Christy Mirack of Lancaster County was murdered back in 1992 but police had no leads and the case went cold. Fast forward 26 years and police have identified the killer in Mirack’s death. The culprit, 49-year-old Raymond Rowe known in the music industry as DJ Freeze.

According to police Rowe sexually assaulted and strangled Mirack to death back in December of 1992 as she prepared to head to work teaching a sixth-grade class. She had suffered a broken jaw in addition to the strangulation and evidence of sexual assault.

The police used genealogical information from a close relative to identify the suspect in the rape. Lancaster County District Attorney, Craig Stedman said: “We were not close to making an arrest; we didn’t even have a direction to go until Parabon¬†pointed us in the right direction.” Parabon is Parabon¬†Nanolabs, a DNA analysis firm. Last fall they used DNA from the crime scene to create composite photos of Mirack’s killer and what he could look like. But the composite pictures were not enough. They needed his DNA so on May 31, undercover detectives collected Rowe’s used gum and water bottle at Smoketown Elementary School in Lancaster County, where he was DJing.

Based on crime lab analysis, Stedman said there’s a “one in 200 octillion chance that it was someone” other than Rowe who left DNA at the crime scene. Authorities say they plan to hold Rowe accountable.

“We never let this case go,” but investigators had run out of suspects, said Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman. “This has not been easy. But one of the reasons we’ve stuck with it and never forgotten it is it’s so disturbing.”

Rowe was arrested at his home Monday and charged with criminal homicide. Court records did not identify a defense attorney, and a message left at his DJ business was not immediately returned.