Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


GIANTS 13 – Eagles 34*** (Eagles -1.5…o/u 45.5 OVER) This game was over at halftime. 24-6 at the half would do it. The Eagles are getting some swagger back. The only highlight for these poor Giants is Saquon Barkley. They will keep being asked being asked if they should have drafted a QB instead. Clearly, this was the best guy for them. The sad part is these Giants have nothing else to be happy about. He had a 50-yard TD run. He also had 13-130 yards rushing and 9-99 receiving. Regular, mediocre games for Eli and Odell. Carson Wentz had a nice game with 3 TDs and 0 INTs. Alshon Jeffery has been stellar since back healthy. He caught 2 TDs in this game, also going 8-74 yards. The Eagles had four sacks. The two teams combined for FIVE FUMBLES. Strangely zero were turned over.

MY TAKE: The Eagles are back on track. The Giants are off the rails. Carson Wentz is starting to look like last years Wentz, and sadly Eli is still looking like last years, Eli. The Giants implosion (as I stated would happen) is in full swing. They are now 1-5 and the season is over. The Eagles are back to .500. The division is a three-way race, however. This is going to  go to the wire with Philly, Dallas and Washington. Keep your eyes on the NFC East. But, to be honest, nobody is scaring anybody coming out of here.



FALCONS 34*** – Bucs 29 (Falcons -3…o/u 57.5 OVER) No defense again for both of these teams. At the half, the Falcons had dominated. They even added a FG to end the half for salt in the wounds. Nobody did much in the 3rd quarter. Tampa Bay did add a FG. They also opened the 4th quarter with a TD. To put the game out of reach, Atlanta kicker Matt Bryant hit a 57 yarder. There was a total of 7 Passing TDs in this game. Four for Jameis Winston and three for Matt Ryan. The difference may have been the interceptions. Jameis had two and Matt Ryan had zero. Julio Jones had a monster going 10-144 yards, but still no TDs, which is amazing! Five fumbles in the game here too, but zero were turned over. 900+ yards of combined offense. Ryan had 355 yards and Jameis had 395 yards.

MY TAKE: Tampa did the best they could to come back. They were close but no cigar. They just spotted the Falcons too many points. Atlanta really needed this game to avoid a dreaded 1-5 start. Keep in mind that Atlanta was considered a major playoff contender. Matt Ryan did pass Joe Montana on the all-time passing TD list. The Tampa Defense came into this game giving up a league worst 34.75 points/game. 



BENGALS 21 – Steelers 28*** (Bengals -1.5…o/u 49.5 UNDER) This was a big game on paper. The two teams did not disappoint. Cincy scored a TD (Dalton to Tyler Boyd) first to take a lead. The Steelers scored two TDs in the 2nd quarter (two James Conner 1-yd runs) to take the lead. The game was tied going into the half as Tyler Boyd scored again with :19 seconds left before the half. Things then got slow. Pitt hit a FG for the only score in the 3rd. They also were the first to score in the 4th quarter with only 3:30 left. The Bengals scored very late to take a 21-20 lead and seemed like they had the game. Well, Big Ben hit Antonio Brown with 10 seconds left in the game for a 31-yard TD. They added a 2 pt. conversion. The game was over. Big Ben had a big day with a very accurate 32-46 for 369 yards. He had only 1 TD but 0 INTs. Dalton had 2 TDs, but only 229 yards passing. James Conner had another solid game. The two TDs and he added 19-111 yards. The Steelers wideouts continue their great seasons. Smith-Schuster had 7-111 yards. Antonio had 5-105 yards and a TD. The Steelers really owned Cincy, acquiring 200 more total yards. They also had three sacks to the Bengals zero.

