Happy Halloween, South Florida! It’s that time of year once again.

We know some people are really into Halloween parties, costumes and all, while others stick to checking out the post-party photos on social media.

It’s always interesting to see Halloween costume trends rise and fall with pop culture each year. In the spirit of Halloween let’s talk the most popular costumes of 2018.

According to NBC News, video games and superheroes are on trend this year and unlike in recent years political costumes (The Donald) are out this year.

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The great minds over at the site, Thrillist, put together an exhaustive list of Halloween costumes that are popular this October, with the same top 10 as reported by NBC.

Thrillist, however, even listed the most popular costume for each state using Google Trends data.

For us down in here in Florida, the most popular costume is consistent with No. 1 in the nation – Fortnight.

In fact, according to NBC news, Fortnight costumes were the most popular choice in 43 states and in every state’s top 25 expect for Vermont.

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People in Vermont were more interested in dressing as monsters (per Thrillist).  Another interesting choice, the most popular costume search in Alaska is a mermaid, are there cold-water mermaids?

Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2018

  1. Fortnite inspired costumes – the ultra-popular video game
  2. Spider-Man – Toby McGuire?
  3. Unicorn – Still going strong
  4. Dinosaur – Rawr
  5. Witch – A classic
  6. Harley Quinn- The DC comics character
  7. Superhero – Vague yet a forever staple
  8. Pirate – Who doesn’t love a good pirate?
  9. Rabbit – People love a good fluffy one-piece costume
  10. Princess – Always wishful thinking

What are you going to be for Halloween? Or more importantly, where are you going to be partying at on Halloween? Who is on candy duty?