Author: Joshua Rossman

Slip and Fly is the Greatest Slide Ever

Slip and Fly is the Coolest Pool Slide in Butler, Ohio. It takes place at the Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp where they have music festivals once every year. Wow, I think it’s time for Fishman and friends to take a trip to Ohio. How cool would it be to listen to music all day as you slide down and do tricks in the air as you land in a pool? The slide literally ends on a ramp that launches you into the sky. It’s Memorial Day weekend, so we are on our way. “Rental Information as follows: The...

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Video God is an Awesome Website Designed and Operated by Patrick Zarrelli

Video God is an awesome website that you can watch all kinds of videos on. The website is designed and operated by tech CEO Patrick Zarrelli and his team at the Print Killer Media Network. Some of the best categories on Video God are News, Sports, Politics, Wins, Fails, Interviews, and of course Babes. The website’s adverts are from a combination of in-house advertisers as well as an assortment of ads from top-tier online advertising brokers. The website offers great videos, as well as funny and sharp commentary for advertisers to place clickable banner ads on. If you would like to advertise...

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Rapids Water Park in West Palm Beach is Amazing

Rapids Water Park is absolutely amazing. The summer is coming and nothing would be better than to head off to the rapids water park. It will be a ton of fun in the sun with your family or friends. You can make a whole day out of it. Enjoy your time with family and friends. The water park is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, that occupies 30 acres near I-95. The park includes a wave pool, thirty-five water slides, including dual seven-story speed slides, and a quarter mile lazy river. If you have nothing to do, then this...

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Moet & Chandon’s Ice Imperial and Ice Imperial Rose

With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, you don’t want to miss out on these awesome, refreshing drinks. These are the first – ever champagne designed drinks specifically to be enjoyed over ice. Moet and Champagne’s ice imperial and Ice imperial Rose will add a touch of sophistication to any awesome barbeque or party. Whether you want to celebrate with friends or family or even enjoying a relaxing day at the pool. Don’t miss out. Check out some of these great recipes you can use for the holiday! Moët Melon on the Rocks Created by Moët Ice Ambassador and Influencer...

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Vegas Golden Knights are in 1st Place

Vegas Golden Knights are in first place in the NHL and it’s a joke. “It’s an embarrassment to the league that Vegas is in the finals. The NHL wanted a team in Vegas and they made the other 30 teams bend over and take one for the league. Vegas was an unknown in terms of supporting their own local team. It’s a transient city by nature. The only way to ensure that there was going to be a worthwhile fan base was to make sure they had a good product in the ice. The rules for the expansion draft were...

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