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BROWNS 21*** – Jets 17 (Browns -3…o/u 41 UNDER) First off, congrats goes to Cleveland. They finally won a game since 2016. It snapped a 19 game winless streak. What a tale of two halves. The Jets jumped out to a 14-0 lead with two Isaiah Crowell runs for touchdowns, and had a 14-3 lead at the half. To close the first half Tyrod Taylor (who sucked) was benched for rookie Baker Mayfield. Mayfield led the Browns right away to a FG to end the half. The Browns outscored the Jets 18-3 in the second half to win the game. Sam Darnold threw two INTs and continues to do this hurting the Jets. Mayfield, however, went 17-23 for 201 yards and looked like a man possessed. Carlos Hyde had his best game so far going 22-98 with 2 TDs. Even Jarvis Landry got in the mix (finally) as he went 8-103. The Jets had three turnovers in the game. This obviously does not help. One of those turnovers occurred on the final drive when the Jets had a shot at winning the game.

MY TAKE: Enter Baker Mayfield. He came in just in time. This is his team now. He is the reason the Browns won this game. Tyrod Taylor, it was nice knowing you. Enjoy all of those paychecks. This was a fun game and a tale of two halves. The Jets can begin scratching their heads now. Sam Darnold is throwing picks. Too many picks. Cleveland does lead the NFL in interceptions, so that is part of it, but come on. The Brown’s season officially starts in week four. That is when Baker Mayfield will start. The Jets have been deflated after that Detroit Lions game. It seems like many moons ago when they played that well.



FALCONS 37 – Saints 43*** (Falcons -1.5…o/u 54 OVER) What an offensive display. I mean these teams look like they don’t even have a defense. And form these scores, they don’t! This game had to go into overtime to find a winner, and ironically a  rare Drew Brees touchdown run won the game. Brees had a monster game with supreme accuracy. An amazing line! 39-49 for 396 yards and 5 total TDs (3 throwing and two rushing) with 0 INTs. Wide receiver Mike Thomas had ten targets and caught ten balls for 129 yards. Running back Alvin Kamara added 15 catches for 124 yards. But Atlanta’s Matt Ryan would not be outdone. he had 26-35 for 374 yards and a HUGE FIVE TOUCHDOWNS with 0 INTs. The Falcons also found a new favorite target in Calvin Ridley. He had THREE TOUCHDOWNS with a 7-146 line. Imagine that Julio Jones still does not have a TD this season?

The game ended in OT with an 80 yard drive for a Brees TD. Brees also had a run in the game that sent the game to overtime. In this game, Brees broke Brett Favre’s record for lifetime completions.

MY TAKE: Somebody had to win this offensive festival. Two amazing passers put on a display. It makes it even more amazing considering that neither team can run the ball. Well, at least they didn’t in this game. Both of these teams will score a lot all season. They don’t seem like they will stop anyone. But only time will tell who will win this division. It should be fun to watch all season. You are watching two of the best in the game in Brees and Ryan. Enjoy!


RAVENS 27*** – Broncos 14 (Ravens -5.5…o/u 46 UNDER) This was an interesting game. Denver scored immediately to start the game with a short Royce Freeman run. Baltimore answered right back with their own rushing TD. The first quarter was red hot as they finished it with a 14-10 Denver lead. Baltimore scored ten in the second quarter to take a lead at the half. Denver never scored again and the game was easily won by Baltimore. Denver had ZERO offense. Keenum only had 192 yards. Royce Freeman had only 13-53 and a TD. The receivers didn’t do much worth mentioning. Flacco had 25-40 and a TD. Not really too much offense. 20 combined penalties (13 by Denver).

MY TAKE: Baltimore wins as they really should have. Neither of these teams excites or even really have an identity. It is hard to figure them out. Neither can run or even try to commit to it. If Case Keenum is not on, Denver will lose every time. Like they did here. Not much happened here. The better team actually won.



