Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


CHIEFS 28 – Chargers 29*** (Chiefs -3.5..o/u 54.5 OVER) The Chiefs jumped out real quick in this one. Two Pat Mahomes TD passes and it was 14-0. The Chargers did make it a 14-7 game at the half. Each team traded rushing TDs in the third. The Chiefs opened a bigger lead scoring first in the fourth quarter. But the Chargers stole the game and won on a TD at the :04 mark. The Chargers had thirty first downs. Both teams went 6-10 on third downs. The Chargers put up 400+ yards total. The Chiefs had five sacks. Each team fumbled twice but no turnovers. There were 17 penalties in the game. Seven for the Chargers and ten for the Chiefs.

Philip Rivers went 26-38 for 313 yards with 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Mike Williams went 7-76 yards with 2 TDs. Pat Mahomes went 24-34 for 243 yards with 2 TDs. Damien Williams went 10-49 yards with 2 TDs. He also added 74 yards in receiving.

MY TAKE: What a battle. Two playoff teams taking the game down to the wire. These teams may meet again and we should hope so. This truly was anybody’s game. Somebody had to win, and it was by one point. Pat Mahomes has had better days. It is amazing how close the Chiefs were in the game even though he played so mediocre. Don’t take too much from this game other than that these two teams are damn good. LA will be even better getting Melvin Gordon back, who didn’t play in this game.



JETS 22 – Texans 29  PUSH (Texans -7…o/u 44 OVER) The teams traded FGs in the first quarter. The Texans added two more FGs and a TD while the Jets scored as well but missed the PAT. It was 16-9 Texans at the half. The Jets closed the gap by scoring the only TD in the third, but missed the PAT again and was down a point. But the Texans were too much as they kicked another FG. They did let the Jets score at the five-minute mark, but the Texans scored a TD and FG to ice the game. The Texans went a terrible 1-9 on third down while the Jets went 9-17. The Jets outsacked the Texans six to three. The Jets had nine penalties.

Deshaun Watson went 22-28 for 294 yards with 2 TDs. Lamar Miller went only 3-8 yards. DeAndre Hopkins went 10-170 yards with 2 TDs. Sam Darnold went 24-38 for 253 yards and 2 TDs. Robby Anderson went 7-96 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: Give it to Houston. Coming off of a loss after a long 9-game win streak, they almost let this game slip. But it was an impressive bounce-back win on the road. They actually blew the lead early in the fourth but scored on the next drive to take the lead back. Too bad for the Jets. A lost season, a soon to be fired coach, and a lack of offensive talent. Houston is playoff bound. This win was big in holding on to the division as the Colts are hot on the trail.



BRONCOS 16 – Browns 17*** (Broncos -1.5…o/u 47.5 UNDER) The Browns scored first, but the Broncos matched with a TD and it was 7-7 in the first. Then in the second, Denver kicked a FG as the Browns kicked one as well. The game was now a 10-10 tie at the half. The Broncos added a FG in the third to take the lead. But in the fourth quarter, the Browns scored a TD to take the lead back. The Broncos added a FG after but it was not enough as the Browns pulled the game out. Very even game statistically. One difference was the 134-32 rushing yards in favor of Cleveland. Each team had two sacks. Denver had eight penalties and Cleveland had six.

Baker Mayfield went 18-31 for 188 yards for 2 TDs and an INT. Nick Chubb went 20-100 yards. Case Keenum went 31-48 for 257 yards with 2 INTs. He also added a rushing TD.

MY TAKE: Cleveland is hot! With this win, they have won four of their last five. Denver dropped a home game that they really needed to have a playoff shot. Close game, but Cleveland eeked it out. They should be proud of how they have been playing. Baker Mayfield is the real deal. Nick Chubb is the real deal. This game snapped an 11-game losing streak versus Denver. This win also keeps Cleveland’s very slim playoff chances alive as Pittsburgh slides.



