missed games in their very first year. These teams while not really good this year did show some signs of a turnaround. Next year it will be interesting to see which team will take the bigger step forward in the AFC East. This was an impressive road win for the Jets.



BROWNS 26*** – Panthers 20 (Panthers -1…o/u 48 UNDER) The teams traded TDs in the first quarter. The teams then traded TDs again in the second quarter as well as then trading FGs. It was a 17-17 tie at the half. Carolina added the only score in the third with a FG. The Browns won the game scoring a TD and FG in the fourth quarter to end the game and steal the win. Carolina had 22-12 first downs. There were 17 penalties (10 by Carolina and 7 by Cleveland). The Browns fumbled 3 times and lost 2 of them.

Cam Newton went 26-42 for 265 yards and an INT. Christian McCaffrey went 16-63 yards with 2 TDs rushing. Baker Mayfield went 18-22 for 238 yards with a TD. Nick Chubb went 13-66 yards with a TD. Jarvis Landry ran two balls for 54 yards with a TD. He also went 3-57 yards with a TD in the air.

MY TAKE: And the slide continues for the Panthers. This loss makes sure that they won’t even make the playoffs. What a collapse. This will be one of the stories of the season when going over 2018. The Panthers were in full control of the Wild Card for many weeks. Having the Browns beat you to eliminate you shouldn’t sit well. The Browns though have really tightened up after the Jackson firing. Mayfield looks like they made a great choice. Nick Chubb has settled in well. They even used Jarvis Landry in this game. Cleveland took some serious strides. Next year they have to make the playoffs and take it up another notch. Many see them doing so.



PACKERS 34*** – Falcons 20 (Packers -4…o/u 50.5 OVER) The teams traded scores in the first quarter with a TD each. Green Bay stole the game in the second quarter with two FGs and a defensive TD. They were up 20-7 at the half and never looked back. In the third, the Pack added another two TDs to make the game a total blow out. Atlanta added two TDs in the fourth just to look like they were even in the game. They weren’t. The Pack went 7-13 on third down while Atlanta went 3-12. The Falcons had 13 penalties in the game. There were 5 fumbles (3 for Atlanta and 2 for Green Bay) and only one fumble was lost by Atlanta.

Matt Ryan went 28-42 yards for 262 yards and 3 TDs with 1 INT. Ito Smith and Tevin Coleman combined to go 21-105 rushing. Julio Jones went 8-106 yards with 2 TDs. Aaron Rodgers went 21-32 for 196 yards with 2 TDs. He added 44 yards rushing. Aaron Jones went 17-78 yards with a TD. Davante Adams went 7-81 yards with a TD. Randall Cobb went 5-43 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The battle of disappointments. Both teams out of the playoffs. How sad? These teams are good and have Hall of Fame QBs. But they both severely underachieved. The Pack won a game they should have won at home. The surprise is by how much they won by. The Falcons may really have to blow things up. It will be an interesting offseason to see what they do. The Pack have t scratch their heads and wonder what to do this offseason. Who knows?



TEXANS 21 – Colts 24*** (Texans -4…o/u 49 UNDER) Houston took the lead with the only TD in the first quarter. The Colts took control of the game with 17 points in the second quarter with two TDs and a FG. The teams both scored in the third quarter making the game 24-14 Colts lead. The Texans were too little too late with a TD pass late in the fourth quarter. The difference was the 386 passing yards for the Colts to 226 yards for the Texans. The Colts had 5 sacks. There were 16 penalties in the game (9 for the Colts and 7 for the Texans).

Andrew Luck went 27-41 for 399 yards and 2 TDs with 1 INT. Marlon Mack went 14-33 yards with a TD. TY Hilton went 9-199 yards. Eric Ebron went 4-65 yards with a TD. Deshaun Watson went 27-38 yards for 267 yards and a TD. Lamar Miller and Alfred Blue each had TDs rushing and combined to go 20-54 yards. DeAndre Hopkins went 4-36 yards and a TD.

MY TAKE: Boy, the Colts needed this game to have any Wild Card hopes and they beat a red-hot Houston team that won NINE IN A ROW. The Colts should be proud of their turnaround. Houston didn’t really need this game, but winning ten in a row would have been nice. The Colts need more than this, but this was a great start.



