LeBron James has decided that he has to leave his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers…AGAIN…to go to another big market and try for a title there. The “I love my hometown” experiment is over.

James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers for a whopping four-year, $153.3 million contract!! The announcement was made through his agency, Klutch Sports Group, which announced the deal as $154 million.

It has been reported that the fourth year of the contract is a player option. It is the longest contract that James has signed since he signed his six-year contract with the Miami Heat in 2010.

James decided to walk away from his hometown Cavs as a free agent for the second time now. He left to play for the Miami Heat in a “Three Amigos” scenario with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade four years ago. James had stated his intention was to finish his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. That may or may not happen, but it really doesn’t seem likely now. Personally speaking, I think it would look very silly if he tried to go back again after a stint in L.A. And frankly, why would Cleveland even entertain that idea? He has now slapped them twice.

To me, it is not that doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. I’m sure that he enjoyed his time there. I’m sure he has real love for the city as it is his hometown. However, it is also very clear that he likes the “glitz and glamour”. Like he said when he went to the Heat, he was taking his talents to “South Beach”. He didn’t say to the Miami Heat. He said South Beach! Now he gets to do the same sort of thing in Los Angeles. He can now say that he played where Magic and Kobe and Shaq played. Now he can blow kisses to Jack Nicholson and Leo DiCaprio.

In a pure “sugarcoat” move, James, thanked his hometown of Cleveland in his Instagram story. He wrote in text overlaying a photo from the Cavaliers’ 2016 NBA title victory parade, “Thank you Northeast Ohio for an incredible 4 seasons. This will always be home.”

Los Angeles should be excited, and Cleveland should be really upset. Nobody will be going to Cleveland’s games anymore. On the other hand, Los Angeles will be off the chain. It might even begin to get nauseating much like the Heat coverage when LeBron was in Miami.