The pedophile stories never stop, do they? This time we have the owner of a martial arts studio in Davie, Florida. And he is accused of inappropriate behavior around several minors. Three to be exact. And there are fears that there might be more.

Jui Jitsu instructor and the school’s owner, 34-year-old Joao Da Silva has been accused of sexually molesting three teenage girls. The girl’s ages range from 13 to 17 years old. Two of them took place at his Raiva Brazilian Jujitsu Center on West State Road 84 in Davie.



Davie police detective Vivian Gallinal stated, “Two of the victims allege that he inappropriately touched their breasts, under their bra.”

In the most obvious statement of the year news, officers said the molestations had nothing to do with learning martial arts.

“It was not accidental or during the course of the instruction,” Gallinal said.

Victim one told police that the assault was so physically painful, it left her hurting for hours. That victim, 15-years-old, said that her molestations began two weeks ago. The 13-year-old said that Da Silva had been assaulting her three times a week since she was 10-years-old. One victim has alleged that it’s been happening throughout the three years that she’s been attending the martial arts school.

With Da Silva now accused of sexually assaulting two girls in Davie, and a third in Hollywood, where Hollywood Police charged Da Silva, saying that he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old student of his after he told her he would show her how to be with a man. Police said the incident happened when Da Silva went to the beach with a group of students. All of this has got people wondering just how many more?


“We don’t know if there are more victims, but we are asking if there are more victims to please come forward,” detective Gallinal said.

Parents of any children who attended Da Silva’s martial arts school are urged to ask their kids if there was any inappropriate behavior that they may have encountered with Da Silva.

Jail records show deputies had booked Da Silva into the Broward County jail on a total of 4 charges. One count of sexual assault and three counts of lewd and lascivious molestation. He was denied bond on one charge, but got bond set at $75,000 on his other three charges.

As the accusations swirled around Da Silva, several people who know him (or rather worked by him) questioned the truth of the allegations.

“When I hear something like this, this is shocking to me,” said Pierre Kattan, who owns a chandelier business next to the jujitsu center. “I really don’t believe this. It has to be a mistake.”

“I’ve noticed very, very much, especially because in jujitsu you very close contact with female, girls or boys, he keeps distance,” he said. “That’s his policy.”

Kattan said his sons attend classes at the studio and he’s never seen anything but the utmost professionalism and discretion from Da Silva.