Beautiful parks, an ideal family life, and a tight-knit community — Parkland is one of the best cities in South Florida to live.

Parkland has unique zoning laws to keep green spaces open and landscapes protected. The result is a quiet, tropical, and affluent town of under 25,000 people in a total area of under 15 square miles with Coconut Creek, Florida to the east, Coral Springs to the south and the Everglades to the West.

Parkland’s landscaping character is also unique because it allows residents a multitude of outdoor activities year-around including access to parks, trails, golf courses, and wildlife. Sunny South Florida weather also allows Parkland homeowners and property mangers a number of aesthetically pleasing landscaping options that preserve Parkland’s small-town character and hospitality.

To help create such a beautiful landscape, property owners trust Broward Landscape and Design, the No. 1 landscaping company in Parkland, for all their landscaping needs.

But Broward Landscape and Design goes beyond just simply mowing the lawn. Their customers get the best in property maintenance and service. Whether it is tree care or lawn service, residential or commercial landscaping, hard and softscapes, as well as any outdoor living & lighting needs, Broward Landscape and Design is the best Parkland, Florida has to offer.

What makes Parkland landscaping unique?

Because Parkland is located so close to the protected Everglades Wildlife Management Area, it is a certified Community Wildlife Habitat member with the National Wildlife Federation.

This is important to know because with the help of Broward Landscape and Design’s licensed and insured staff you can certify your yard as a backyard wildlife habitat.

Broward Landscape and Design’s Parkland palm and plant nurseries have over 100 different varieties of plant life and make it easy to stop by to tag your material or learn about something new they may offer such as native South Florida plants, flowering trees, butterfly plants, palm trees, and other unique plants and trees which help make Parkland’s landscaping so distinctive.

In total, Broward Landscape and Design has 20 acres of private nursery fields strictly grown for Broward Landscape and Design customers, along with custom displays for BBQ, fire pits, pergolas tiki huts, outdoor lighting and more.

Broward Landscape and Design can help you create immaculate landscape at your Parkland property that will emulate trees and plants found at Parkland’s 20-acre Doris Davis Forman Wilderness Preserve, and the seven-acre Liberty Park.

These specimen pieces may include a 75-year-old European Fan Palm, 15-foot tall 20-trunk Reclinata Palm, a 35-year-old Bougainvilleas, and even Medjool Palms grown and raised in the California desert.

Check out a few of the native and exotics plants and trees Broward Landscaping can help install into your Parkland landscaping plan.

The best part about working with Broward Landscape and Design is being able to see your project before it is installed thanks to high-tech computer-aided design.

Broward Landscape and Design’s expert team of designers also applies computer-aided design and visual imagery services technology to evaluate sun/shade exposure, plant growth rates and water intake. They will even test your soil with the University of Florida Soil Extension.

Parkland Landscaping rules and regulations

When planning a landscaping project in Parkland there are a number of rules and regulations to keep in mind, including approved plants for general landscaping and guidelines to help residents locate the right tree in the right place.

For example, a minimum of 40 percent of the required shrubs per lot must be of native species. The city also has a tree removal penalty and an unique year-round irrigation restrictions based on its water conservation principles, local demands, system limitations and resource availability.

Parkland landscape design upgrades

When it comes to a residential or commercial space, there are a plethora of creations that landscape designers can apply that can increase your home or property value and enhance its beauty.

While cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your property, poorly maintained trees can be a significant liability, especially come hurricane season.

Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Broward Landscape employees a full-time certified ISA arborist to oversee the tree division.

The arborist can even help install exotic specimens into your yard, including European Fan Palms, Reclinata Palms, Bougainvilleas, and Medjool Palms grown and raised in the California desert, and more.

In addition to planting trees in your backyard or commercial property, Broward Landscape and Design also recommends adding walkways and outdoor lighting to your outdoor living space, implementing water features, installing outdoor seating areas and fire pits, adding an outdoor bar, and an entertainment setup for hosting clients or an outdoor Super Bowl party.

Also, there’s nothing more awesome than an outdoor kitchen to entertain your family and friends – especially when you live in Parkland and its year-round gorgeous weather.

“Outdoor Living is one of the services we get most requested to do. We love to create these areas giving it your personal touch,” a Broward Landscape and Design spokesperson said recently.

“If you like to entertain, it is a must, to have a top-notch outdoor living area. Everything from installing a cool putting green or living wall, to your outdoor audio, which really is important. We specialize in creating awesome fire pits, building pergolas, putting together beautiful outdoor lighting displays, and installing highly functional and sharp looking outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen can be the most important aspect of outdoor living. You want it right. We do it right!”

Serving more than just Parkland landscaping

In business for nearly three decades, Broward Landscape has been helping properties in South Florida look amazing through property maintenance, landscaping and outdoor living projects.

More than just in Parkland, they proudly serve Coral Springs, Key Biscayne, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Boynton Beach, Coral Gables, Boca Raton, Davie, Weston, Cooper City, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Aventura, North Miami Beach and more.

Broward Landscape offers experienced, creative and collaborative landscape design to meet all of these objectives, as well as any personal ones that may be specific to your business.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of putting on outdoor kitchen on your property, visit Broward Landscape online or give them a call at 954.325.1111 in Broward or 561.239.7753 in Palm Beach.