FALCONS 40*** – Cardinals 14 (Falcons -9…o/u 43.5 OVER) Close game in the first quarter. Arizona scored a TD first. The Falcons answered with a pick-six and a very close FG. Atlanta took the game in the second quarter scoring a TD right away, then added a FG and added a TD to close out the half. The score was 26-7 Atlanta. The Falcons scored the only TD in the third quarter to expand the lead. In the fourth, they scored first again and this was a BLOWOUT. The Cardinals added a junk TD at the end of the game. Atlanta outrushed the Cards 215 to 60 yards. Atlanta had over 400 yards of total offense. Atlanta also had seven sacks. There were fourteen penalties in the game, eight by the Cards and six by Atlanta.

Josh Rosen went 13-22 for 132 yards with 2 INTS. Mike Glennon came in and went 10-14 for 111 yards with a TD. David Johnson went 11-33 yards rushing with a TD and added 68 yards receiving. Larry Fitzgerald went 7-82 yards. Matt Ryan went 22-36 for 231 yards with 2 TDs. Tevin Coleman went 11-145 yards with a TD. Julio Jones went 6-82 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: A total blowout. Arguably the NFL’s worst team (Arizona) looked just that. They played arguably the NFL’s most disappointing team in Atlanta (You’re welcome Green Bay and Jacksonville), and that disappointing team showed some life here. Where was this all season? The win snapped a 5-game losing streak. The defense showed up along with the offense. Having seven sacks and three turnovers help. Pretty much a meaningless game as far as playoffs go. It does help Arizona stay close to, or obtain the number one pick overall in the NFL draft.



RAVENS 20 – Bucs 12*** (Ravens -9…o/u 45 UNDER) Scoreless first quarter in a low scoring defensive game. Tampa scored first in the second quarter but missed the 2pt conversion. The Ravens scored next to take the lead. The teams then traded FGs to end the half, and the Ravens were up 10-9 on the missed 2pt. The Ravens added to their lead with a TD early in the third. Tampa could only answer back with a FG in the third. The only other score was a Baltimore FG early in the fourth. Baltimore had 24 first downs to Tampa’s twelve. Baltimore went 9-16 on third downs. Baltimore had a whopping 242 rushing yards. The Ravens had two fumbles and lost both of them. They had a 37 minute to 23 minute lead in time of possession.

Jameis Winston went 13-25 for 157 yards with an INT. Peyton Barber went 19-85 yards with a TD. Mike Evans went 4-121 yards. Lamar Jackson went 14-23 for 131 yards with a TD passing. He also added 18 carries for 95 yards. Gus Edwards went 19-104 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: This was a close game that was heavy on defense. It was a nice bounce-back win for the Ravens after dropping a close one to the Chiefs. Lamar Jackson continues to get it done. He runs….a lot. And it is working! Jackson is 4-1 since he replaced an injured Joe Flacco. With this game, the Ravens are the first team since 1976 to rush for 190 yards in 5 straight games. Baltimore continues to threaten the Steelers for the AFC North. Watch out, they might take it over if Pitt doesn’t get things straight.



BILLS 14 – Lions 13*** (Bills -2.5…o/u 39.5 UNDER) Another defensive game with no scoring in the first. Detroit took the lead first with a TD early in the second. They failed on the 2pt attempt. Buffalo took the lead when they scored a TD halfway through the second. The Lions added a TD to take a 13-7 lead at the half. Neither team scored in the third quarter. The Bills scored a TD in the fourth to take the lead and that was that. Very even stats in the game. The total yards were 313 for Detroit and 312 for Buffalo. The Bills had 20 first downs. Not much else stat wise that stood out.

Matt Stafford went 22-29 for 208 yards with a TD. Zach Zenner went 10-45 yards with a TD. Kenny Golladay went 7-146 yards. Josh Allen went 13-26 for 204 yards with a TD. He also added a rushing TD. Robert Foster went 4-108 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: Who actually went to watch this game? I mean seriously? Buffalo looked so bad early in the year, but have become a bit more feisty. Detroit is just total garbage. No talent at all. Poor Matt Stafford. I wonder what will happen with him. What does Detroit even do to get better next year? Who really knows? As for Buffalo, Josh Allen has begun to come around. He runs the ball very well and that has become a pleasant surprise. Buffalo will turn a corner. But that will be next year. Good to win close games. It builds character. 



