Josh Leidolf aka TRAN$PARENT is quickly becoming one of the biggest money artists on the planet! In a very short amount of time he has been able to do some unbelievable things as a fine money artist. Last weekend’s live auction in Manhattan was a testament to his huge success so far for not only himself, but also for the charities he represented at October Ball.

The October Ball gala has attracted thousands of young professionals in Manhattan’s international social scene over the past 21 years as the premier event empowering New York’s youth through mentorship programs. Over the years they have raised over 2.1 Million and positively impacted the lives of thousands of children and families across the 5 boroughs and TRAN$PARENT was thrilled and honored to be the only artist chosen this year to raise money for this noble cause to help people in need.

All of his art is transparent, depicting the back of the bill, the front of the bill and the middle of the bill including the security features. No other Money Artist on the planet is doing that and then he uses only the highest museum quality materials on Earth. Fine archival metallic paper press mounted on premium acrylic and aircraft aluminum with hanging brackets. It’s called a gallery contemporary and they are unbelievable in person under the proper lighting. Even the MOMA and TATE would be proud to house a few of TRAN$PARENT’s beautiful larger than life pieces! I sincerely hope that you can see one for yourself one day. Their metallic sheen and larger than life demeanor give you a sense of power like no other art can.

When I asked him about his message to his viewers and fans he simply stated to me, “Never let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Being in the business world for the past 15 years I have a lot of creative energy built up that I had to release. This is my way of doing that. My art is Transparent, my artist’s name is TRAN$PARENT and my message to my fans is all is about being Transparent. I wish the governments who produced this currency we spend was as transparent with us as we are with them, but in a deeper more personal meaning, be transparent with your loved ones, with your business associates, but most importantly be transparent with yourself. Feed yourself the right message everyday that yes you can do anything that you put your mind to. In less than a few short months from inception of this idea my pieces are already selling for over $5K regularly. Tell me that’s not grounds for motivation to better your life and the life of those around you!”

From billionaires to NFL athletes everyone seems to be jumping on the TRAN$PARENT TRAIN! Fortune truly does favor the bold I suppose. He appears to be writing the story all himself and in a way that allows him to help those in need most. Truly inspiring, motivating and uplifting all together!

His images and materials appear to be something completely new and absolutely all together revolutionary as well as on a level all their own. Although most of his museum quality archival limited edition metallic prints are already bringing in $5,000-$10,000/piece, he is prepping his paint brush and his mixed media imagination for original pieces on canvas being showcased at Art Basel at various locations all over Miami, Wynwood and the Design District.

This weekend at the Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show TRAN$PARENT’s work is being showcased at several locations as well. Inside the Technology and Avionics tent, at the Peace and Plenty booth and one piece is even going for auction at the most exclusive Yacht Show party of the year, the Boys N’ Toys private yacht hop. The event is graciously presented by Greenberg Traurig and hosted by Northrop & Johnson this Saturday, November 3rd. Silent and live auction, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and access aboard the most exclusive yachts during the height of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. This Saturday evening will also feature a meet and greet with celebrity guest, Captain Lee Rosbach from Bravo’s Below Deck. TRAN$PARENT is very excited about this opportunity as well!

TRAN$PARENT has a remarkable story and resume and he is only getting started! Keep an eye out for this talented artist who is already shaking things up in the art world like never before and raising tens of thousands of dollars in the process. From exclusive live auctions events at the Big Bad BBQ for The Special Olympics, to Hard Rock owner Chris Osceola buying and showcasing his pieces, to live auctions in Manhattan for the helpless, events in MASS District for Alzheimer’s, the brand new Mercedes Bens AMG Supercenter for Pancreatic Cancer and Autism, FLIBS, Dan Marino Foundation and Yacht Rendezvous on Fisher Island coming up, it appears there is nothing that this aspiring artist can’t do! Stay tuned for more updates as his career and his art progresses!

For more information on his work please email, checkout or call 855-624-5888 to inquire about prices or special commission pieces. You can also see his incredible works of art displayed at The New Auto Toy Store on I-95 in Pompano Beach and The North Beach Art Gallery near A1A and Oakland Park.

Enjoy his breathtaking and groundbreaking art,

Domenica Rossi

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