The big question of entertainment last week remains unclear, are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin married, or not?

The young singer Bieber, only 24, and model, only 21, got engaged in June 2018 while on vacation in the Bahamas.

Only a couple of days later they shared the news with fans the world over that they were in fact engaged.

The on-again off-again couple has been clear from the start of their engagement that they had wedding planning on the mind and saw no reason to wait.

Hailey was quoted to say that both her sister and her parents married young and are totally on board with her upcoming nuptials to the pop-star Bieber.

There have even been details shared such as Hailey’s plan for her sister to serve as her maid of honor, as she did for her sister’s 2017 wedding, and for Justin’s young sister to be the flower girl.

With all the Bieber wedding talk over the past couple of months, what’s changed?

Earlier this month, rumors spread that the couple legally married when they were spotted leaving a New York courthouse that is responsible for issuing marriage licenses.

PEOPLE, later reported that a “religious source spoke to the family,” and confirmed the couple was legally married but plans to have a ceremony and celebration with friends and family in the future.

To further add to the story, Alec Baldwin, Hailey’s uncle, was quoted on the red carpet before the Emmy’s confirming that the couple did in fact legally marry.

Baldwin also offered the young couple advice about syncing their busy schedules, encouragement to spend as much time together as possible, often a difficult task for those in the busy entertainment industry.

So why is this still a question? Hailey took to Twitter to state, no the couple is not yet married, then later deleted the tweet.

We won’t know for sure until the couple officially decides to share the news.