BEARS 24*** – Packers 17 (Bears -5.5…o/u 46.5 UNDER) The Bears closed out the first quarter with a TD to take a 7-0 lead. In the second, Green Bay kicked a FG but the Bears added another TD and it was 14-3 at the half. Green Bay fought back and tied the game in the third with a FG and a TD with a 2pt conversion. But the Bears took the game in the fourth with a TD and a FG. Green Bay added a junk FG with ten seconds left, but it meant nothing. The game was very very even statistically. The Bears had five sacks. They did have three fumbles and lost one.

Aaron Rodgers went 25-42 for 274 yards with an INT. Jamaal Williams went 12-55 yards with a TD. Davante Adams went 8-119 yards. Mitch Trubisky went 20-28 for 235 yards with 2 TDs. Jordan Howard went 19-60 yards with a TD rushing. Trey Burton and Tarik Cohen had receiving TDs.

MY TAKE: The better team won the game. What a sad year for Green Bay. Even firing Mike McCarthy isn’t going to solve everything for this team. The Bears march right into the playoffs. This game shows that they belong there and it will be interesting to see how far they can actually go. I feel like outside of Chicago, the Bears don’t have too many believers.



BENGALS 30*** – Raiders 16 (Bengals -3…o/u 45.5 OVER) The Bengals jumped out with a TD late in the first quarter. They really opened up a lead in the second with another TD and FG before Oakland scored a TD. The Bengals added a FG before the half to take a 20-7 lead. Oakland kicked two FGs in the third to cut into the lead. The blowout occurred in the fourth with the Bengals kicking another FG while the Raiders matched it. Cincy added a TD to put a nail in it. Cincy went 8-19 on third downs. They outrushed the Raiders 171 yards to 68. The Raiders outpassed the Bengals 229 yards to 123 yards. The Bengals had five sacks. There were 17 penalties in the game (eight by the Raiders and nine by the Bengals). The Raiders had two fumbles and lost both.

Derek Carr went 21-38 yards for 263 yards with a TD. Jordy Nelson went 6-88 yards. Jeff Driskel went 14-33 for 130 yards with a TD and INT. Joe Mixon went 27-129 yards with 2 TDs. Tyler Boyd went 4-38 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: Meaningless game. Who really even cares what happened. I will say that Joe Mixon has turned out to be a real bright spot for the Bengals who basically screwed over Gio Bernard and cut Jeremy Hill.



COLTS 23*** – Cowboys 0 (Colts -3…o/u 47 UNDER) A total blank out by the Colts. The Colts scored a TD in the first on a run. They kicked a FG to end the half and go up 10-0. In the third, the Colts got another rushing TD in the third. They also added another FG. It was 20-0 at that point. They tacked on a FG in the fourth to end the game with a 23-0 shutout. The Colts went 8-12 on third downs. Dallas went 1-5 on fourth downs. The Colts had three sacks. The Cowboys had nine penalties. The Colts had two fumbles and turned one over.

Dak Prescott went 24-39 for 206 yards with an INT. Ezekiel Elliott went 18-87 yards. He added 41 yards receiving. Andrew Luck went 16-27 for 192 yards. Maron Mack went 27-139 yards with 2 TDs. TY Hilton went 5-85 yards.

MY TAKE: One of those NFL head scratchers I speak of. Both teams needed the game. Only one team showed up. What can you say? The Colts are hot and pushing hard to get into those playoffs. Dallas is more than likely going to win the division even with this loss. But there is nothing to be happy about when you lose games like this.



JAGS 13 – Redskins 16*** (Jags -7.5…o/u 36.5 UNDER) The Redskins scored a FG first late in the first quarter. The Jags answered back with a late FG and then tacked on a later TD to end the half up 10-3. The Redskins scored the only points in the third, with a FG halfway through the third quarter. The Jags kicked a FG early in the fourth, but the Skins scored a TD to tie the game at the 5:47 mark and then kicked a FG to win the game as time expired. The Skins went 7-15 on third downs. The teams both had lousy passing with the Skins having 136 passing yards to the Jags 20! The Skins had six sacks in the game.

