“Bad roads shouldn’t happen to good pizza.” Have there ever been truer words spoken? Does Domino’s know more about infrastructure than our own U.S. government? From the look of this new campaign, the answer is yes! Domino’s is adding pothole repairs to its menu. Now you can get a hole filled and a pepperoni pizza pie. Well, it actually isn’t quite that easy.

In what I find to be a very gracious, give back to the community gesture, the fast-food pizza chain announced on Monday, June 11th, 2018, that it will save pizzas “one pothole at a time” by filling potholes in towns nominated by customers.

“Cracks, bumps, potholes and other road conditions can put good pizzas at risk after they leave the store,” the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company said in a news release. “Now Domino’s is hoping to help smooth the ride home for our freshly-made pizzas.”

The website PavingForPizza.com added, “Potholes, cracks and bumps in the road can cause irreversible damage to your pizza during the drive home from Domino’s. We can’t stand by and let your cheese slide to one side, your toppings get un-topped, pr your boxes get flipped. So we’re helping to pave in towns across the country to save your good pizza from these bad roads.”

Domino’s has kicked off the campaign by repairing roads in Athens, Georgia; Milford, Delaware; Bartonville, Texas and Burbank, California.

“This unique, innovative partnership allowed the town of Bartonville to accomplish more potholes repairs,” Bartonville Mayor Bill Scherer said on the Paving for Pizza website.

Domino’s customers can submit their towns for consideration through PavingForPizza.com. Towns that are selected by the company will receive funds to help repair roads “so pizzas make it home safely.”