We have all seen the show Sesame Street when we were growing up. We all had our favorite characters on the show. For some, it was Cookie Monster. For a bunch of kids, it was Big Bird. For the future drug addicts, it was Mr. Snuffleupagus.

And for many, it was Bert & Ernie. They were that lovable friendly couple. Most probably leaned toward Ernie as Bert came across a little harsh and bossy, while Ernie was playful and innocent.

One thing about Bert and Ernie that is always discussed and perhaps debated, “not that it matters…LOL”, is whether they were actually a gay couple. Most people think they were. I think they are. Let’s face it, everyone thinks they are. While proving this fact is more than likely impossible as we will not find a sex tape between the two, or any compromising paparazzi photos of them at frisky¬†gay nightspots, it seemed like it was a pretty safe assumption. Not that it matters.

This brings me to this video posted here. A while ago I was introduced to this very bizarre video featuring Ernest & Bertram. These names are the presumed full names of our friends Bert & Ernie. Posted on YouTube in 2006 and having 300,000+ views the video is a real life, modern conversation about what the pain of being trapped in the closet must feel like between these two. The description of the video merely states, “A tragic love story between two heterosexually challenged muppets.”


The whole video has a very serious tone. There is nothing funny here. It is actually very accurate and poignant to anyone that is gay or identifies with gay themes. It is important that one watches this all the way to the end. For it is the end that is going to shock you. I wonder what Jim Henson would think of this?