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NFL Week One Fantasy and Betting Wrap Up

Every week I will be updating you on the NFL week that passed. This wrap up will give you some betting advice and fantasy advice. This weekly feature will cover everything you need to know for fantasy football info and for betting purposes. The week started out pretty shitty as the Thursday night game just wasn’t that entertaining. But the week did get a lot better with some huge star performances and some barn burner games. Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered   EAGLES 18*** – Falcons 12 (Falcons -1…o/u 44.5 UNDER) So Nick Foles started this game for...

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Patrick Zarrelli Talks About Why Charity Is Important To Him

Merriam-Webster defines charity as the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need. Well it just so happens that Patrick Zarrelli, the CEO of The Print Killer Media Network and Dependable Website Management is a big believer in charity and giving to charitable contributions. He has always felt that it is the right thing to do since he has been so lucky in his own life. With the successes he has had at this point of his life, Zarrelli felt that charity was a perfect way to spread that ‘luck’ as he sees it,...

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South Florida DUI Arrests Are Way Down….Why?

Here in good ole’ South Florida, the clubs are open late, the booze flows freely and the public transportation system here is a big letdown. There is a standout number that has just been released. This standout fact is that the number of drunk drivers on South Florida roads appears to be going down. Well, at least the number of driver’s getting caught is.   So, statistics show that in the past four years, DUI arrests made by Miami-Dade’s two largest departments have plummeted greatly. In Miami-Dade, the largest police department in the Southeastern U.S., arrests were down a whopping...

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Meet Jiu Jitsu Instructor Joao Da Silva aka Da Silva the Davie Diddler

The pedophile stories never stop, do they? This time we have the owner of a martial arts studio in Davie, Florida. And he is accused of inappropriate behavior around several minors. Three to be exact. And there are fears that there might be more. Jui Jitsu instructor and the school’s owner, 34-year-old Joao Da Silva has been accused of sexually molesting three teenage girls. The girl’s ages range from 13 to 17 years old. Two of them took place at his Raiva Brazilian Jujitsu Center on West State Road 84 in Davie.     Davie police detective Vivian Gallinal...

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Coast to Coast Natural : A Different Kind of CBD / Hemp Oil Experience

We absolutely love Coast to Coast Natural when it comes to purchasing CBD online. Anyone who reads the SFLChronicle knows that we here are pro-marijuana and pro-CBD. If you don’ know the difference between the two, there are great differences. Marijuana contains THC aka tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD aka, cannabidiol, is a derivative of hemp oil that does not contain THC. It truly is a whole different experience, although both have benefits for your health and well-being. THC is the property that actually gets the user “high”, while CBD does not elicit that sort of reaction. CBD provides more of a pain...

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