Humanity+ & TransVision 2018: The Next 20 Years!

20th anniversary of TransVision conferences

Hosted in Madrid, Spain

October 19-21, 2018


Spain will host the next Global Futurist Summit during October 19-21, 2018. Humanity+ will be the main international organizer of this world congress, TransVision 2018, with the help of other leading associations and organizations working on future technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, longevity extension, human enhancement, bitcoin and blockchain, political and legal issues, and many other future trends.

If you have been paying close attention to media, AI (artificial intelligence), robotics, and transhumanism have become popular subjects all around the world. Subjects ranging from sex, jobs & employment, and the future of humanity have gained traction when it comes to AI. Debates are being had and ideas are expanding. That is what makes conferences like TransVision so important. We need the sharpest minds in these fields to come together and discuss the different situations and advances that await the world. For TransVision, they have been meeting now for an incredible twenty years!

The first TransVision conference was held during 1998 in The Netherlands. During the last 20 years, we have seen phenomenal advances, and expect to see much more during the next 20 years. What will the future bring? Science and technology should lead the way!

We are now planning to host in Spain, the 20th anniversary of the TransVision conferences, an international summit open to people from all continents, with participants coming from the United States to the United Kingdom, from Argentina to Australia, from Africa to China, from Russia to Venezuela. The topics considered will be very broad, ranging from recent medical advances to artificial intelligence and robotics. The first keynote speaker will be Sophia, the first humanoid robot that was awarded citizenship last year by Saudi Arabia.



TransVision 2018 will also have several keynote speeches by pioneers of the futurist movement like Natasha Vita-More, Ben Goertzel and David Pearce, members of Humanity+ and other leading institutions like Anders Sandberg from Oxford University, David Wood from London Futurists, and Michael Greve from the Forever Healthy Foundation, and more to come!

Madrid will become the meeting point for this transhumanist celebration, where different groups from around the world will gather to connect and closely work together. The objective is to combine the international reunions with local audiences and to help promote future research and development in Spain and around the world. In partnership with pioneering sponsors, we will do our best for public promotion to make society aware of the new economy and opportunities coming within the next two decades.

All the academic activities will be held in the famous and historic Ateneo de Madrid, a well-known place as the center to discuss the most visionary ideas among the Spanish elite. Social and networking activities will be held during two evening cocktails in beautiful rooftop terrazas: the Sky Club at Club Financiero Genova in front of the Columbus Plaza on Friday, October 19, and the Rooftop Bar 66 at the Vincci Hotel at the Gran Vía on Saturday, October 20, 2018.

Abstracts from participants are welcome for posters, papers, and oral presentations until July 31, 2018. People interested in participating should go to our website and follow submission instructions ( Organizations interested in sponsoring our global summit, and other media and institutional partners and allies should also contact the organizing committee through our website.

TransVision 2018, our sponsors and partners welcome you all to sunny Spain, October 19-21, 2018, for this international futuristic conference. Come and enjoy life extension and life expansion in a country that never sleeps!

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