PANTHERS 31*** – Bengals 21 (Panthers -2.5…o/u 44 OVER) When you get AFC vs. NFC matchups, they are hard to figure. These teams never see each other. First quarter was even. Each team had a rushing TD. The second quarter was pretty even as well, but Carolina took a lead and ended the half up 21-14 after a CJ Anderson TD from Cam Newton. The third quarter saw Cam Newton score his second rushing TD. Cincy scored to match it with a Tyler Boyd TD from Andy Dalton. The Panthers added a FG for good measure at the very end of the game. Dalton threw for a lot of yards (352). He threw for two TDs. But he also threw FOUR INTERCEPTIONS! Tyler’s Eifert and Boyd combined for 12-206 yards and a TD. AJ Green had a groin injury in the game and left in the 3rd quarter.

Cam Newton was very efficient. What he did do was SCORE FOUR TOUCHDOWNS. Two rushing and two throwing. He was 15-24 for 150 yds. He threw zero picks. But this was about the running game. Carolina ran all over Cincy. 230 to 66 yards rushing. Christian McCaffrey exploded for 28-184 His previous career high was a laughable 66 yards. Cam Newton added 10-36.

MY TAKE: Another coin toss NFL game. Carolina can run the ball. If they continue to do so, they will be dangerous. Nobody in the NFL can run the ball with consistency. They are even letting Cam run more than he has in the past year or so. If McCaffrey can even remotely do this here and there this team will be tough. That being said, Cincy threw four interceptions (one on the final play that didn’t count) and was still in this game. So take what you will from that. Both teams are good this year. Both will be in the playoff hunt all year.



TEXANS 22 – Giants 27*** (Texans -6.5…o/u 44 OVER) The Texans started the game with a FG early. After that, they disappeared. They let the Giants score 20 unanswered points before the Texans tacked on a BS FG to end the half. They did fight back to score 10 unanswered points. But the Giants shut the door on them with a Sterling Shepard TD at the 2 minute mark. The Texans did add a junk TD to close out the game to make it look more respectable. Eli had a very solid 25-29 for 297 and 2 TDs 0 INTs. Saquon Barkley went 17-82 and a TD. Odell Beckham finally got off going 9-109 but still had zero TDs. Deshaun Watson had a big day. He went 24-40 for 385 yds and 2 TDs with 1 INT. They could not run the ball, much like the whole NFL. Will Fuller had a big game going 5-101 and a TD.

MY TAKE: I am just not sure what to make of either of these teams. You never know how they are going to show up. The Giants got their first win on the road. The Texans lose again and are a huge disappointment. They have some real talent, yet they can’t get a win. I am not high on either team. The Giants have a shot because their division is weak and every team in it has a shot. I personally do not see the Texans beating out Jacksonville in their division.



JAGS 6 – Titans 9*** (Jags -10…o/u 39.5 UNDER) This seemed like it was going to be a blow out on paper. The Jags are a Super Bowl contender. The Titans are an AFC pretender. But this is why they play the games. Blaine Gabbert started but got knocked out with a concussion. In comes Marcus Mariota who was hurt himself the week before. Tennessee seems to own Jacksonville. They have taken three straight and 5 of the past 6 games. Mariota only mustered 100 yards. Bortles only 155. This game had more punts than it did FGs. How about ZERO TOUCHDOWNS. Notmuch to say here, but this game allows the Titans to stay alive in the AFC South. This could have been a game that Jacksonville buried them. It wasn’t.

MY TAKE: This was the dud of the week. Absolutely boring. And a total and complete letdown by the Jags. They lose a home division game to a much weaker team. I am at a loss how this team just did not get up for this game. I don’t care what the reason is. They are way more talented. This is one of those games where you just feel that the fix is in. This game should have been where Jacksonville really solidified the division. But now because they didn’t, Tennessee has life. Jacksonville really slipped up. We will see if they let this letdown carryover. They better hope not.



