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SOUTH FLORIDA MEDIA is not your everyday, regular, run of the mill SEO company. South Florida Media is a passionate and experienced company that is leading the industry as a full service professional online concierge. We specialize in Website & App Design,Custom Articles/Content, National Press Releases, Digital Marketing (SEM/SEO), Full Scale Extensive Social Media Management: Google Adwords/Facebook Ad Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Specialized Social Media Bots, Internet Directories, API Builds and Connections, Hosting, Internet Security, Daily Updates, Emails and Blogs.  Our clients include some of the largest e-commerce online stores, real estate companies, hedge funds, professional sports teams and athletes, medical software...

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Getting High Above New York City with FLYNYON’s Amazing Doors-Off Helicopter Photo Experience

Something very special is hidden just outside of New York City. There is a revolutionary helicopter base called FLYNYON conveniently located close by in the neighboring state of New Jersey. This is a place where you want to make sure to arrive early. There are some cool things to experience before getting geared up to dangle your legs out of an open-door helicopter above the famed New York City and Statue of Liberty. Upon arriving, we were greeted with warm friendly hellos by all the staff and Kevin Cortes, their Director of Brand Partnerships made sure we had a...

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Cleveland, Ohio’s Taste of Infinite Space – Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

  During a recent visit to Cleveland, news channels were filled with coverages on this special art exhibit happening at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Pulled in by the unusual shots taken in ‘infinity’ mirrored rooms and pieces of interesting trippy art dating back to the 1960’s, I quickly did some research to see if I could get a last-minute ticket to this exhibition. Instead of spoiling the experience by searching for all the images taken of the work by the famed artist, Yayoi Kusama, I read about her motive in creating this experience in order to get a better understanding of what I was about to endure.  The Cleveland Museum of Art was correct when they explained it to be “An unforgettable sensory journey through the mind and legacy of one of the world’s most significant artists.”         Yayoi Kusama used her unique style of art to fulfill her obsessive-compulsive neurosis symptoms by creating illusions of infinity to give a sense of what experiencing life is and what the aftermath may be. Every piece you stand in or in front of has no direct sense of where the beginning or end is and it seems there is always a constant flow of movement. Her art is explained to be combinations of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Pop art, Feminism art, and Illusional Technique even though she insisted...

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