Something very special is hidden just outside of New York City. There is a revolutionary helicopter base called FLYNYON conveniently located close by in the neighboring state of New Jersey. This is a place where you want to make sure to arrive early. There are some cool things to experience before getting geared up to dangle your legs out of an open-door helicopter above the famed New York City and Statue of Liberty. Upon arriving, we were greeted with warm friendly hellos by all the staff and Kevin Cortes, their Director of Brand Partnerships made sure we had a refreshing drink in our hands within minutes of stepping foot in their large, beautiful and modern lobby. We were first introduced to their virtual reality headset tour of what the experience has in store for us! It’s really cool and super realistic, but of course nothing like the real thing. They even have a real helicopter inside the lobby for you to climb in and get a feel for the open-door policy. You can tell that this company cares about its customers well-being by the hip lounge and professional staff being precise about every single detail.

Each person and even their phones get special harnesses to make sure no one and nothing falls out. Specific instructions are given to ensure absolute safety for all passengers. There are 6 seats on the helicopter including the pilot so group excursions are an excellent option. It’s also a romantic and thrilling option to go as a couple, but going solo will definitely be an adventure as well! So don’t limit yourself if you want an adrenaline packed excursion, either day or night. Both offer incredible views of the surrounding area.

The excitement grew when we were getting strapped into our harnesses looking out at the open-door helicopters watching another group take off before us. Our take off was smooth and we quickly headed toward The Concrete Jungle. The closer we got to the amazing view of the city the more it came to life. Starting on the west side of the city we got as close as we could to the Freedom Tower and got to look down at the beautiful landscaping of ground zero. The next major photo opportunity was Times Square full of chaos and busy people. As we wrapped around the city with our feet dangling over Central Park we got an excellent shot of Manhattan all the way to Wall Street. Next, we shot down the east side over the water where all the big and beautiful bridges are getting a bird’s eye view of the traffic heading to and from the city. We made a few fly bys past the twin global icons, The Empire State Building and The Chrysler Building. The feeling of getting to witness all of this with such a clear view was exhilarating. Lastly, we got as close as we could to the Statue of Liberty standing tall and full of tourists. Circling this famous and important monument like this gives you the feeling and the reason why Freedom truly is so important!

Of course, we didn’t want the ride to end, but we left with a feeling of thrill and gratitude to be able to experience something so exhilarating. We both highly recommend their clean, fun, safe and adventurous doors-off helicopter photo experience!

With FLYNYON’s doors-off helicopter photo experience offering aerial fly overs ranging from flying above the 4th of July Fireworks to flying over Times Square at Midnight on New year’s Eve and with offices in  New York, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles give them a call today to book your next adventure!

Checkout: or call 855-696-6247 for immediate professional assistance.

Enjoy your ride and bring your professional camera. If you take a good enough photo they will sell your prints in their shop.


All the best,

Josh Leidolf

co-written by Domenica Rossi