CHIEFS 38*** – 49ers 27 (Chiefs -5.5…o/u 53.5 OVER) Kansas City really is fun to watch. How about a team that puts up 35 points at the half? They jumped all over San Fran to lead 35-10 at the half. They knocked Jimmy Garoppolo out for the season as well. He was actually having a great game as he was 20-30 for 251 and 2 TDs and ) INTs. He could have gotten out of bounds on a run but stayed in and got nailed for it. On the other hand Pat Mahomes continued his torrid pace. He finished 24-38 for 314 yards and 3 TDs and ) INTs. He has not thrown a pick at all this season. He now has 13 touchdowns! Kareem Hunt finally got off and scored two touchdowns on the ground. Travis Kelce did what he does going 8-114 but zero TDs. Mahomes threw his three TDs to three different WRs, getting everybody involved. For the Niners, Matt Breida and Alfred Morris combined to go 24-157 yards. This game had 51 first downs! San Fran had a whopping 14 penalties.

MY TAKE: I said it before and I will say it again. The Kansas City Chiefs are unstoppable. Pat Mahomes is now a bonafide star. He threw another three TDs with 0 interceptions. The only way this team is going to lose is to either just not show up or turn the ball over a bunch, and they aren’t doing either. Personally, I can’t see a team outscoring them. Can you name the team that can do that? As for San Francisco, their season is now over. The extremely well-paid QB Jimmy Garoppolo went down for the year in this game, and they are not well set up at back up QB. All in all, the 49ers were in the same division as the Rams, so they had no shot there. It was wildcard at best. Now they can kiss that dream good bye.



DOLPHINS 28*** – Raiders 20 (Dolphins -3…o/u 46 OVER) The Raiders scored immediately much like they did versus the Rams. Jordy Nelson finally came alive to get his first TD. Miami tied the game to start the second quarter. Oakland added a FG late to take the lead at the half. There was no scoring the whole third quarter till the end when Oakland and Miami traded TDs. One from Marshawn Lynch rushing, the other was a Tannehill to Jakeem Grant. The fourth quarter was a Raiders collapse. They gave up two huge touchdown plays to Miami. A 52 yard TD pass on a razzle-dazzle play from Albert Wilson. Only to be followed up with a 74 yard TD pass to Albert Wilson. Those plays won the game. Point blank period! Imagine that the Raiders controlled the clock 38 minutes to 21 minutes in the game, and lost.

MY TAKE: The Raiders are proving again and again how lame they are. Amari Cooper is becoming a bust more and more. He is no Julio Jones. He isn’t even half a Julio Jones. The Raiders led the ENTIRE game until the 4th quarter, where they gave up two MONSTER TDs to Miami. One razzle-dazzle play and the other was a huge short pass that was taken 70+ yards to the house by Albert Wilson. Ryan Tannehill continues to play pretty mistake free football and it is showing. He is 10-1 in his last 11 starts. I feel like the Dolphins have a real shot at their division. This may really be their year as New England has proven that they are just a shadow of their past.



VIKINGS 6 – Bills 27*** (Vikings -16.5…o/u 41 UNDER) This is the kind of game where you just throw the whole NFL away. This game plain made no sense. The Vikes were a massive favorite. As big as any line you will ever see in the pros. Not only did Minnesota lose, but the got annihilated. It really wasn’t even funny. How can a team so good play so bad. I just do not get it. They have the same talent and run the same plays in practice every week. This game really was 27-0. The TD Minnesota scored was a junker at the three minute mark before the final. Buffalo, led by an impressive Josh Allen (15-22 for 196 yards and three TDs. One passing and two rushing.) Minnesota without Dalvin Cook had an embarrassing six carries for 14 yards rushing in the entire game! Kirk Cousins threw 55 times and still didn’t hit 300 yards (296). Adam Thielen continues to be a target monster. He had 19 balls thrown his way. He finished going 14-105, but zero TDs.

