Patrick J. Zarrelli aka Kid Chronic

Real Name: Patrick Joseph Zarrelli

Born: February 27th, 1979. Almost Leap Year!

City of Origin: Gloversville, New York. Live From the Ville! #518

Elementary School: Boulevard Elementary School, Best Finger Painter in the District.

Middle School: St. Bridget’s Academy, Richmond Virginia. This Place Actually Had Real Nuns, Yeah They Still Make Those!

High School: Douglas Southall Freeman and Gloversville High School. #Rebels #Dragons

College: The One and Only Florida State University!!!

Political Party: Democrat, Proud Member of the Liberal Media Elite.

Philosophy: It’s Better to Live One Day as a Lion, Than a Thousand as a Lamb. (John Gotti)

Work History: CEO of the Print Killer Media Network, President of Dependable Website Management, Former Publisher of the South Florida Chronicle, and Former Vice President of Beachfront News.

Blogger Kid Chronic

“I Don’t Talk About My Dreams, I Live Them!”


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