Doing our research on different topics to write about, my boss, Pat came across this magical dancing unicorn man on Facebook. The name of his Facebook page is Seres Mitologicos – Mexico. It translates to “Mythological Beings” which is what he is clearly going for. He has it all. He has the blonde braids, the corkscrew unicorn horn, the Dracula era looking jacket, he has a blonde tail and also has the horse hooves as he wears some really well designed “horse-like” leg warmers. It actually looks quite authentic. Along with the white face paint, he IS a unicorn! He can best be described as a cross between a unicorn and Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

From watching the videos, you can see that this “street performer” really brings the unicorn magic. He goes into city centers and town squares in Mexico with his speaker and plays what kind of sounds like German Fetish Techno that he then hops around and dances too. Without a doubt, the unicorn man has moves, but due to those lifelike horse legs, he seems like he might be a bit limited in what he can do. He has certain go-to moves, though. He likes to put his hands out in that Michael Jackson, what do you want, sort of swagger. He does some minor galloping. He taps his hoof a lot as he spins around. It is definitely a show to see. Amongst all the dancing and fun, he blows a ram’s horn, in what can best be described as a mating call to other unicorns.

All that aside, he must be a national treasure in Mexico. I know he would be in the United States. It was at this point that I thought it was important to message our unicorn friend on Facebook and see about if it were even possible for him to come perform in the U.S. I established contact while writing this article. I am going back and forth to see if I can get this gentleman/unicorn here to Florida to perform for us. Wish me luck. Fingers crossed.