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RAMS 38 – Vikings 31 PUSH (Rams -7…o/u 49 OVER) Both QBs had monster games. Kirk Cousins went 36-50 for 422 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs. Jared Goff, on the other hand, went berserk! He had a sick 26-33 for 465 yards (the most he has ever thrown) along with 5 TDs (the most he has ever thrown) and 0 TDs. The Rams wide receivers all had big days. Cooper Kupp had 9-162 and 2 TDs, Brandin Cooks had 7-116 and a TD, Robert Woods had 5-101 and a TD and Todd Gurley had 4-73 and a TD. The Viking’s wideouts also continue to have big seasons. Adam Thielen went 8-135 and a TD and Stefon Diggs went 11-123. I will say that the Minnesota running game has been kinda weak all year. Dalvin Cook only had 10-20 yards. Latavius Murray only had two carries for 2 yards.

An incredible game with 1,000 yards of offense. Also keep in mind that the Rams played so well, that they only had to flags and two punts in this game. Simply incredible!

MY TAKE: Well, the Rams are the best team in football. The Chiefs are good, but the Rams are better. The offense is as good as any. They score 30+ points a game. The defense is way better than the Chiefs defense. This game looked closer at the end than it really was. You can ride the Rams all the way to the playoffs. It really is Super Bowl or bust for them. The Vikings gave it a really good try. But something isn’t totally clicking there though. This was a fun game though.



FALCONS 36 – Bengals 37*** (Falcons -3.5…o/u 52.5 OVER) Andy Dalton is having a really good year. He always has had the ability to do so, but this year, he is off to a big start. He had a big game here too. 29-41 for 337 yards with 3 TDs and only 1 INT. He has found a new target in Tyler Boyd who went 11-100. Even Gio Bernard chipped in while Joe Mixon is out hurt with 15 carries for 69 yards and 2 TDs. Matt Ryan continues to be Matt Ryan. He had a very good 29-39 for 419 yards and 3 TDs with 0 INTs. Still, no real running game with Tevin Coleman as Freeman is still out. Julio Jones continues to amass a ton of yards but still has not scored. Calvin Ridley scored another 2 TDs to give him six on the year. Almost 1,000 yards of offense

MY TAKE: Again, the Falcons show that they have no defense. The offense can put up points as much as anybody, but they can’t stop anyone. They lost this game because of it on a final Bengals drive. What we also learned is that the Bengals will put up points too. They have looked fairly impressive this season. Taking a road win versus a good Atlanta team is a big deal. I know that you can safely take the over in every one of these teams games.



BEARS 48*** – Bucs 10 (Bears -3…o/u 45.5 OVER) What an ass whooping! This is bad news for the Bucs. They started Ryan Fitzpatrick. They finished with Jameis Winston. Mitch Trubisky for the Bears had a monster game and maybe a career high for him in the future. He had a super accurate 19-26 for a massive 354 yards and SIX TDs with 0 INTs. Fitzpatrick had a poor 126 yards and 0 TDs and 1 INT before Winston came in. Winston had a modest 16-20 for 145 yards but 2 INTs and 1 TD. Neither team can run the ball well. The Bears were lead by Trubisky on the ground while Tarik Cohen went 13-53 and Jordan Howard went 11-25. Both had zero TDs. The Bucs continue to get a ton of penalties as well adding another 11. The Bears added another four sacks.

MY TAKE: Wow! What a difference a few weeks makes. The Bears finally got an offensive performance they can be proud of. I got news for you. If the Bears can move the ball, they will be very dangerous. The defense creates turnovers left and right. On the other hand, the Bucs fun ride is over. Ryan Fitzpatrick did not play well and was actually benched for Jameis Winston in this game. It does look like Winston will be starting from here on out. The Tampa fun train is over it seems. They may have a chance of turning it around, but it doesn’t look like it to me. They can’t run the ball, and allowing the Bears to put up 48 points is a scary sign.



COWBOYS 26 – Lions 24*** (Cowboys -2.5…o/u 44 OVER) Dallas saved their season by winning with a game winning FG on the final play of the game. Matt Stafford did his part. A supremely accurate 24-30 for 307 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. He hit Golden Tate for 8-132 and 2 TDs. They didn’t establish a run as Kerryon Johnson only had nine carries. He did get 55 yards and a TD though. But it was the Cowboys that squeaked this game out and they needed every second to do so. Dak Prescott had 255 yards (a lot for him) and 2 TDs with 0 INTs. But it was Ezekiel Elliott that went bananas. He went 25-152 and 0 TDs rushing but added 4-88 receiving with a TD.