CHIEFS 27 – Ravens 24*** (Chiefs -6.5…o/u 49 OVER) The Chiefs scored first with a rush TD in the first quarter. The Ravens retaliated with a TD and FG right back at the Chiefs. The Chiefs closed out the half with a TD and a FG as time expired to take a halftime lead 17-10. The Ravens TD was the only score in the third quarter to tie the game. The teams each scored a TD in the fourth quarter and to overtime they went. The Chiefs kicked a FG and won the game in OT. The Chiefs went 3-3 on fourth down. The Ravens outrushed the Chiefs 194 to 94 yards. The Chiefs outpassed the Ravens 348 yards to 127 yards. There were 18 penalties (11 by Baltimore and 7 by the Chiefs).

Lamar Jackson went 13-24 for 147 yards and 2 TDs. He also went 14-67 yards rushing. Pat Mahomes went 35-53 for 377 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Spencer Ware and Damien Williams combined for a TD run and 23-89 yards. Tyreek Hill went 8-139 yards and Travis Kelce went 7-77 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Chiefs have not been the same since the Kareem Hunt incident. This was way too close of a call. Now, Baltimore is good and has been playing well, but their offense is no comparison to Kansas City’s. But the Chiefs did win and that is all that matters. Mahomes had a monster and Lamar Jackson has stolen this job for next year in my opinion. Both teams will be in the playoffs so they may actually meet again. Keep an eye out.



DOLPHINS 34*** – Patriots 33 (Patriots -9…o/u 49.5 OVER) The teams both scored in the first quarter, but the Pats missed their PAT. The second quarter saw all of the action. The teams literally traded five TDs at the 14:14 mark for the Pats answered right back by the Fins at the 13:26 mark. The Pats then scored right back at the 10:32 mark. The Fins answered right back at the 7:28 mark. The Pats added the last TD at the 3:49 mark of the third. The Fins got the only score of the third to take a one-point lead. The Pats scored in the fourth quarter to take the lead back, but the Dolphins won the game on a miracle play as the Dolphins were able to lateral their way down the field to win the game. The missed extra point by New England is what did them in.

The Pats went 9-16 on third down while the Fins went 1-7. The Fins had 189 rushing yards and the Pats had 77. The Pats outpassed the Fins 344 yards to 223. The Pats had 5 sacks. The Fins fumbled twice but didn’t turn the ball over. Tom Brady went 27-43 for 358 yards with 3 TDs. Rob Gronkowski went 8-107 yards and a TD. Josh Gordon went 5-96 yards and Julian Edelman went 9-86 yards with a TD. Cordarrelle Patterson went 2-51 yards with a TD. Ryan Tannehill went 14-19 for 265 yards with 3 TDs. Frank Gore went 12-92 yards. Brandon Bolden went 2-60 yards rushing, both for TDs. Kenny Stills went 8-135 yards with a TD. Kenyan Drake scored the game-winning TD on a 55-yard catch.

MY TAKE: The biggest upset of the day and the Fins really needed it to have any shot at the Wild Card game. They were in the game the whole way and won on an amazing last second lateral the football all over play. The difference in the game was a Gostkowski missed PAT on the first TD of the game. The Pats didn’t need the game, but it did matter in the home field/bye week for the playoffs. The Fins stay alive and breathe for one more week.



BUCS 14 – Saints 28*** (Saints -9.5…o/u 55 UNDER) Tampa Bay thought things were looking good. They scored TDs in the first and second quarter while the Saints only managed a FG. It was 14-3 at the half. The Saints chipped away scoring a TD in the third quarter. In the fourth, it was all Saints as they stole the game and won with two rushing TDs and a FG. The game was very, very even statistically. The Saints had 4 sacks. The Bucs had 10 penalties.

Drew Brees went 24-31 for 201 yards with a TD and INT. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara combined to score a TD and go 25-103 yards. Mike Thomas went 11-98 yards. Jameis Winston went 18-38 for 213 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. He added 47 yards rushing. Cameron Brate had 2 TDs receiving. Mike Evans went 4-86 yards.

MY TAKE: The Saints won a game they should have. Tampa disappoints again. This team will also be blown up as their season was a joke. This game shows that they didn’t belong. The Saints needed this to stay alive in the home field throughout playoffs race and got it.



REDSKINS 16 – Giants 40*** (Giants -3…o/u 40 OVER) The Giants scored the only TD in the first quarter. The Giants went nuts and won the game in the second quarter. They scored a FG to start the quarter, sandwiched 3 TDs in between another FG to end the half up 34-0. To make it worse the Giants scored again in the third to go up 40-0. The Skins scored two TDs in the fourth quarter, but it clearly meant nothing. The Giants had 400+ yards of offense. Outrushed the Skins 227 yards to 84. The Giants had 5 sacks. The Skins threw 3 INTs. The Skins had 15 penalties to the Giants 2.