Josh Johnson went 16-25 yards for 151 yards with a TD. He also had 49 yards rushing. Adrian Peterson went 19-51 yards rushing. Cody Kessler had a horrible 9-17 for 57 yards with an INT. He actually had more yards rushing (68) than passing. Leonard Fournette went 11-46 yards.

MY TAKE: Meaningless game. Disappointing teams. At least the Redskins can blame the massive amount of injuries that they suffered this season for why they are so bad. There really is not much to dissect here. We know the Jags suck. Another loss at home. Great job guys! Way to quit!



VIKINGS 41*** – Dolphins 17 (Vikings -7.5…o/u 45 OVER) The game was over after the first quarter. The Vikings scored three TDs right off the bat. All scored by different players. The Fins fought back in the second quarter with a pick-six and a FG to at least make it 21-10 at the half. The Fins then got a big TD run on the first play of the third quarter. But that was all! The Vikings then stepped on their neck and scored a FG in the third and a FG and two TDs in the fourth. The Vikings had ten more first downs. They outpassed the Fins 198 yards to 37 yards. The Vikings had 400+ yards of total offense. The Vikings had nine sacks.

Ryan Tannehill went 11-24 for 108 yards. Kalen Ballage went 12-123 yards with a TD. Kirk Cousins went 14-21 for 215 yards with 2 TDs and an INT. Dalvin Cook went 19-136 yards with 2 TDs. Latavius Murray went 15-68 yards with a TD. Stefon Diggs and Aldrick Robinson had TD receptions.

MY TAKE: The Fins actually had an outside shot at a Wild Card slot. Not after this game. What a joke. What a way to not show up for the game. The Vikings needed this game just as bad to hold on to their Wild Card chances. They did everything they needed to. Keep an eye on them to see if they can actually hold on. It might come down to the final week.



GIANTS 0 – Titans 17*** (Titans -2.5…o/u 42 UNDER) Another game with very little action. The Titans scored first with a rushing TD late in the first quarter. Neither team scored in the second. Derrick Henry added his second 1 yard TD in the third. The Titans added a FG in the fourth and that was all the scoring. The Titans outrushed the Giants 215 yards to 47 yards. The Giants had ten penalties in the game. The Giants had the only fumble and turned it over.

Marcus Mariota went 12-20 for 88 yards. Derrick Henry went 33-170 yards and 2 TDs. Eli Manning went 21-44 for 229 yards with an INT. Saquon Barkley went 14-31 yards rushing.

MY TAKE: The Giants were looking a little better before this game. But they no-showed here. Tennessee is impossible to figure out. They did need this game for a playoff shot. They ran the ball and played defense. A good formula to win games. It may not be enough though. It is funny that the Titans discovered that they had Derrick Henry so late in the season. Maybe if they used him more, they would have had a couple more wins.



49ERS 26*** – Seahawks 23 (Seahawks -3.5…o/u 44.5 OVER) Seattle scored first but missed the PAT. San Fran scored on the kick off right after the Seattle TD. San Fran then scored another TD in the second quarter as Seattle then matched them. The Niners kicked a FG late in the second and it was 17-13 San Fran at the half. San Fran had the only score in the third quarter with a FG. Seattle scored in the fourth as soon as it began to climb closer. The teams traded FG’s in the fourth and it was a tie game at the end. San Fran won the game with a FG in OT. Seattle went 9-19 on third downs. Each team had three sacks. Seattle had fourteen penalties. 

Russell Wilson went 23-31 for 237 yards with 2 TDs. Chris Carson went 22-119 yards with a TD. Doug Baldwin went 4-77 yards with 2 TDs. Nick Mullens went 20-29 for 275 yards with a TD. Garrett Celek went 2-61 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: Man, Seattle really needed this game. Not sure how they lost this one. They can still make the Wild Card game as they have been hot, but this was a loss that they should not have taken. Give San Fran and Mullens credit. They could easily lay down and not care and get a better draft pick, but they didn’t do that. Tough win and good for them.