MY TAKE: The Lions looked so good in week one. Boy those days are loooong gone. The Cowboys are one of those teams that you just do not know how they are going to show up. This week they looked as good as they have all year. Next week they won’t. The Lions have a real problem. They are in a division that is gonna be very hard to win in, with the Vikes, Packers, and Bears ahead of them. The Cowboys still do have a shot in their division as it is very up and down. 



PACKERS 22 – Bills 0 (Packers -9…o/u 44 UNDER) Welcome back to mediocrity Josh Allen. He had a poor showing going 16-33 for 151 yards and 0 TDs with 2 INTs. He was sacked a whopping SEVEN TIMES! Also, what happened to LeSean McCoy. This guy was a superstar on Philly. Here he is a joke. He had 5-24 yards. Completely laughable. They can’t even get Kelvin Benjamin involved either. He had one catch for 34 yards. Aaron Rodgers did not need his best. He had 298 yards on 22-40. He threw one pick and one TD. They did get a little jump from Aaron Jones. He had 11-65 and a TD. He is showing that he will be their number one back. Jimmy Graham added a TD as well. The Bills really should be embarrassed as they had a total of 145 yards.

MY TAKE: The Bills come back down to Earth after that shocking win against the Vikings. So much so that they didn’t score a point in this game. The Packers did exactly what they should have in this game. Green Bay will be there all year, but they are not quite as exciting as they have been in year’s past. Aaron Rodgers is playing hurt and will continue to do so. The Bills have to be upset with how LeSean McCoy is playing, which is complete garbage. 



COLTS 34 – Texans 37*** (Texans -1…o/u 48.5 OVER) A ton of stats and a ton of drama. This was a good game considering how these teams have played this year. Deshaun Watson had 375 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT. Andrew Luck had an even better line going 40-62 for 464 yards and FOUR TDs with 0 INTs. Watson was sacked seven times. Luck was sacked four. Another set of teams that can’t run the ball. The Colts leading rusher went 8-16 yards. DeAndre Hopkins did what he does with his 10-169 yards and 1 TD performance. Both teams had 10 penalties each.

MY TAKE: A surprisingly high scoring affair here. The Texans have had a very disappointing year. At the very least, they won this game. They really needed to if they want any shot in this division. Andrew Luck has played well considering that he missed so much time, and many think the zip he had on his balls is now gone. The Texans once had a tough defense that scared teams. Not this season. Giving up 34 points to this Colts team is not gonna win many games, but it was good enough this week, as they scored their season high here.



JAGS 31*** – Jets 12 (Jags -7.5…o/u 40.5 OVER) The Jags got right back on track against a lowly Jets team. Jacksonville was never behind. Blake Bortles put on a show going 29-38 for 388 yards and 2 TDs and 1 INT. They ran the ball as well, as Leonard Fournette and TJ Yeldon combined for 29 carries and 82 yards with a TD (Yeldon). The Jags had two hundred yard WRs with Dede Westbrook 9-130 and Dante Montcrief who went 5-109 with a TD. The Jets had a very very poor offensive day. Sam Darnold was sacked three times and went 17-34 for 167 yards and a TD. His only silver lining was that he didn’t add to his INT total on the year. There was a huge difference in total yards as the Jets had a sad 178 to the Jags 503. The only thing that the Jags did wrong was four fumbles. Two of which they turned over.

MY TAKE: The Jags are back on track. The Jets are way off the tracks. It is so strange to see how the Jets have crumbled since that performance against Detroit in week one. The Jags got right back to business after that joke of a performance against Tennessee the week before. Even though they do not have Leonard Fournette, the Jags seem to be OK so far. The Jags have every reason to believe that they can get to the Super Bowl. I think they can as well.



PATRIOTS 38*** – Dolphins 7 (Patriots -6.5…o/u 50.5 UNDER) Poor, poor Miami Dolphins. This was such an important game. And boy, they did not show up to this one. It was so bad, that they benched Tannehill for Blake Osweiler just to save his skin. Tannehill had a classic dink and dunk 100 yards on 11-20 with an INT. Kenyan Drake had a miserable 3-3 yards. Albert Wilson who the week before was a hero, had a dink and dunk 4 catches for 19 yards. Tom Brady had a decent game. He went 23-35 for 274 yards and 3 TDs. He did throw 2 picks though. The Pats have finally had a running back that can compliment James White. Sony Michel had 25 carries for 112 yards and a TD. James White had a total of 112 yards and 2 TDs rushing and receiving. The Fins had a sad 172 yards total while the Pats had 449 yards. The Fins were completely manhandled.