Eli Manning went 14-22 for 197 yards with 3 TDs. Saquon Barkley had a sick 14-170 yards with a TD rushing. Sterling Shepard, Russell Shepard, and Bennie Fowler all had TDs receiving. Mark Sanchez went 6-14 for 38 yards and 2 INTs. Josh Johnson came in for him and went 11-16 for 195 yards and a TD and INT. Johnson added 7-45 yards with a TD rushing. Jamison Crowder went 2-87 yards and a TD.

MY TAKE: What an odd game. The Giants had nothing to play for. The Skins had EVERYTHING to play for. How they lost is one thing. But to get completely embarrassed makes no sense. They were down 40-0 for Christ’s sakes. Talk about not showing up. It makes no sense to me, honestly. I just don’t see how a team that practiced all week and needed this game so badly for a division and playoff shot would play so poorly. Makes no sense.



CHARGERS 26 – Bengals 21*** (Chargers -16.5…o/u 48.5 UNDER) The Chargers scored first. The Bengals kicked a FG as well in the first. Each team scored a TD and kicked a FG in the second quarter, but the Bengals missed on a 2 pt conversion. It was 17-12 Chargers at the half. The Chargers kicked a FG in the third quarter, the only score in the third. The fourth saw the teams trade FGs to start. The Bengals scored a late TD that was too late. The Chargers added a FG to their lead to end the game. This game was so even, it is amazing. Both teams had zero fumbles and INTs. Total yards were 295 for Cincy and 288 for the Chargers. 19-17 Bengals in first downs. Both were 5-13 on third downs. Each team had 6 penalties as well.

Jeff Driskel went 18-27 yards for 170 yards with 1 TD. Joe Mixon went 26-111 yards with a TD rushing. Tyler Boyd went 3-52 yards. Philip Rivers went 19-29 for 220 yards and a TD. Austin Ekeler went 15-66 yards with a TD rushing. Keenan Allen went 5-78 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: This game was closer than it should have been. The Chargers are just too good. But a win is a win and they are still the top team in the Wild Card and still have pressure on Kansas City. What a season for the Chargers. The Bengals, well there is nothing to say. The Chargers are a little beat up, so this is impressive.



49ERS 20*** – Broncos 14 (Broncos -3…o/u 45.5 UNDER) San Fran kicked a FG to score in the first quarter. They added a FG in the second added by two TD passes. They were up 20-0 at the half and looking good. Denver scored a TD in the third quarter and the fourth quarter, but Frisco held on to the game. Too little too late for Denver. Denver actually went 5-7 on third downs. Each team had 11 penalties in the game. There were an amazing 7 fumbles in the game (4 by Denver and 3 by Frisco). Neither team turned any fumble over.

Case Keenum went 24-42 for 186 yards with a TD. Phillip Lindsay went 14-30 yards with a rushing TD. Nick Mullens went 20-33 for 332 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Jeff Wilson Jr. went 23-90 yards. Greg Kittle went 7-210 yards with a TD. Dante Pettis went 3-49 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: Sad game for Denver who desperately needed this game. No excuse here to lose this game. Again, playing a team that not only is no that good but with a rookie QB and didn’t even need the game. Denver can basically say that they are eliminated after this game. Hats off to Nick Mullens who has made himself a nice resume to possibly wind up on another team as a starter.



CARDINALS 3 – Lions 17*** (Lions -2.5…o/u 40.5 UNDER) The only score in the first half was a FG by the Lions. They led 3-0 at the half. They added a pick-six TD in the third quarter. The Cards managed only one FG in the game in the fourth quarter. The Lions tacked on a late TD to ice the game. Detroit had 122 rushing yards to the Cards 61. Each team fumbled twice. The Lions lost one of them.

Matt Stafford went 15-23 for 101 yards. Zach Zenner went 12-54 yards and a TD. Josh Rosen went 26-41 for 240 yards. David Johnson went 15-49 yards. Larry Fitzgerald went 5-55 yards.

MY TAKE: Nothing to really say here. Both teams are terrible and have nothing to play for. A terrible game as well. Period, end.



COWBOYS 29*** – Eagles 23 (Cowboys -3.5…o/u 45.5 OVER) The game started with Dallas FGs only. Three of them. One in the first, one in the second and one in the third. The Eagles finally scored in the third. The action was all in the fourth quarter. The Eagles started it with a FG. The teams then traded TDs as Dallas scored, the Eagles scored at the 3:12 mark. Then Dallas scored on a big TD right away as the Eagles matched that to tie the game. In OT the Cowboys won the game with a TD. Dallas had 32 first downs to the Eagles 16. Dallas went 9-18 on third downs while the Eagles went 1-9. Dallas outrushed Philly 142 yards to 34. They outpassed Philly 434 yards to 256. Dallas had 576 total yards. Dallas had 11 penalties.

