I tell everybody that will listen that the NFL is just impossible to gamble on. The numbers do not lie. It truly is a 50/50 proposition. I will do my best to sift through to help you with info that will make this a bit simpler to understand. Every week you will get a recap of the action that happened on the previous Sunday. Let us jump in right now and get caught up on week two for your fantasy and betting wrap up needs.

Home teams are in CAPS. *** Is team who covered


BENGALS 34*** – Ravens 23 (Ravens -1…o/u 43.5 OVER) Cincy jumped out all over Baltimore to a 28-14 lead at the half. Baltimore added a TD right at the end to even get within the 14. Amazingly, AJ Green had three of the 4 TDs in the first half. Balty looked completely different from the week before where they threw all over Buffalo. Flacco had to throw 55 times. The team only ran 22 times. Andy Dalton continues to look great this season as he had 4 TDs and 0 INTs. Joe Mixon had a decent game for Cincy but did get hurt in the game. Tyler Eifert didn’t do much, but Cincy has a new player to watch in WR Tyler Boyd. He has become a favorite target for Dalton. Cincy had  4 sacks to Balty’s zero. Flacco threw 2 picks.

MY TAKE: This is a good example of a game that is hard to follow. Mainly as far as Baltimore goes. They looked so good against Buffalo. Granted Buffalo is terrible, but still. How do you go down immediately 14-0, then have to keep looking up? They were never really in the game even if the stats show differently. On the other hand, Cincy is now 2-0 and has looked good. This is anybody’s division as the Steelers look like shit and even the Browns still have a shot.



FALCONS 31*** – Panthers 24 (Falcons -5.5…o/u 43.5 OVER) Another hard to figure out game. To start the game was boring. 3-3 after the 1st quarter. Carolina actually took a lead, but let the Falcons score two late TDs to close the half up 17-10. The Falcons put up the only TD in the 3rd to take a dominating 24-10 lead. They traded TDs in the 4th and the Panthers did scratch and claw to make it a game. They added a TD late and did have a chance at tying the game, but to no avail. The game was very even stat wise, actually. One difference was that Atlanta fumbled three times but didn’t turn any over. Newton had a good game with 335 yds-3TDs-1 INT. Matt Ryan had a modest but very efficient 23 of 28 for 272 yds-2 TDs-1 pick. Tevin Coleman stepped in for RB Freeman (hurt) and had 16-107.

MY TAKE: The better team won the game. There are still some questions though. Julio Jones still does not have a TD. The Panthers cannot run the ball. Newton has led the team in rushing in both games. Point blank, Christian McCaffrey can’t seem to be a true RB. He gets a ton of dump off catches for sure, but it is relegated to that. This last game McCaffrey had 14-102 and it really did little for them. Not a lot of talent on Carolina. Greg Olsen is out and the WRs are weak. For a team that really relied on defense too, giving up 31 is not a good sign.  


BILLS 20 – Chargers 31*** (Chargers -7.5…o/u 41.5 OVER) Going into this game I was under the thought that Buffalo was the worst team in football. And while they may not be the absolute worst (Arizona), they are definitely int he bottom five…maybe bottom three. The Chargers jumped all over the Bills with a 28-6 start. The game was over at that point. Melvin Gordon is off to a great start scoring a bunch this season. He had three of the TDs in the first half. The Chargers then put the game into cruise control as they only added a FG in the 4th. Buffalo did throw up a couple of TDs in each quarter, but it meant nothing. Rivers had another 3TDs and zero INTs and was extremely accurate going 23 for 27 for 256 yds. Rookie QB Josh Allen started for the Bills. He could have played worse, but 18 for 33 with 1 TD and 2 INTs is eeehhh. LeSean McCoy is garbage this year going 9-39. Kelvin Benjamin should be crying in his helmet as he had only 2-19 with a junk TD.

MY TAKE: Let’s get the Bills out of the way. This team is terrible and made terrible moves. McCoy is bringing his off the field garbage with him hurting the team. They can’t run the ball. They have weak WRs and can’t throw. They can’t even get Kelvin Benjamin involved in the action. The Chargers, on the other hand, are chugging along. They did lose to Kansas City, but a lot of teams are gonna lose to Kansas City. Rivers looks great. Gordon looks great. This team can score. Will the defense help them out at all during the year is what we have to watch for.