MY TAKE: Huge division game. The Steelers needed it more. They got it. Cincy needed it to prove that they belong and that their record is not one of a paper tiger. They blew it at the end. It was a great game though. Antonio Brown is a stud and he came through. This probably is a two-team team race in that division. It is either teams to win. Getting LeVeon Bell back (maybe) is going to be interesting. Is he going to help or hurt? James Conner losing his job would be tragic. It could happen. 



BROWNS 14 – Chargers 38*** (Browns -1…o/u 47.0 OVER) Cleveland has played well this year. They have been a tight defense giving some fits. This game did not go that way. This was a mauling. 21-6 at the half for the Chargers. They added another two TDs scored in the 3rd quarter for LA and this game was a wrap. Melvin Gordon has been absolute gold. He had 3 TDs rushing in this game. He also 18-132 yards. Rivers wasn’t needed like usual. He did have 2 TDs passing to Tyrell Williams. Williams had 3-118 yards with his TDs. Amazingly the Chargers were only 1-9 on third downs. They did have five sacks though. They did have 10 penalties in this game.

MY TAKE: The Browns were looking pretty good. Certainly better than last season. Their defense has been pretty staunch. That was until this game. San Diego ate them for lunch. Melvin Gordon is truly living up to all of his hype. No fall off from last year. Cleveland was due for a dud as they were playing above their style. This was it. The Chargers may not catch the Chiefs in the AFC West, but they be in the playoff hunt for the Wild Card bid. They have a great shot if they keep playing like this.



TEXANS 20 – Bills 13*** (Texans -10…o/u 40.5 UNDER) The Texans have been on an upswing and this was a must win for them. They got the win although not super-impressive. It did take a pick-six TD with 1:23 left in the game for the Texans to win. They have now won three straight after starting out losing three straight. Both teams hardly put up stats. The Bills did sack the Texans seven times. There were five fumbles in this game as well. The Bills also had 12 penalties. Deshaun Watson threw two INTs. They knocked Josh Allen out of the game and Nathan Peterman came in to look terrible. He threw the pick that lost the game.

MY TAKE: The Bills showed that they have no offense when it really comes down to it. The Texans are back in their division. They are an interesting bunch. They have crawled out of their hole though. What they do from here is a coin toss. I wouldn’t get too excited, personally.



DOLPHINS 31*** – Bears 28 (Bears -7…o/u 40.5 OVER) WIth Brock Osweiler making his first start ever for Miami, this turned out to be an amazing game that was like a Rocky vs. Apollo Creed fight. And it is kinda funny, because the first half was slow and boring. The fins had a 7-0 lead at the half. In the 3rd quarter, the Bears went nuts and took a lead 21-13 after scoring three TDs in the 3rd as Miami only added two FGs. Miami made it a closer game scoring a big Albert Wilson TD for 43 yards. At the three minute mark, the Bears scored to take a lead, only to have Miami score another huge TD on the first play. Who scored it? You guessed it, Albert Wilson for 75 yards. That made the game go into overtime.

Miami had a chance to bury the game with the only possession in OT, but Kenyan Drake fumbled at the goal line. It didn’t matter though, the Fins wound up winning the game with a FG in OT when the Bears couldn’t bring it home. Mitch Trubisky had 316 yards and 3 TDs with 1 INT. He spread the ball all over as Gabriel, Cohen and Robinson had nice games. All three TDs went to different WRs. Osweiler had a huge game. 380 yards and 3 TDs. He did have 2 INTs. Frank Gore had 100 yards. But Albert Wilson was the star. He had 6-155 yards and 2 TDs. The Bears lost primarily because they got ZERO PRESSURE on the Fins. Not one sack in the game. You heard that right. ZERO SACKS! You did get treated to 1,000 yards of offense combined though.

MY TAKE: This game was a total surprise. The Bears were road favs by like 3 points when Tannehill was supposed to play. It ballooned up to seven. Trap city! Miami not only covered, but they won outright. This was a truly crazy game. Miami showed a lot of moxie under Brocksie. I don’t know what is going to happen from here, but Miami won a game that many felt they were not going to win. That in itself was a major victory.