STEELERS 17*** – Patriots 10 (Patriots -2.5…o/u 55 UNDER) Both teams started the game with TDs in the first quarter. Pitt scored first and New England scored on the very next drive. It was tied 7-7 in the first. Pitt scored the only TD in the second quarter. They led 14-7 at the half. The Pats kicked a FG very late in the third quarter to cut into the lead. Neither team scored in the fourth until Pitt kicked a late FG to ice the game. Pitt had 24 first downs. They went 4-9 on third downs. The Pats had a very surprising fourteen penalties in the game.

Tom Brady went 25-36 for 279 yards with a TD and INT. Julian Edelman went 7-90 yards. Chris Hogan went 2-68 yards with a TD. Ben Roethlisberger went 22-34 for 235 yards with 2 TDs and 2 INTs. Jaylen Samuels went 19-142 yards rushing. Antonio Brown went 4-49 yards with a TD.

MY TAKE: What a huge game on paper. New England fighting for a bye week in the playoffs and Pitt just hoping to stay alive. After losing to Oakland this was a must-must win game for Pitt. Somehow they got the win. Go figure. It does keep the Steelers alive for the moment. Hard to say what happens for sure as they have a couple more games to go.


RAMS 23 – Eagles 30*** (Rams -13.5…o/u 53 PUSH) The Eagles scored a FG first to break into the scoring column. The Rams scored a TD near the end of the first quarter. The teams then traded FGs in the second quarter. The Eagles added a late TD hoping to close out the half. The Rams were able to drive down and get a late FG as time expired to tie the game 13-13. Philly blew the game wide open in the third with two Wendell Smallwood rushing TDs and a FG kicked in between. The game was basically over at that point. The Rams did fight back in the fourth with a FG and a TD, but it just wasn’t enough. The teams combined for almost 800 yards of offense. The Eagles had two sacks while the tough Rams defense had zero. The Rams had three fumbles and turned two of them over.

Nick Foles went 24-31 for 270 yards with an INT. Wendell Smallwood went 10-48 yards with 2 TDs. Josh Adams went 15-28 yards with a TD. Alshon Jeffery went 8-160 yards. Jared Goff went 35-53 for 339 yards with an INT. Todd Gurley went 12-48 yards with 2 TDs rushing. He also went 10-76 yards receiving.

MY TAKE: Great game. Maybe the best of the week. The Rams are showing some chinks in the armor, but they are still tough. The Eagles needed this game badly to have a Wild Card shot and keep the pressure on Minnesota. They did just that against a team that most people felt they would have lost to. This was all done under Nick Foles and we might be seeing the beginning of a storybook situation as we saw for Philly last year. Stay tuned.


PANTHERS 9*** – Saints 12 (Saints -6…o/u 50.5 UNDER) Most of the scoring in this game occurred in the first in what was a very low scoring game. The Panthers scored a TD to take a lead midway in the first. The Saints kicked a FG and it was 7-3 after the first quarter. The Saints added a FG in the second quarter to close the game to 7-6 Panthers. The Saints won the game in the fourth on an early rushing TD, but the Panthers were able to get a turnover on the PAT and run it back for two points. It wasn’t enough. Game over Saints. The Saints had 21 first downs. The Panthers went 7-15 on third downs. The Saints had four sacks. The Saints had nine penalties. Each team had a fumble and turned it over. 

Drew Brees went 23-35 for 203 yards and an INT. Alvin Kamara went 14-67 yards and a rushing TD. He also had 36 receiving yards. Mark Ingram went 12-63 yards. Cam Newton went 16-29 for 131 yards and an INT. Christian McCaffrey went 15-53 yards rushing and also went 8-67 yards receiving.

MY TAKE: The Panthers had a huge collapse and this game continued it. Amazingly enough, this game went exactly how they would have wanted it and they still weren’t able to land the win. When you hold the Saints to under 14 points and still lose, man you messed up. Makes sense though. As for the Saints, another win in a great season. You can’t score 40+ in every game. Winning games like this is a big deal.



ATS 6-9-1…..Over/Under 6-9-1

YTD ATS 98-118-8…..Over/Under 106-116-2