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Stoners May Get the Munchies..But Marijuana Smokers are Thinner and Less Likely to be Obese Than Non-Smokers

If you smoke, you have gotten the munchies. It is just a fact. Why else would you ever eat some of the flavors that Ben & Jerry’s creates? I mean, do we really need to chase our ice cream [...]

You Remember This Kid From Jerry Maguire? Ladies & Gay Guys Get Ready…He Don’t Look Like This Anymore!

Jonathan Lipnicki was in Jerry Maguire. He was cute and cuddly, and even remembers him from the film. He also was the star of Stuart Little (other than Stuart, of course). Jonathan Lipnicki is no [...]

Porn Stars and Nerds Don’t Mix…At Least They Won’t at the Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 VIP Party in Amsterdam

Sometimes you just have to take a hard-line. Sometimes rules are rules, and you just don’t buckle on them. Sometimes, people just take things a little too seriously. Activision, the company that [...]

Meet Miss Hannah Minx…YouTube Hottie Who Thinks She is Japanese

So jumping around YouTube, I cam across this seriously adorable girl who thinks that she is Japanese. She dresses the part, seems to speak it well, and even uses the Japanese accent (which is kinda [...]

Here Comes Trouble…The Tokidoki Pink Haired Tatted Up Barbie Causes a Stir

Oh no, Barbie has done it again. It just seems like people have to hate on our America’s favorite doll. Mattel is releasing the pink-haired, tattoed Tokidoki Barbie doll, which many are saying [...]

Congrats AT&T…America Hates This B*tch!

You have probably seen this commercial a hundred times. It never gets any easier to swallow. What great acting on both parts. You truly feel sorry for this nerd. And as for the lady, you just want to [...]

So is Your Favorite NFL Team a Democrat or a Republican?

A new study has been released from the Center for Responsive Politics ranked the teams by the volume of campaign money given by players, owners, executives and their spouses. And what they found was [...]

With the NBA Season in Peril, Kobe Bryant is Heading to Play in Italy

More than likely, there will not be an NBA season. The players and owners cannot agree on terms to getting back to work. As a result, the players have the opportunity to play elsewhere around the [...]

Holly Madison Has Million Dollar Boobs

Playboy Model, Reality TV star and Las Vegas showgirl Holly Madison has insured her breasts for $1 million with Lloyd’s of London, she told People magazine. Madison, 31, said she took out the [...]

NFL QB Peyton Manning Went to Europe for Stem Cell Treatments

If you follow football, you know all about the Peyton Manning injury saga. Peyton has had a couple of neck surgeries. It was Peyton’s third neck surgery in nineteen months. Peyton is currently [...]

Porn God Ron Jeremy Debuts His Own Rum…and People Seem to Like It

Ron Jeremy aka ‘The Hedgehog’ is a porn icon. He has major crossover appeal. Everyone knows him. He is definitely a trendsetter. He was the first male porn star to blow himself on camera. [...]

World’s Greatest Meat Market…and It’s Here in Florida!

So driving around town, I found what has to be the only place in the WHOLE WORLD, where you can get a ‘tug-job’ AND get you a great deal on a slew of ribeye steaks to throw on the grill. [...]

Sometimes Stereotypes of NFL Athletes Just Fit

There are many stereotypes that athletes live up to. One of them, is that they are irresponsible with their money. (See Floyd Mayweather) Former Baltimore Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister is also one [...]

How Cool is This Fat Baseball Fan??

Snaggin’ foul balls just ain’t no ‘thang’ to this chubby Rangers fan. He makes a sweet grab while chatting on his cell, and never breaks stride. I think it’s funny how he [...]

Thank You For Your Help During 9/11…and By the Way, Your Cancer Is Not Covered

I will say it right now. 9/11 was an inside job. That in and of itself is the most disgusting thing about it. Running a close second is how the “heroes” have been treated after the fact. [...]