Being filled with never ending ideas can be a blessing. Unless, you are never willing to seize the opportunity to begin the movement on your own. Starting a new lifestyle and career is a risk, but believing in yourself can outweigh the negatives. Josh Leidolf aka The Money Artist TRANSPARENT signing TRAN$PARENT, has nothing more than a positive and creative mind and soul that was meant to one day change the world.

He would never deny anyone of their ideas and always has one to share from himself. He’s spent most of his career being a business man, but from the day I met him I knew he had an artist’s mind. Since before he took on creating his own art pieces, he has helped developed businesses using his creative skills including helping over 19,000 affected victims during the BP oil spill in just 18 short months as the National Director of Sales for the Oil Claim Calculator and many more. With his full and positive heart he has been able to create long lasting influential friendships, constant creative ideas with everything he is involved with and gaining the nickname Captain Idea. Always sharing his ideas with close friends in hopes to help them out, Josh has finally taken one of his creative ideas into his own hands and has turned it into a one of his biggest ideas yet: Transparent Money Art.

To begin, he has always had a special interest with studying money from not only the USA but all around the world. Influenced by his father, a collector himself, passing down all knowledge he could to Josh. One day in his home he decided he wanted to try and find all the security markers in the new $100 so he held it up to the light and was immediately impressed by all the art and colors involved. He asked his friend if he could hold it up so he could take a photo of it and began taking a deeper look at its characteristics on his phone. From there he began his new artistic career as TRANSPARENT which has now lead him to the biggest journey of his life.

Just one month after coming up with the idea he was able to raise $3,200 off one piece of art for the Special Olympics. 4 days after that raising another $3,300 for the Alzheimer’s Foundation. Then 2 weeks after that raising $3,600 on another piece of art for the Autism and Pancreatic Cancer Foundations at the brand new and freshly renovated Mercedes Benz AMG Supercenter in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Even though it is all money, his art isn’t meant to be ostentatious. Instead he takes the true beauty of the money and enhances it in all ways he can think of. Recreating, manipulating and doing as much as he can using digital pop and mixed media, he has created something more than just money art. He is creating energetic and powerful pieces of art that can suit any lifestyle. Using museum grade materials that are said to last forever, he wants to ensure that his buyers are more than satisfied with his artwork.

TRANSPARENT has given himself the chance to open up and begin a new career in a field that he has had a deep passion for for decades. It’s only just the beginning for him as he plans on impacting and making a difference in the world with his art.

With numerous events coming up in New York City, South Florida’s Biggest Yacht Shows and multiple installations at Art Basel in Miami TRANSPARENT’s art is sure to escalate in value as TRUE investment art!

Own a piece of TRANSPARENT’s beautiful fine money art displayed in your home, office, or yacht today or give one as a gift.

For more information you can visit his website at or call 855-624-5888.

Thank you and enjoy your new exquisite money art,

Domenica Rossi