KushBot logoThe medical/recreational marijuana industry is booming as you may know. If you didn’t know this, you are probably really really stoned. For those of us that are staying up with current events, they are aware of this fact. And while that is really good news for those businesses in the medical and recreational pot game, there seems to be one major problem. That is social media marketing this type of product, at a time when the main social media channels are making things quite difficult for dispensaries and vendors. This is where we come in. This is where KushBot takes over. The game will never be the same.


Introducing KushBot! The revolution in cannabis-based social media marketing! Before KushBot there was nowhere to advertise for medical marijuana businesses without worry!


If you are a part of this lucrative industry, and obviously tried advertising your business on social media, you have more than likely encountered the problems. You more than likely have been shunned by Google or TOS violated by Facebook. You may have even been shadowbanned by Twitter.

But not anymore! Those days over and it is time for the medical marijuana businesses to step out of the shadows of online marketing and into their rightful place as corporate leaders of an exploding new 21st-century industry. At KushBot we not only welcome the advertising of medical marijuana-related businesses, it’s actually all we do!

KushBot is an American digital marketing team exclusively serving the medical marijuana industry. We know how hard it can be to find good quality advertising in the medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, Hemp Oil, and CBD industries.

At KushBot we use proprietary techniques, software, and online promotion to bring your marijuana-related business to the forefront of this exploding industry. At KushBot we have multiple marketing plans available to our marketers. Our marijuana marketing plans include website development, tech support, search engine optimization, email setup and management, online promotions, social media promotions, weekly blogs, PR article placement, press releases, daily social media posts, credit card processing, SSL certificates, website security, hack cleaning and malware removal, online directory placement, re-targeting campaigns, and massive follower building.

At KushBot don’t let the name fool you, we are the real deal in cutting-edge marijuana marketing. If you want real followers, targeted in your area, that delivers real ROI on your advertising investment. Then you know who to call. The KushBot team is second to no one. We are defining and innovating the marijuana marketing game every single day of the week. Call us now to discuss taking your project to the next level!


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