MY TAKE: The fix was in. Trap game city. Go figure this one out? Just impossible. Can’t even begin to understand how this team lost. Can’t understand how this team gave up 27 points to a rookie QB making his second start in his career. Can’t understand how a team with Cousins, Cook, Diggs and Thielen can only muster 6 points AT HOME!!! It defies all logic. There is just too much talent. This is the kind of game that really upsets me as a better and as a fan. It just reeks of something strange. I don’t know what is going to happen with these teams from here, but just throw this game in the trash. It means nothing.


EAGLES 20 – Colts 16*** (Eagles -6.5…o/u 45 UNDER) Not an exciting matchup at all. It really is amazing how much Philly is struggling this season. The teams traded TDs in the first quarter. Neither team did much in the second quarter until Philly added a field goal with three minutes before halftime. The third quarter was awful as well as there were only three FGs made and the Colts tied the game going into the fourth. Philly won the game at the three minute mark by scoring a rushing TD. It’s amazing  how close this was considering that Philly had 12 more first downs. They were way better on third downs, and had 170 more yards of combined offense. Both teams were penalized a lot. Philly had ten and Indy had eleven. Philly did have four fumbles in the game, but only turned one over. The time of possession in this game was almost impossible to believe. Philly had the ball for 40 minutes and the Colts only 20 minutes.

MY TAKE: Carson Wentz came back and the Eagles win. That is the good news. The bad news is that they barely won to a mediocre team. They still have no WRs and really don’t run well either. I don’t expect much from the Eagles this season. But Wentz is back and we will see. The Colts are a coin-toss team. You really have no idea how it is gonna go. This team is just happy to have Andrew Luck out there. That is really sad, because he was supposed to be something special. Now it is cross your fingers and hope he doesn’t kill you or get hurt.



REDSKINS 31*** – Packers 17 (Packers -2…o/u 46 OVER) Here you go. Another trap game. The Skins couldn’t do a thing against the Colts the week before. They got embarrassed. Enter Green Bay and Washington gets its mojo back. They jump right out with a big 46 yard TD to start the game. Adrian Peterson added a TD and Washington was up 14-0. Green Bay started the second quarter with a FG. It wasn’t enough. The final four minutes of the second had three TDs. The problem was Washington scored two of them. The game was 28-10 at the half. Green Bay added a touchdown in the third but that was it. The game was a wrap. It isn’t as if Aaron Rodgers played poorly. He didn’t, having 265 yards and 2 TDs with 0 INTs. It’s just that Adrian Peterson ran all over them. To the tune of 19-120 and 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: Washington is confusing. Green Bay is confusing. There is no way to truly make sense here. Both of these teams are good. But you just don’t know how they are going to play week to week. Just hold your breath if you are a fan of either. The good news, is that they both can win any week. AP is exciting. You just have to wait and see. Kinda scary really.



RAMS 35*** – Chargers 23 (Rams -7…o/u 49 OVER) The Rams may be the best team in football. The offense is right up there. They did it again. The Chargers stuck with em though. The Rams outscored the Chargers in the first quarter going up 14-6. The Rams got a blocked punt TD, but the Chargers added a TD as well. It was 21-13 at the half. More scoring in the third quarter. The problem is that for each Charger TD, the Rams scored two. The fourth quarter was quieter as the Chargers added a FG very early in the 4th. But it wasn’t enough. Jared Goff had a sick line. How about 29-36 for 354 yards and 3 TDs. Philip Rivers had a mediocre 18-30 for 226 yards and 2 TDs. Todd Gurley had 23-105 and a TD. Robert Woods had 10-104 and 2 TDs.