PACKERS 29*** – Vikings 29 (Vikings -1.5…o/u 45 OVER) This was an excellent game on paper, and it turned out to be just that. Very exciting, and very disappointing if you are a Vikings fan. It is also the second tie in TWO WEEKS. Green Bay was pretty much in the driver’s seat in the first half up 17-7 even though one TD was a blocked punt touchdown. Minnesota didn’t score a point in the 2nd or 3rd quarter and this game seemed like it was a Packer win. Three Kirk Cousins TDs in the 4th (2 for Diggs) and the game-tying TD with the 2pt conversion and we had a tie game and headed to overtime. It was an amazing comeback. In fairness, it really should not have happened. The roughing the passer call that Clay Matthews got on Kirk Cousins to negate an INT was horseshit and would have ended the game for the Pack with only 1:45 left in the game. The kickers didn’t help either. While Mason Crosby did have 5 FGs, he missed a 52yd game-winner. Vikings rookie kicker Daniel Carlson missed two FGs in OT, including a simple 35yd kick at the end of OT.

Kirk Cousins is everything they could have hoped for and more. He had a sick 35 for 48, 425yds and 4TD line. Rodgers was OK with 281yds and 1 TD. Jimmy Graham came alive for Green Bay as did Davante Adams who had a TD. But the real stat getters were Adam Thielen who had 12-131 and 1 TD and Stefon Diggs who went 9-128 and 2 TDs. The sad part for Minnesota is that Dalvin Cook is not the same. Watch to see how he turns out. So far been very mediocre.

MY TAKE: I am convinced that Minnesota is the better team. I think they will have the better year. This was a fun game, but Minnesota will win this division. Their offense will move the ball all year. Everyone better watch out if they get Dalvin Cook or Latavius Murray going. As for Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers is hurt. He gets hit and sacked a lot. That can’t and won’t last. They have an even weaker running game than Minnesota. They need help. The defense isn’t quite so good either.



SAINTS 21 – Browns 18*** (Saints -9.5…o/u 51 UNDER) Another example of a head-scratcher. Just hard to make sense of. The Saints put up so much offense in week one. Week two was a struggle against the Browns? At home? Yes, it was. The game was awful for a half. Three FGs total by both teams and the Browns led 6-3 at the half. They led 12-3 going into the 4th quarter. But this is the Saints…and they are playing the Browns. It didn’t end this way. Brees hit Michael Thomas for 2 TDs in the 4th quarter to take a lead. Cleveland didn’t say die and they got a huge TD at the 1:16 mark of the 4th to take the lead back. The problem is, that they left time for Brees to get a 44yd FG set up. Wil Lutz came in and hit that FG to win the game.

The Cleveland kicker Zane Gonzalez missed two FGs and missed two extra points. That pretty much cost them the game. Stat wise, Cleveland was mediocre. Tyrod Taylor was 22-30 for 246 1 TD and 1 INT. Landry was OK and Carlos Hyde did add a TD. Drew Brees had a modest 28-35 for 243 and 2 TDs 0 INTs. Michael Thomas had a monster with 12 catches on 13 targets for 89 yds and 2 TDs. Alvin Kamara had 99 yds combined and 0 TDs. Five fumbles in the game by both teams.

MY TAKE: Another example of the NFL. Maybe you took Cleveland with the points. Maybe. But seeing as the Saints put up 40 in Week 1, nobody thought this would happen. They barely won, and if Cleveland had a kicker, the Saints would have lost. The Saints have no defense, but they did this week. It is a wait and see right now on both teams. Cleveland has played very feisty against two better teams. They came out with a tie and a near win. They are turning the corner. I like them and will continue to bet them. The Saints are showing roller coaster characteristics already. Keep an eye on it to see how it changes…or continues.



