Author: Gerald Arnold

Hemp Legalization Draws Closer

The legalization of industrial hemp cultivation appears likely with the finalization of a Farm Bill last week. House and Senate negotiators have rejected an effort by Republican House members to make it more difficult for some people to receive food stamps, stripping such language from a final Farm Bill while keeping language championed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that legalizes hemp. According to the Washington Post: The House and Senate have been deadlocked over multiple issues in the bill, including provisions in the House bill that would add new work requirements for older food stamp recipients and for parents of children age 6 and older. But those provisions have been stripped in the compromise package, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, confirmed Thursday. The farm bill deal was confirmed Thursday by House and Senate lawmakers from both parties. If finalized, it would break a months-long congressional impasse over legislation that doles out billions of federal dollars in food aid, agriculture subsidies and conservation funds. Cultivation of the plant had previously been limited by federal law. McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, pushed for legalization, arguing that it could be a boon to farmers. According to The Verge: This is “a pretty important step forward in terms of federal government’s recognition of what CBD is and what its lack of potential harm or risk is,” says John...

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Facebook Faces Withering Criticism

Facebook’s PR woes continue to mount, at home and abroad. And things are likely to get worse. Last week, the British Parliament moved to seize company papers related to its turning over of private user data to Cambridge Analytica. According to The Guardian: The cache of documents is alleged to contain significant revelations about Facebook decisions on data and privacy controls that led to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It is claimed they include confidential emails between senior executives, and correspondence with Zuckerberg. Damian Collins, the chair of the culture, media and sport select committee, invoked a rare parliamentary mechanism to...

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Democratic House Takeover Bodes Well For Hemp

The end of Republican dominance of the House of Representatives could be a good sign for hemp legalization. That’s because a Farm Bill that includes legalization is more likely to pass. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell ensured that full legalization of hemp growing would be part of his chamber’s version of this year’s Farm Bill, which includes everything from for food stamp authorization to subsidies for farmers. But the House did not include such language in their version. McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky and hemp’s most powerful ally on Capitol Hill, has promised that legalization will be part of...

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OMG, Ancient Egyptians Were Really, Really Into Cats

A recently-opened tomb from very early in the history of ancient Egypt shows people have prized cats since the dawn of civilization. A rare collection of scarab beetles, along with dozens of cat mummies have been found in seven sarcophogi at a site south of Cairo. The mummies date to 6,000 years ago. According to The Guardian: The tomb dates from the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom and is unusual because the facade and door are intact, meaning its contents may still be untouched, said Mohamed Youssef, director of the Saqqara area. He said experts plan to explore...

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Kids Win One In Court Battle With Climate Change Denying Trump Administration

A group of teenagers challenging the failure of the government to address climate change won a skirmish with the government when the Supreme Court refused to block the young people’s lawsuit. The suit against the U.S. government was filed in 2015 by 21 Oregon young people claiming the failure of leaders to address climate change violates their constitutional right to a clean environment. The suit, pending before a federal judge in Oregon, seeks to compel the government’s support for fossil fuel. It had been delayed for the Supreme Court’s review. The Justices refused to halt the suit right away....

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