ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelorette series has been a hit, with 5 million viewers still tunning into the reality series after all these years. The show, however, is not without its serious drama. The most recent revelation that a current contestant of Becca’s season had been convicted last month for apparently groping a woman on a harbor cruise in Boston.

Lincoln Adim, 26, pleaded guilty in May to indecent assault and battery. The conviction happened only a week before the premiere of the current Bachelorette season. Recently the third episode has just aired and the Adim is still in the running to marry Becca. The big question remains is Warner Bros. which produces the show, doing enough background checks before allowing contestants to be on the show? Warner Bros. said in a statement that no one in the production has any prior knowledge of the incident with Adim before he was cast on the show. Warner Bros. uses a third party company that according to them is “well-respected and highly experienced” in doing the show’s background checks.

This is not the first time the reality series has been under scrutiny for not vetting the contestants prior to being on the show. Another contestant currently on the show Garrett Yrigoyen had apparently liked Instagram posts mocking undocumented immigrants, transgender people and David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland, FL, high school shooting. Another incident happened last year which featured Bachelorette Rachel, the first ever African-American bachelorette, a contestant was found to have written racially charged and sexist comments on Twitter.

For now, contestant Lincoln Admin, who was originally from Nigeria and attended the University of Kentucky will have to successfully complete a two-year probationary period. He will have to stay away from his victim and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, if not he could face serious jail time.