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The Affordable CAR Act

Views: 67People seem shocked that Obama’s promise, where he stated that if you liked your old health insurance plan you could keep it, turned out to be false. Some have accused him of lying. Perhaps [...]

Post Obama Election Depression

Views: 23Post Obama Re-election Depression I was in the Wings Plus restaurant with radio talk show host Steve Kane and his producer Brian Craig, along with other people who listen to the show to watch [...]

How Israel Can Improve Its Image

Views: 21How Israel can improve its image– With the recent raid on the ship from Turkey seeking to run the blockade of Gaza, nine people were killed by Israeli soldiers after the soldiers [...]


Views: 21I do not deny that Sir Paul McCartney is a great musician, songwriter and performer. I do, however, deny much of the evidence and reasoning of those who believe in anthropogenic (man-made) [...]

Ponzi for President

Views: 15Greetings from Ponzistan I am not a lawyer, but I believe that I had a defense strategy for Scott Rothstein who was recently sentenced to 50 years in federal prison. Rothstein pled guilty and [...]

Thank You Adam Sandler!!!

Views: 16Thank you, Adam Sandler. Normally the subjects of this column are of a political nature, but this is a crucial issue that cannot wait. Recently I was at home, flipping through the stations on [...]

Movie review: Avatar

Views: 18While “Avatar” is an amazing technical achievement, the plot was basically “Dances with Wolves” in space. The film had great special effects, along with 3-D. (As a side bar, I [...]

Movie Review: “The Invention Of Lying”

Views: 15I proclaim that this is one of the best films that has ever been made, and definitely one of the most profound masterpieces that has ever been shown on the big screen. (I am lying.) In a [...]