You have the hamburgers, and the hot dogs, the baked beans and the corn on the cob, drinks, invites you have everything done for the 4th of July, just need to clean the BBQ! Stop! Did you know that cleaning the BBQ with wire brushes could land you in the hospital? Ron Hazelton, a home improvement expert says that wire brushes used to clean barbecues and grills could pose a dangerous health risk.

The wire brushes overtime lose bristles where they break off and get stuck on the grates of the BBQ. “The food that is then put on the grill picks up the bristle and it’s ingested, and that can cause some fairly serious problems,” Hazelton said. In a consumer report, an MRI clearly shows one of the bristles showing how serious consuming one can be. They can also puncture the esophagus and stomach.

Here are some tips on other alternatives to clean your grill:

A pumice stone is abrasive enough to scrap the food off. A knife or scraper can also get the food off especially on the sides of the coils in the grill. Aluminum according to Hazelton is also very effective, simply ball it and rub.

Believe it or not, an onion will also work, the vegetable’s acid can remove food particles, just rub on the grates. A sturdy sponge can also be another way to clean your grill.

If you do decide to use your wire brush you can hover a magnet over the grill to attract any rogue bristles and this way assuring nothing gets in the food you are grilling. Cleaning your grill after each use will also prevent foods from getting stuck on the grates that will be harder to remove later on.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

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