VIKINGS 27*** – Cards 17 (Vikings -9.5…o/u 43.5 OVER) A must-win game for Minnesota. They did that. The sad part is that it was a mild struggle. This should have been a mauling. It was 13-10 at the half, and the TD that Arizona scored was a defensive one. Not much excitement here. Each QB didn’t even have 250 yards (240 for Rosen & 233 for Cousins). Rosen had 0 TDs and Cousins had one. Both threw an INT. Rosen was sacked four times. David Johnson who is having a very mediocre season had 18-54 and a TD. The difference maker was Latavius Murray, who started for the injured Davin Cook. He had a monster 24-155 yards with a TD. Adam Thielen continues to be so impressive. He had 11-123 yards on 13 targets and a TD.

MY TAKE: The Vikings are good. The Cardinals are bad. It is that simple. One team’s season is over. The other has to fight to win their division. They will do that. Whether they win it, that is the big question. It really is up in the air. The Bears and Packers are right there with them.



JETS 42*** – Colts 34 (Jets -2.5…o/u 48 OVER) The Jets started out with a pick-six TD. By the half it was 23-13. The Jets scored a team record SEVEN FGs. The Jets never trailed. The Colts completely played catch-up. Andrew Luck had to throw a lot again. He threw 43 times for 301 yards. He had FOUR TDs but he also had 3 INTs. Marlon Mack came back and had 12-89 yards. Sam Darnold looked good. He was a very accurate 24-30 for 280 yards. He had 2 TDs and 1 INT. The Jets had 29 carries between Powell and Crowell. 

MY TAKE: When the Jets are on, they are really on. When the Jets have won they win big. They scored 48, 34 and 42 in their wins. In their losses, they scored 12, 17 and 12 again. Pretty much a feast or famine team. The thing that is interesting about the Jets is that they really can run the ball well. They have perhaps the best duo of backs in the NFL. If Sam Darnold can get it in line the Jets will be tougher. The Colts are the Colts. No real talent. They have Luck and Ebron. Outside of that, there is no excitement. They do throw the ball 50-60 times a game, so they will put up points and stay in some games. They are another one of those teams that you just have no idea what you are gonna get.



RAIDERS 3 – Seahawks 27*** (Seahawks -3…o/u 47.5 UNDER) This game was over at the half. It may have been over before it even started. To make things worse, the Seahawks knocked David Carr out of the game too. He did not come back. This game was 17-0 at the half on two Russell Wilson passing TDs. Wilson had 222 yards and finished with 3 TDs and 1 INT. David Carr had an awful 142 yards on 31 pass attempts. He had zero TDs and 0 INTs as the Raiders only added a late FG that meant nothing. Seattle was an incredible 9-13 on 3rd downs. They held the Raiders to under 200 total yards (185). They also sacked the Raiders six times. It didn’t help that the Raiders had three fumbles of which they lost two.

MY TAKE: The Raiders are pathetic. The poor English fans that got to watch this game. Seattle isn’t exactly fun either, but they are way better than Oakland. As you could have guessed, Oakland did not show up again. They were blanked for much of this whole game. They are the league’s joke. For what they spent on Gruden, and what they spent on Carr the year before, and the players that they have, they are a laughing stock.



REDSKINS 23 – Panthers 17*** (Panthers -1…o/u 44.5 UNDER) This game had a quick start from Washington as Alex Smith had two TDs in the first quarter. They added a FG before Carolina scored at the 3:05 mark as Newton hit Funchess. Carolina added a FG in the 3rd quarter as the only score. Washington never gave up the lead. Smith had the 2 TDs and 0 INTs but he had a paltry 163 yards on 36 attempts. Adrian Peterson showed up again with 17-97 yards. Cam Newton had 275 yards and 2 TDs and 1 INT. Newton led the team in rushing again going 9-43 yards. Greg Olsen came back but did little going 4-48 yards. Washington went 7-16 on 3rd downs. Carolina had the INT as well as three fumbles of which they turned two over.

