Meet Attorney Morgan Jaye McGrath. McGrath is an experienced wrongful death & personal injury attorney based out of beautiful South Florida in the West Palm Beach area. However, the Berman Law Group, that she is an operating partner at, accepts wrongful death and personal injury cases from all over the country.

Many know that there is nothing more serious than a wrongful death case in the legal field. Attorney McGrath makes sure that her team her and her team aggressively pursue your case, honor the life of the deceased, and provide you with an essential legal resource during those trying times.

Attorney Mcgrath can consult at your location if that is easier and more comfortable, or her team can secure a safe and comfortable ride to her office. McGrath and the Berman Law Group pride themselves on aggressive yet compassionate legal representation for all families that are dealing with the grief of a wrongful death legal issue. They don’t stop until your case has exhausted every possible effort.

While wrongful death cases are very serious as a life has been lost, another very serious legal situation is that of personal injury. When people have personal injury claims, one thing is for certain, they are in pain and it probably wasn’t their fault.  If you have been involved in a car accident, slip and fall, or hurt at work, Attorney McGrath can help represent you and get the results you are looking for. McGrath’s law firm can help protect your rights and make sure you receive the aggressive legal representation that your case deserves.

Attorney Morgan Jaye McGrath operates in many fields of law, although she specializes in wrongful death and personal injury. However, there are other fields that McGrath, as well as Berman Law Group, are familiar with like criminal law and wills & trusts. If you are even thinking of hiring an attorney, remember that this is a very important decision and that Attorney McGrath is here to consult with you and take on your case.

So remember, if you are looking for a personal injury or wrongful death attorney that also specializes in criminal law as well as wills & trusts, that covers the all the cities from West Palm Beach, Delray & Deerfield Beaches, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Parkland, Coral Springs, and all the cities in the the Tri-County area (Palm Beach, Broward & Dade counties), you want to give Attorney Morgan McGrath a call at 786.303.5825 to take a look at your potential case.