MY TAKE: This was the Dolphins game to validate their entire season. Sadly, they ruined everything. They needed this game and they could not accomplish the goal. New England steamrolled them. Now the Dolphins have to wonder what now? Ar they what they think they are? Do they really think that they have a shot in this division? New England needed this game badly to get back into the mix and they got it. Keep an eye on this division.



TITANS 26*** – Eagles 23 (Philly -3…o/u 41 OVER) I felt that this was a game that Philly had to win to show that they are the reigning Super Bowl champs. They lost in overtime to a Tennessee team that is showing some moxie this season. Carson Wentz went 33-50 for a big 348 yards and 2 TDs. He had 0 picks but sacked four times. Alshon Jeffery came back to health and had a good game. He went 8-105 and a TD. Zach Ertz had 10-112. Even Jordan Mathews who was recently added to the team had a 56 yard TD catch on his only catch. Marcus Mariota had as good a game as he is gonna have. He was accurate. 30-43. He had 344 yards and 2 TDs with 1 INT. The team had a poor day rushing. Dion Lewis had 4-0 and Derrick Henry had 8-24. Marcus Mariota led the team with 10-46 yards and a rushing TD. Corey Davis had a monster. 9-161 and a TD. Stat wise this game was very close. Someone had to win. Unfortunately for Philadelphia, it was Tennessee.

MY TAKE: I have said this all season. The Eagles are just no the same. Here is more proof. They lost a game they had no business losing. This is the SUPER BOWL champs, folks! The Titans, on the other hand, are starting to look more impressive with back to back wins against Philly here and the Jags the week before. These are two of the leagues best teams, people. Tennessee is going to make some waves if they keep playing like this. The Eagles have every reason to be very nervous. Nobody is scared of them, and why should they be. There is no real firepower. Even with Carson Wentz this team only put up 23 points. Not good. Not good at all.



CARDS 17*** – Seahawks 20 (Seattle -3.5…o/u 40 UNDER) Amazingly, it took a game winning FG at the last second for Seattle to win this game. The problem with this is that the Cardinals have been so bad this year. If you can believe it, Russell Wilson played as good as Josh Rosen, or should I say as bad. Wilson dinked his way to 172 yards and zero TDs. Rosen dinked his way to 180 yards and 1 TD. Seattle got a good performance from 3rd string RB Mike Davis who went 21-101 and 2 TDs. For the Cardinals, David Johnso continues his lame season going 22-71 but did have a TD. Larry Fitzgerald, who should be crying, went 3-28 on seven targets. If you can believe it, the Seahawks won this game even though they went 0-10 on 3rd down conversions.

MY TAKE: While the Cardinals did make this a tough game, they have no season, and nothing to really play for this year. All they can do now is be a spoiler. I don’t see much in store for the Seahawks either. They did win a road game here and they are not terrible, but they just don’t have firepower. I am not into them or what they can do. All they have is a wild card shot. There is no shot in their division against the Rams.



RAIDERS 45*** – Browns 42 (Raiders -2.5…o/u 44.5 OVER) It really is sad for Cleveland, who had every chance to win this game. They scored in every quarter, EXCEPT in overtime when they most needed it. David Carr showed some life this season by flinging 58 passes in this game for 437 yards and 4 TDs. He did throw 2 INTs. They got 130 yards out of Marshawn Lynch, as well as big games from Amari Cooper 8-128 and a TD, and Jared Cook who had 8-110 and 2 TDs. Baker Mayfield did his best throwing for 295 yards and 2 TDs with 2 INTs. Carlos Hyde did what he has been doing going 22-82 and a TD. They got two huge plays from rookie Nick Chubb who had 3 carries for 105 yards and 2 TDs. Jarvis Landry did have a TD, but he has not been getting much in the way of catches and yards this season. Here, he had 4-34. This game had 1,000 yards of offense.

MY TAKE: This at least turned out to be the game of the week, perhaps. Imagine we are saying that. The Browns and Raiders. The game started kinda slow, but the action heated up big time in the second half and in overtime. The Raiders really are a huge disappointment this year. The Browns, on the other hand, are giving their fans some hope.



