Some girls are just into older guys. Some girls really love attention. Some girls have some “serious daddy issues”. It seems that the fifteen year old girl (now eighteen) that took down Congressman and unsuccessful mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner may be a girl that can claim all three titles. Before you start to really feel bad for her and grant her the famous American “victim” status, get a load of this.

A former teacher from North Carolina has been accused of sex offenses with a minor. It is turning out that it is that same ​girl that Anthony Weiner got ​sent to prison for sexting in 2016, a report says.

Jonathan Busch, 54, is charged with statutory rape of a child under​​ the age of 15 and indecent liberties with a

child. He was arrested Thursday in Gaston County, North Carolina, which is where Weiner’s teenage victim reportedly lives.

It’s unclear how Busch made contact with her. Authorities would only say that the alleged interactions took place in June and September 2016.

The former teacher was previously employed by Lake Norman High School in Mooresville, North Carolina, but the girl was not a student there. School officials say that Busch resigned this week. They said that alleged incidents with the minor “did not occur” on the school’s campus.

Busch was arrested Thursday and released on bond. Investigators have released little details about the case.

Weiner, who ran for mayor and lost in 2005 and 2013, is currently locked up at the Bureau of Prison’s Federal Medical Center in Devins, Massachusetts for sexting and sending nudes to said teenager.