FIFA World Cup 2018 madness is in full swing. If you have been watching the group stage, there has been one of the biggest upsets in Cup history. The reigning 2014 World Cup Champions and number one ranked team in the world, Germany did not make it out of the group stage. Incredibly, they finished last in Group F, while Mexico and Sweden advanced. The other country of note that did not advance was Poland (ranked 8th in the world by FIFA). They finished in last as well in Group H, behind Colombia, Japan & Senegal.

Other than those two exits, the Cup has been as predicted. The teams advancing really should be advancing and were predicted to do so. The sixteen teams / countries advancing are GROUP A: Uruguay (9pts.) & Russia (6pts.), GROUP B: Spain (5pts.) & Portugal (5pts.), GROUP C: France (7pts.) & Denmark (5pts.), GROUP D: Croatia (9pts.) & Argentina (4pts.), GROUP E: Brazil (7pts.) & Switzerland (5pts.), GROUP F: Sweden (6pts.) & Mexico (6pts.), GROUP G: Belgium (9pts.) & England (6pts.), GROUP H: Colombia (6pts.) & Japan (4pts.).

The knockout round makes things exciting, because now when you win you advance. Lose and you go home. The stand-out match to start the knockout round is Brazil vs. Mexico. Mexico has played above what may have been expected and Brazil has played below (in my opinion). This should be a very exciting game. Especially when Brazil went into this Cup as the favorite.

Check this video out of EVERY goal from the 2018 FIFA World Cup Group Stage!


One thing I have learned is that the World Cup is super exciting. Club Soccer is nothing compared to when it is for pride and country. It also is for status. These guys compete hard to make it on their country’s team. It is considered an honor and proof that you are truly one of the best soccer players in the entire country!

This is where it gets good folks. This is when the yellow cards start to fly!!!! Enjoy! I know I will.