Carson Wentz went 22-32 for 228 yards with 3 TDs. Alshon Jeffery, Darren Sproles, and Dallas Goedert had TD catches. Dak Prescott went 42-54 for 455 yards with 3 TDs and 2 INTs. Ezekiel Elliott went 28-113 yards and added 12-79 yards receiving. Amari Cooper went 10-217 yards and 3 TDs.

MY TAKE: Dallas played a hell of a game. They needed to hold off Philly for the division and they did just that. It was a fun game and very entertaining, but that isn’t enough for Philly. The Philly defense really let them down as they let Dak Prescott go nuts and throw for an amount he had no business throwing for.



RAIDERS 24*** – Steelers 21 (Steelers -10…o/u 51 UNDER) Oakland scored first right away in the first quarter. The Steelers answered in the second. Oakland kicked a FG, and the Steelers added a TD to end the third. The fourth quarter saw Oakland score to take the lead. The Steelers scored at the 3-minute mark to take the lead back. But the Steelers folded and Oakland scored the game-winning TD with :21 seconds left. The stats in this game were very even and close. 24-20 first downs favoring Pitt. 55 rushing yards to 40 in favor of Oakland. 300 to 299 passing yards in favor of Pitt. The Steelers had four sacks. The Raiders had 13 penalties in the game.

Ben Roethlisberger went 25-29 for 282 yards and 2 TDs. Juju Smith-Schuster went 8-130 yards with 2 TDs. Derek Carr went 25-34 for 322 yards with 2 TDs. Doug Martin went 16-32 yards with a TD. Jared Cook went 7-116 yards.

MY TAKE: The worst loss of the week and there were a few. Pitt needed this game so badly. The loss makes for three losses in a row, and they have to play New England and New Orleans next. Not good for a playoff run that is slipping away to Baltimore. Give Oakland credit as they had nothing to play for. They only had three wins and amazingly, this was one of them. Really bad sign for Pittsburgh. If they miss out, this will be the game that they can hang their head on.



BEARS 15*** – Rams 6 (Rams -3…o/u 51 UNDER) Each team kicked a short FG in the first. Each team kicked a FG in the second quarter. The Bears got a safety and a TD in the third quarter. Nobody scored in the fourth. The Bears went 7-16 on third downs. The Bears outrushed the Rams 194-52 yards. The Bears had three sacks. The teams had 7 INTs in the game (4 INTs for the Rams and 3 for the Bears). The Rams had 9 penalties.

Jared Goff went 20-44 for 180 yards and a whopping 4 INTs. Todd Gurley went 11-28 yards and added 30 yards receiving. Robert Woods went 7-61 yards. Mitch Trubisky went 16-30 for 110 yards with a TD and 3 INTs. Jordan Howard went 19-101 yards.

MY TAKE: This was actually an exciting game even though it was all defense. The Bears may have shown that they just have a better D than the Rams do. Goff threw FOUR INTs and that isn’t good. Todd Gurley is a little banged up and it showed here. The Rams and Bears might very well meet again in the playoffs. We will see. But we can hope so as these two teams are tough and deserve to be there. Let’s just hope for a little more offense if they do.



SEAHAWKS 21*** – Vikings 7 (Seahawks -3…o/u 45.5 UNDER) Neither team scored in the first quarter. Seattle scored a FG and the game was 3-0 at the half. Neither team scored in the third quarter. Seattle put the game away in the fourth. They kicked a FG to start. They then added a rushing TD and a defensive fumble return TD. The Vikings added a junk TD at the 1:10 mark of the fourth. Seattle outrushed Minny 214 yards to 77. Minny outpassed Seattle 199-60 yards. Each team had two sacks. Each team had four penalties. 

Kirk Cousins went 20-33 for 208 yards with a TD. Dalvin Cook went 13-55 yards rushing. He added 5-28 yards receiving with a TD. Stefon Diggs went 4-76 yards and Adam Thielen went 5-70 yards.

MY TAKE: The Vikings are also slipping. They had a legit shot at the division and now can only hope for a Wild Card slot. The problem is, is that Seattle is fighting for that as well. The loss isn’t quite so surprising, but what is surprising is that they could only muster 7 points. Seattle keeps running all over teams better than anyone else in the league at doing so. They have a great shot at holding the Wild Card now with this win.



ATS 7-9…..Over/Under 7-9

YTD ATS 92-109-7…..Over/Under 100-107-1