TIMES SQUARE SHOT – Courtesy Instagram @glitterandlazers

I caught this story on the internet that led to me following up at Cosmpolitan.com where the (her) story originated and I knew that I had to say something about it. Since I am not a skinny dude and I have known to have a fetish or two myself, I felt that I had to see what this was all about. So, there is this SSBBW (which means a super-sized) model who is the founder of a ‘curvy fashion blog’ called Glitter and Lazers, her name is Anna O’Brien, who did a photo shoot in Times Square in New York City. She has done shoots before wearing clothes as it is a fashion blog.

Now before we get to what happened there, we have to go back to why we even remotely know who this very very heavy woman is. It has to be noted that this woman is not merely overweight. She is morbidly, morbidly obese. She has gone past the lines of anything that would be considered ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ or in a seriously proper mental mind state. When you see those on TV who get featured on these shows, one thing all of these 500+ pound people have in common is that they are unhappy or even depressed. And fuck, with good reason. Have you ever heard the obesity proverb, ‘I eat because I am unhappy, I am unhappy because I eat.’ There is a legit reason for that once you cross 500!

She has every reason to live ‘her life’ as she sees fit (or unfit). But we live in times now where forced body appreciation exists, and she and others like her get mad that you don’t find morbidly obese sexy. Or that they have fooled themselves into believing that just because they accept ‘the look’ that they are indeed healthy and the morbid obesity poses no harm or threats.

VEGAS SHOOT – Courtesy Instagram @glitterandlazers

Going back to why we even know there is an Anna O’Brien is that she did a bikini shoot in Las Vegas previous to the Times Square shoot. She basically was told to cover up and that she was causing a stir. She complained on IG was that it was because she is fat and skinnier girls were dressed even skimpier and nobody had a problem with them. (She seems to miss the point that it has nothing to do with fat as much as it has to do with spectacle. If she was skinny and standing there and rubbing herself with dog poop, she would be asked to leave. It’s not that any one is anti-poop. It is a SPECTACLE!)

So we now know that she doesn’t like being told to cover up. She wants her SSBBW body to be loved, and adored, and celebrated!!! HOOOORAAAAYYYYY!!! Well, wait. You haven’t heard about her Times Square shoot.

So fast forward to just recently, and back to her Cosmopolitan.com article, where she discusses the most revealing shoot she has ever done. But she was upset for a whole different reason. No, for real. This time she was mad that guys were actually into her! Yes…I’m serious. She was mad that she got ‘cat-called’. She was mad that guys were not ‘cat-calling’ the other women out there that were thin and painted up for tourists. She was mad that someone wanted to suck her chubby toes. She was mad that someone wanted to reassure her that there are even some guys out there, that would not only fuck her, but actually enjoy it! She was mad that she was objectified and fetishized.

Well, my corpulent cutie, you are a fetish. Sorry. Just how it goes. Society determines the fetishes. All of them are looked at as weird. Even big ole bootys, which seems so normal now…IS A FETISH! Feet??? It’s a fetish. Dwarves and lil people…fetish time! Stepping in jello….ummmmm fetish. Wanting to fuck a firetruck is a fetish. And yes, being sexually attracted to any, I repeat ANY body type that is waaaaay out of the norm, which her body is, is a fetish.

If needed, I can teach a course on this. Whether it is right or not. Whether it is fair or not, is not the question. What is amazing to me is how some people just inherently want to bitch about something all the time. This is why there is even the term  ‘oppression olympics’? She had to find a reason to be upset. I mean just imagine. You are going to do a photoshoot in front of hundreds of people and passersby. It is NYC. You know the prevailing attitudes toward fat people, as you are a fat woman dealing with it every fucking day. And you act surprised and hurt and shocked at what happened.

If you are soooo happy being this fat, the toughen up a bit. You got a long way down the ‘rocky road’….pun intended.