MY TAKE: The Rams are the team to beat. Without a doubt, they are in the NFC. They score 30 PPG every game and there is nobody that can really stop them. Jared Goff is off to an amazing start. He has so many weapons, and they are one of the few balanced teams that can actually run the ball. Give the Chargers credit, but they never had enough to compete. They would have needed Rivers to throw for 400 yards plus to have a shot, which he can do. But he didn’t this week and thus the L. 



CARDINALS 14*** – Bears 16 (Bears -5.5…o/u 39 UNDER) If you can believe it, the Cardinals took a big lead all in the first quarter. Sam Bradford hit Ricky Seals-Jones on a big TD early on followed by another TD to David Johnson to end the quarter. The whole second quarter went by until the Bears finally got on the board with a very short FG. The problem for the Cardinals is that they never scored again. They actually used this as a chance to bring in rookie QB Josh Rosen. Rosen even through a pick. The Cardinals stars are still complete no-shows. Larry Fitzgerald had 2-9. Yes, you read that right. David Johnson had 12-31.

MY TAKE: Just when the Bears are winning everybody’s heart, they squeak this one out, barely. They are gonna have to figure out a way to score. The defense can’t save you every week. There has to be some help here. I think they will be fine. They won a game here that they legitimately should have been lost. If the Bears can get the offense going, they will be dangerous.



SEAHAWKS 24*** – Cowboys 13 (Seahawks -1…o/u 40 UNDER) The first quarter was a dud, but after that the Seahawks went bananas all over the Cowboys ending the half 17-3 on two Russell Wilson touchdown passes. They added a Janikowski FG. All Dallas could muster was two FGs in the game until they got a junk TD with seven minutes left int he game. This game had Prescott actually throw 2 INTs which is rare. Ezekiel Elliott had a big game going 16-127 but it didn’t amount to anything. For Seattle, Chris Carson ran for 32-102 and a TD.

MY TAKE: I am not excited about either team. Neither look that great. Neither have put up much offense. The fact that the Cowboys at home can’t score more than 13 points should be upsetting. Losing like this at home is even worse. What more can this team do? Big win for Seattle though. I’m not sure what to make of this team just yet. Dallas on the other hand doesn’t look good. Imagine that they still don’t want Dez Bryant.



LIONS 26*** – Patriots 10 (Patriots -7…o/u 55 UNDER) The Patriots are looking scary. They let the Lions jump all over them. The Lions took a 13-0 lead until the Pats got on the board with a late FG at the half. The teams traded TDs in the 3rd quarter and that was that. The Lions added two FGs to rub it in New England’s face. Detroit really destroyed the Pats. 25-12 in first downs. 7-14 on 3rd down conversions for the Lions. A 200+ total yards advantage. As well as double the possession time.

MY TAKE: Go figure right. Patriots at home are pretty much a lock. Well, not so fast. What the hell happened here? Again, another one that defies logic. It’s not the loss. It’s the way they lost. They got owned. I said it all along that the Pats are just not the same. This game proves this.



BUCS 27 – Steelers 30*** (Bucs -1…o/u 55 OVER) For a quarter this was a game. The second quarter, however, was ALL STEELERS! They outscored Tampa Bay 24-3. It was 30-10 at the half. They coasted from there, as they were surprisingly shut outt in the 2nd half. Tampa had fight in them as they scored two TDs in the 4th,but it wasn’t enough to overcome the deficit. This game had a ton of stats. Big Ben had a monster going 30-38 for 353 and 3 TDs and 1 INT. Juju Smith-Schuster had 9-116 and Vance McDonald had 4-112 with 1 TD. Ryan Fitzpatrick had to throw a lot to come back. He went 30-50 for a huge 411 and 3 TDs but he did throw 3 INTs. Mike Evans had 6-137 for a TD.

MY TAKE: Great game. Just too little too late for Tampa Bay. The Steelers absolutely needed this game. They got it and it may have saved their season. Don’t get too excited yet though.



ATS 7-9…..Over/Under 8-8

YTD ATS 19-28-1…..Over/Under 25-23