MY TAKE: The ultimate coin toss game matchup. And another trap city matchup. On paper, everything said to take Carolina. They were road favs for a reason. And while Washington is not a bad team, this was a surprise. Both of these teams will be in the division hunt and the playoff hunt for that matter. 



BRONCOS 20*** – Rams 23 (Rams -7…o/u 50 UNDER) The game started with three FGs (Two by the Rams and one by Denver). The Rams finally scored on a Gurley run in the second quarter. He then added one in the third quarter as the Rams went up 20-3. Denver scored late in the 3rd quarter to make it 20-10. After trading FGs in the 4th, Denver scored a late TD but it was too little too late. Jared Goff had his worst day this season. He had 201 yards and zero TDs. He did have an INT. They didn’t need Goff though because they have Todd Gurley. Gurley had 28-208 yards with 2 TDs. Robert Woods had 7-109 yards on half of Goff’s yards. Case Keenum did his best. He had 41 attempts to land 322 yards and 2 TDs with 1 INT. Emanuel Sanders continued his great season going 7-115 yards with a TD. The Rams went 8-17 on 3rd downs. Denver had five sacks. The Rams also had ten penalties.

MY TAKE: Give the Broncos a little credit. They gave the Rams their closest game of the season for all intents. Jared Goff had his worst game of the season. The problem was that Todd Gurley ripped off 200+ yards. The sign of a truly good team, is when they can win games on the road when they didn’t really play well. That is exactly what the Rams did. They are the last undefeated team in football. It will be fascinating to see which team actually knocks them off for that first loss.



COWBOYS 40*** – Jags 7 (Jags -3…o/u 39.5 OVER) This game was so lopsided it wasn’t even funny. The game was 24-0 at the half. The game started simply with a Dallas FG. They then add a Dak Prescott run, followed by two Prescott to Cole Beasley receiving TDs. Jacksonville finally scored in the 3rd quarter once down by 24. That was all they would score. Dallas added 16 more points to destroy Jacksonville. Dallas had 23 first downs in the game. They went 7-17 on 3rd downs. They almost doubled the yard output as well as almost double the time of possession. Bortles had a terrible game going 15-26 for 149 yards. He had 1 TD and 1 INT. Dak Prescott had a typical game with 183 yards and 2 TDs and 0 INTs. The difference is that Dallas let Prescott run the ball. He had 11-82 yards with a TD along with Ezekiel Elliott’s 24-106 yards and a TD. Cole Beasley had his biggest day this season going 9-101 yards with 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: Oh my god! The headscratcher of the week. Can you imagine that a Super Bowl contender like Jacksonville has completely fallen apart? Can you imagine that Dallas, who has no offense, decides to throw up 40 points against this defense? It just makes no sense. Dallas did let Dak run the ball, which he never does. Maybe this had something to do with it. Blake Bortles is beginning to scare people. Leonard Fournette’s absence should be scaring people. The wide receivers that the Jags let go should have scared people. This is not last year’s Jags. Keep an eye on them. They are sliding hard and fast. As for Dallas, this was a big win as far as staying in the division hunt. They might have marked this as a likely loss. But it wasn’t and here they are.



TITANS – 0 – Ravens 21*** (Ravens -2.5…o/u 43.5 UNDER) This game was another lopsided joke of a game. Tennessee has zero offensive talent and it showed. The Ravens had a team record 11 sacks in this game. They had 23 first downs to the Titans 7. They also went 12-17 on 3rd down while the Titans went 1-10. The Titans had an embarrassing 106 yards total. Joe Flacco had 238 yards with a TD and INT. Alex Collins had 19-54 yards with 2 TDs. Michael Crabtree had 6-93 yards with a TD. Marcus Mariota  had a miserable 10-15 for 117 yards. He also led the team in rushing going 2-25 yards. Hard to believe an NFL team that practiced all week can play so bad.