CHARGERS 29 – 49ers 27*** (Chargers -10…o/u 46.5 OVER) This turned out to be a fun game. Surprisingly, CJ Beathard played quite well in his first total start as a rookie backing up the injured for the season Jimmy Garoppolo. He had 298 yards along with 2 TDs and 2 INTs. The Niners had no running game as Morris and Brieda only combined for 13 carries for 53 yards together. Tight End Greg Kittle is doing a great job this year. He added a 6-125 and 1 TD performance. But it wasn’t enough as Philip Rivers went for 250 yards and 3 TDs with 1 INT. Melvin Gordon is having a super year, and it continued. He had 15-104 rushing along with 7-55 and a TD receiving.

MY TAKE: The Chargers are good. The 49ers are OK. The Chargers did squeak this one out, which is kind of odd considering that they had a chance to jump all over the backup QB as Jimmy Garoppolo was out for this game. The Chargers will give teams fits this year. How far they go really is a mystery though.



GIANTS 18 – Saints 33*** (Saints -3…o/u 52 UNDER) This was kind of a game at the half. Then the Saints got serious. First off, you have to talk about Alvin Kamara. He hasn’t been doing too much rushing, as his receiving has been the key to his success so far this year. He ran like the wing in this game. He had a sick 19-134 and THREE TDs. He added 5-47 receiving. Amazingly, the Saints put up 33 points even though Drew Brees only went 18-32 for 217 yards. He had ZERO TDs and zero INTs. He actually has zero INTs on the whole year. Nobody on the Giants impressed, as has been the case for much of the season. Eli did OK with a 31-41 for 255 yards line. He added one TD. Saquon Barkley had a decent 10-44 and a TD, but that is just not enough carries. Sterling Shepard is playing as well as Odell Beckham Jr.

MY TAKE: The Saints scored another 30+ points, and beat a Giants team that still can’t score. They are the better team and showed it. Still no Odell Beckham TDs, still no Eli Manning looking good. Meanwhile the Saints keep churning along. As much as Drew Brees is the catalyst, it is Alvin Kamara that is making the difference.



STEELERS 14 – Ravens 26*** (Steelers -3…o/u 51.5 UNDER) It is like deja vu for the Steelers. They did this same thing earlier to the Chiefs. In this case,  they went down 14-0 in the first quarter, only to come back and tie the game 14-14 at the half. They didn’t score again. This was a very important game as it is a divisional matchup. Flacco threw all over the poor Steelers D, as he went 28-42 for 363 yards with 2 TDs and 0 INTs. Alex Collins and Buck Allen combined for an honest 21 carries and 72 yards. John Brown broke out for a 3-116 yard day with a TD. Flacco hit twelve different players with passes. Big Ben had a mediocre 27-47 for 274 yards. He added one TD and one INT. Absolutely no running game with James Conner leading the team with 9-19 yards. He had 30+ carries in week one, folks. No WR did too much either. Antonio Brown did lead the team with a 5-62 and 1 TD performance.

MY TAKE: The Steelers are in so much trouble. Just when you thought they might be making a comeback this season, they drop a division game to Baltimore. They are so hard to figure out. James Conner went from 30+ carries in week one to nine carries in this game. How is that possible? Big Ben has definitely found a new favorite target in Juju Smith-Schuster. He also has a couple of monster tight ends. But for some reason, they just can’t get over the hump. The defense is not helping them at all. I can tell you that. 



BRONCOS 23 – Chiefs 27*** (Kansas City -3.5…o/u 53 UNDER) Just when Denver thought they had this game in the bag. They lead in the 4th quarter, but it wasn’t enough because the Chiefs have Pat Mahomes. Denver played as good at defense as anyone has versus the Chiefs. Mahomes had to earn his 304 yards taking 45 throws to do so. He added one TD and still has zero INTs. Kareem Hunt finally got off as he went 19-121 yards with a TD and added 3-54 receiving. Travis Kelce added his usual solid 7-78 and a TD. Case Keenum is starting to scare people. He had a ehh 245 yards and zero TDs. He added another pick to give him six on the year. He has only 3 TDs. They did run the ball fairly well as Royce Freeman had 8-67 and Phillip Lindsay had 12-69. Both had TDs.

MY TAKE: WOW! The Chiefs are on such a roll. It is always a good sign to see a team that can not only win games big, but can also come from behind to win as well. That is what the Chiefs had to do in this game, and led by the leading MVP candidate this season, Pat Mahomes. Another game that Mahomes wins, another game that he does not throw an interception. Denver gave it all and still lost. Case Keenum is showing that he may not be the man they hoped for. There is a silver lining in the Denver rushing game though. Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay have played well, but is it going to be enough?


Bye Week: Panthers, Redskins


ATS 8-6-1…..Over/Under 9-6

YTD ATS 27-34-2…..Over/Under 34-29