JETS 12 – Dolphins 20*** (Jets -3…o/u 43 UNDER) In a huge AFC East matchup, this one was also a surprise. The Jets have a home game after a monster road win against a better (on paper) Detroit Lions team. But that was last week. This is a rivalry where you throw it all out of the window. The Fins led the entire game. It really was very lopsided. The Fins had a 20-0 lead at the half. They started out with a Drake Rushing TD and added 2 Ryan Tannehill passing TDs. The Dolphins then went quiet in the second half scoring zero points and just holding on to the lead. Which they did. The Jets got a TD right after the half and added two FGs. It wasn’t enough. Tannehill had a simple 17-23 for 168 and 2TDs 0 INTs. Rookie Sam Darnold for the Jets had 334 yds but 1 TD and 2 INTs. There werer seven fumbles in the game by both teams. Fins lost two and Jets lost one.

MY TAKE: Big win for Miami. A road division win is a big deal. A bigger deal from the way the Jets played against the Lions. It also shows again how it makes no sense from week to week how people play. Miami has every reason to be excited. They have looked good. They don’t turn the ball over and they don’t get many penalties. 



STEELERS 37 – Chiefs 42*** (Steelers -4…o/u 52.5 OVER) In a game that featured absolutely NO DEFENSE, somebody had to win. The team with more firepower and arguably the league’s top QB through two games won the game. This game was very fun to watch if you love Tecmo Bowl, Madden style scoring and offense. It really had some amazing stats. Rarely do you see a team jump out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter (Kansas City) to then lose that lead and be tied up at 21 at the half. All six first half TDs were throws by the two QBs. Kansas City outscored Pittsburgh 21-16 in the second half to win the game…on the road. Big Ben had an amazing 60 attempys in the air. He had 452 yards with 3 TDs and 0 INTs. The crazy part is that Pat Mahomes of KC had an even better game. He had only 5 incompletes going 23-28 for 326 yds and a whopping SIX TDs and ZERO INTs.

Mahomes broke the NFL record for TDs in their first two starts ever with 10. That beats Peyton Manning and Drew Brees who had nine. There was 900 yds of offense in the game. Proof of no defense was the zero INTs and just one sack a piece. Both teams had 12 penalties each. That will need to change. Kareem Hunt has been mediocre so far this year, but Tyreek Hill scored again. Travis Kelce had a big game with 7-109 and 2 TDs. James Conner was a no-show this week with only 8-17yds. Juju Smith-Schuster continues to outshine Antonio Brown (6-97 0 TD) by having a 13-121 and a TD on NINETEEN TARGETS!

MY TAKE: The Steelers are in trouble. They can’t stop anything. There is bickering with Antonio Brown. There is a holdout with LeVeon Bell. They have zero wins. Media is circling. Mike Tomlin is being second guessed. Kansas City on the other side of the ball is on cloud nine. They are 2-0. They have the best QB in football through two weeks. The offense is unstoippable so far. The defense however, is a bit of an issue. If they can get that fixed up, Kansas City will be very dangerous. Right now, they are just dangerous…LOL!



BUCS 27*** – Eagles 21 (Eagles -3…o/u 46.5 OVER) This ain’t last year’s Eagles as you can probably already surmise. Yes, Carson Wentz has not played, but this team also is missing Alshon Jefferey and Mike Wallace got hurt in this game, even though he has done so little anyways. The Eagles never had a lead in this game, and they actually were more outplayed than the score shows. Tampa Bay on the other hand has been a great story this season. Ryan Fitzpatrick is having an MVP season. He hit former Eagle DeSean Jackson with a 75yd bomb for a TD on the first play of the game. He also hit OJ Howard with a 75yd TD in the second quarter. FitzMagic had a sick line with 27-33 for a whopping 402 yds 4 TDs and 1 INT. Foles was much better than week one. He did throw 48 times but had 334 yds and 1 TD.

MY TAKE: The Eagles need Wentz back bad. They also need their WRs back bad. It is amazing how average this offense looks just a year later. Wentz should be back so keep an eye on that situation. Tampa Bay is giddy giddy. They are 2-0. And it seems like Jameis Winston is done for real. As if Fitzpatrick couldn’t have had a better game. He might be the league MVP at this point. Tampa Bay has every reason to be excited. They matched the Saints score for score to win and score 48. This week they shut the Super Bowl champs down for a win as well. This team may be quite a thorn this year. Let’s see if they keep Winston off the field.