MY TAKE: I sincerely believe that Tennessee sucks. They have a horrible offense. Mariota is a bust. He also shows that he gets hurt a lot. Zero points. Can’t run even with an overpaid Dion Lewis. Lost Delanie Walker who was their best offensive player. They just are plain weak. I can’t even believe their record, honestly. The Ravens are better. They proved it. This Raven offense though is not that great. I thought it would be better with the players they picked up. Not so much.



PATRIOTS 43 – Chiefs 40*** (Pats -3.5 o/u 59.5 OVER) Huge game. Huge stats. It looked like it would be all Pats as they led 24-9 at the half. Sony Michel (24-106 2 TDs) scored twice as New England also had a FG and an Edelman TD. All the Chiefs could do was kick three FGs in the half. The Chiefs made a big comeback in the 3rd quarter outscoring the Pats 17-3 on two Mahomes TDs. One to Kareem Hunt and one to Tyreek Hill. The game was super exciting in the 4th quarter as it went back and forth. It was 27-26 Pats. Two more Tyreek Hill TDs were not enough as the last team with the ball was gonna win the game. The Pats scored a FG as time ended to win the game. Pat Mahomes went 23-36 for 352 yards. He had 4 TDs and 2 INTs. Kareem Hunt went 10-80 yards rushing and added 5-105 yards with a TD receiving. Tyreek Hill had the monster game going 7-142 yards and 3 TDs. Tom Brady went 24-35 for 340 yards. He did have only one TD but zero INTs. Rob Gronkowski had 3-97 after being very quiet the whole game. His 42-yard catch at the end of the game put the dagger in KC’s back setting up the game winning FG.

MY TAKE: An amazing game! Back and forth and back and forth! Somebody had to win, and it was the team that had the ball last. Give the Pats credit. Many people thought this was the Chiefs year in the AFC. Not quite so fast. The old man…men are still in control apparently. These teams will more than likely meet again in the Playoffs. It will be a lot of fun. I gotta admit, I was a little surprised by this one. I thought the Chiefs would pull this out. Then I saw that they have no defense.



PACKERS 33 – 49ers 30*** (Packers -9…o/u 46.5 OVER) This game was a barnburner. San Fran started the game with a TD right away. Green Bay then added 17 straight points. San Fran ended the first quarter with another TD. By halftime, this game was 24-20 San Francisco and surprised everyone. Each team traded FGs in the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter, San Fran added a FG early. They, unfortunately, watched Aaron Rodgers score a late TD to tie the game, only to get the ball back and let Mason Crosby set up for a chip-shot FG to win the game.CJ Beathard looked pretty good again. He had 245 yards on 16-23. He had two TDs (both to Marquise Goodwin) and 1 INT. Goodwin had those TDs and also had 4-126 yards. Aaron Rodgers put the team on his back again and went 25-46 for 425 yards and 2 TDs. Three different receivers had 100 yards or more. Davante Adams (10-132 yards and 2 TDs), Jimmy Graham (5-104 yards) and Marquez Valdes-Scantling (3-103 yards). Over 900+ yards of offense in this game. San Fran fumbled twice and lost both fumbles.

MY TAKE: The Packers are not dominant. The Packers don’t really scare anyone. But the Packers have Aaron Rodgers. And because of that, they can always win a game. This was one of those games. They actually needed a last second FG to win this game. Even crazier, was they needed a TD at the 2-minute mark of the 4th to even tie the game to need the FG. The Pack still can’t run the ball. But as long as Rodgers is there, they have a shot. San Fran’s season is over. At 1-5 and being in the Rams division, you can close the casket door. 



Bye Week: Lions, Saints


ATS 6-9…..Over/Under 9-6

YTD ATS 41-50-2…..Over/Under 51-42