A Kansas family spoke out to Good Morning America about the day their ten-year-old-son Caleb died at the Schlitterbahn waterpark in Kansas City, Kansas. Scott Schwab (R-Kan.) and his wife Michelle detailed the devastating day last August when Caleb died at the park.

As the family arrived at the park the two boys Nathan, 12 and Caleb headed to get in line for the 168-foot tall Verruckt waterslide. Verruckt is German for “insane.” Scott Schwab remembers telling the boys before they went to get in line, “Brothers stick together,” and off the boys went. That was the last time Scott and Michelle saw their son Caleb alive.

Older brother Nathan waited at the bottom for Caleb but what he didn’t know was that Caleb has suffered a fatal neck injury toward the end of the waterslide ride. The ride shows riders down 17 stories at up to 65 mph.

Michelle recalls that her son was so distraught he couldn’t explain what he had seen. Nathan was screaming, “He flew from the Verruckt! He flew from the Verruckt!”

Scott had to beg a witness to tell him what happened. “I said just need to hear it from you, is he dead? And he says, ‘Yes, your son is dead. Michelle recalls that a gentleman would not allow her to go near her son. “He just kept saying, ‘No, trust me. You don’t want to go any further.'” ’ It was surreal I hardly remember driving home,” Scott said. “Six went to the park, five came back.”

While the family admits that yes it was an accident they also say that someone somewhere was negligent. The Schwabs received an undisclosed monetary settlement from the amusement park. Schlitterbahn officials have said the ride will be dismantled as soon as the investigation is complete.