TITANS 20*** – Texans 17 (Texans -3.5…o/u 41 UNDER) Boring matchup on paper. Mariota was out for Tennessee. Delanie Walker out for the year on Tennessee. It would seem that the Texans, who everyone thought was going to have a better comeback season with Deshaun Watson back, would have played better. They didn’t. Where is the offense Houston? Imagine that Blaine Gabbert would beat this team. There was not much excitement here until the Texans took a lead at the start of the 4th quarter. The Titans won the game by breaking the tie with one minute left and a game winning FG. Watson did have 310 yds and 2TDs with 1 INT. He was sacked four times. Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins both had 100+ yds and a TD. Nobody on the Titans has a stat game. NOBODY!

MY TAKE: Neither of these teams are going anywhere in my opinion. The Texans are the bigger disappointment. There were expectations of a better season with Watson and JJ Watt back from injuries. The offense has looked average at best. Even with the young talent. Mariota is hurt again. Delanie Walker is out for the year. They have nobody at WR, and the running game isn’t doing much better at all.


REDSKINS 9 – Colts 21*** (Redskins -6…o/u 48 UNDER) This was arguably the most uninteresting game on the whole docket. But it turned out to be another one of these head scratchers as the Redskins didn’t show up AT HOME! Down 14-3 at the half, Washington was already looking bad. It is amazing considering how they played last week. It’s like they just straight did not show up to play. I don’t get it. They tried to crawl back, but Andrew Luck daggered them with a TD to TY Hilton to bury Washington. Luck has played OK in his comeback. Give him credit for being out there. The Colts have been very ginger with him. He didn’t put up many yards (179) but he did have two TDs and unfortunately 2 INTs. Adrian Peterson had a major drop off after a memorable week one. He had a pathetic 11-20 and 0 TDs.

MY TAKE: Another impossible to call game. Flip a coin with these two all year. You have no idea what you will get from them. I am surprised that the Skins were a flop at home with a game they really should have won. Be upset. Be very upset.



RAMS 34*** – Cardinals 0 (Rams -12…o/u 43.5 UNDER) This was the most lopsided matchup on paper, and it turned out exactly like it should. The league’s worst team against perhaps the league’s best team! It was disgusting. It really is sad what is happening in Arizona. Poor Larry Fitzgerald. Imagine he was 50/50 on coming back? He must regret it. Sam Bradford is offcially terrible (90 yds 0 TDs and 1 INT). He may really be done. This team has absolutely NO OFFENSE. And it makes no sense because they have Fitzgerald and David Johnson. As for the Rams, they did exactly what they were supposed to do…smother the Cardinals. Todd Gurley 3TDs. Brandin Cooks 7-159 yds. Jared Goff 24-32 for 354 yds and 1 TD 1 INT.

MY TAKE: It isn’t even funny how bad the Cardinals are. Bradford will be benched soon for rookie Josh Rosen. They might as well. They already lost the division, so now the wildcard is all they have. LOL…good luck. The Rams are looking great. How about 30+ points in two games? Not much to talk about here. The Rams are Super Bowl or bust. We will see if they make it that far. They were on their way last year. This year they are on a mission.



49ERS 30 – Lions 27*** (49ers -6…o/u 48.5 OVER) Pretty fun game considering. But for the Lions, it was just too little too late. They didn’t have enough time to mount a full comeback. It was an exciting game though. The 49ers were well in control going into the 4th quarter. They were up 27-13, but nobody told the Lions. They closed the game on a big run but it wasn’t enough as time ran out. Matt Stafford bounced back in a major way after the Jets debacle the week before. He went 34-53 for 347 yds and 3 TDs and 0 INTs. Jimmy Garoppolo was pretty darn good himself. He finished 18-26 for 206 yds and 2 TDs 0 INTs. The Lions spread the love amongst all their WRs. They still can’t run the ball. The 49ers actually ran the ball effectively as well. Matt Breida has been a great surprise as he went 11-138 with a huge TD run for 66 yds.

