Memes Rule! When memes come along that involve famous celebrities the internet world really takes notice. This week the world was treated to a real doozy when Jay-Z was photographed on a jet-ski, with the family, in a bright red helmet looking very uncomfortable. It actually is a funny site. It does make sense that any man worth a billion dollars should cover his dome with the red helmet, bubble wrap, styrofoam and have a bouncer sitting on his head not letting anyone near it. I get that. But this is Marcy’s finest! This is the King of New York! What the fuck are you doing with that on your head? It’s water bro! You aren’t gonna crack your head open. Keep the throttle low, and you’ll be fine.

Here is a sampling of the memes that are making everyone laugh:

In fairness, the photo is old, and somehow the unforgiving cruel net has unearthed it just for the sake of a laugh. This  seems to have been taken during a trip to Sardinia, which for all of you who don’t even know where Kentucky is, is an island located South of Italy.