MY TAKE: Well, the Lions are 0-2. They are probably done, because they are in the wrong division to start slow. They got the Vikes, Pack and surprise Bears in the division. Not a good look. The 49ers will have to go wild card as they have the Rams to deal with. The y are good, but they just ain’t that good. Sorry, San Fran.



BRONCOS 20 – Raiders 19*** (Broncos -6…o/u 44.5 UNDER) The Raiders are officially done this year. After losing to the Rams in embarrassing fashion, and then losing a game that they led the whole way, they caved in the 4th and put up a ZERO and lost on a last minute drive lead by Case Keenum and Denver. Up 19-10 into the 4th quarter they caved and were blanked 10-0. All to lose on a game winning FG for Denver at the :06 mark. David Carr played better than he did versus the Rams, but it was not enough. Marshawn Lynch was mediocre with 65 yds and 1 TD. The game really was fairly even. Somebody had to lose. It was the Raiders in a terrible fashion.

MY TAKE: Denver is 2-0 and Oakland is 0-2. One team’s season is more than likely over. What is sad about the Raiders is that they have so many weapons and can’t score. John Gruden may have really messed things up here. I doubt they will turn it around, but stranger things have happened.



JAGS 31*** – Patriots 20 (Patriots -1.5…o/u 44.5 OVER) This was the GAME OF THE WEEK on paper. A huge playoff matchup from last year. The two best teams in the AFC to many. Whoever won this game was in the driver’s seat for the Super Bowl. The Jags not only won the game. They dominated the game. This game was incredible actually. All the more considering there was no Leonard Fournette due to injury. If you can believe it, just like the playoffs, the Jags jumped all over New England. 21-3 at the half. How often does that happen to the Pats? 24-10 going into the 4th it looked really bad. Blake Bortles shut everyone up! He had an amazing 29-45 for 376 yds and 4 TDs. He did have one pick. 27 first downs to the Pats 18. A whopping 10-14 on 3rd downs.

MY TAKE: This is Jacksonville’s year. There is no reason to think that they don’t go to the Super Bowl. I think it will be them against Kansas City for the shot. New England is just not the same. They don’t really have any offensive firepower. Now granted, this is an awesome defense, but I just feel something different here. Maybe it’s the bitching between coach and QB. Maybe it’s because Gronk doesn’t want to be there. They landed Josh Gordon since I am writing this. They better cross their fingers that he is more Randy Moss than Chad Johnson. 



COWBOYS 20*** – Giants 13 (Cowboys -3…o/u 42 UNDER) Someone had to win this game. Neither team has anything to be excited about this season. Dallas blanked the Giants 10-0 at the half, and never lost a lead. Both teams look pretty weak this season. Saquon Barkley had another pretty poor game. This time he didn’t break a long one, so he finished with 11-28yds and 0 TDs. He did get a ton of checkdowns though, 14-80 yds. Odell Beckham had another pedestrian 4-51 yds and 0 TDs after that huge contract. Dak Prescott had 160yds and 1 TD. The Cowboys sacked Eli six times while the Giants had ZERO SACKS!

MY TAKE: Both teams will not make the playoffs. Maybe, just maybe if the Eagles collapse and Washington can’t get on track, one of these two will win the division, but I highly highly doubt it. They talked about how bad the Dallas line is, and the Giants couldn’t muster ONE SACK. Just terrible. Hats off to Odell Beckham for already mailing it in.


BEARS 24*** – Seahawks 17 (Bears -4.5…o/u 42 UNDER) First off, the Bears defense is not to be messed with. They had another pick six in this game! They never were behind in a game that any other year they probably lose. This is not your Daddy’s Seahawks or your Daddy’s Bears. Trubisky (200 yds 2 TDs 2 INTs) had as good a game as Russell Wilson (226 yds 2 TDs 1 INT). Neither team really ran the ball well. It is the defense that made the difference. Three fumbles (one lost) by Seattle along with being sacked SIX TIMES!

MY TAKE: The Bears have something really good here. If they can get this offense together with a better running game and a more explosive Trubisky, they will be a serious problem this season. Their biggest issue is that they have Green Bay and Minnesota in their division.


ATS 5-11…..Over/Under 8-8

YTD ATS 12-19-1…..Over/Under 17-15