Author: Joshua W.

City of Lake Worth Sends Out ‘Zombie’ Alert During Power Outage

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead on cable channel AMC are hugely popular shows. So popular, that it has actually created a segment of society that not only believes in zombies but believes that the zombies will eventually come for us (the living). Now while that seems far-fetched, our governmental agencies don’t necessarily disagree with that sentiment. The government and its agencies not only are running drills for “zombie holocausts” but every now and then, they prove to you that they are doing so. It seems like an accident when this happens, yet it continues to happen. Case in...

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The 4th Annual LOTOS Music Festival 2018 : Old Skool Hip-Hop MegaShow

The 4th Annual LOTOS Music Festival is coming to South Florida. Old Skool Hip-Hop to be performed by legends in the game. The show is Sunday, May 27th, 2018 @ 4 P.M. at the Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton, Florida. If you are a fan of old-skool than this is the show for you! It is a “whos-who” of former rap superstars. There is a little something for everyone. If you like reggae, you’re covered. If you were a big “Jump Around” fan, you are covered. The bill is a great mix of all different styles. You got the fast rapping melodies...

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American Dream Miami: The Largest Mall in North America is Coming

Miami already is a tourist “Mecca”. People from all over the world flock to South Florida for its sun and fun and shopping and beaches. Well, now they have another HUGE reason to make the trip down south. The Miami-Dade County Commission voted 11-1 on to approve American Dream Miami, which would be poised to be the largest mall in North America! It would include amusement park rides and the continent’s first indoor ski slope. The developer is Triple Five Group, who owns the Mall of America in Minnesota. The American Dream Miami project was approved for 6.2 million...

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Shocking Stat: Miami-Dade Incomes Now Below 1970 Levels

The good news is that unemployment in the Miami-Dade, Florida area has never been lower. Unfortunately, the same can also be said of Miami-Dade income levels. Ouch! How did this happen? A new calculation shows that the median household income in Miami-Dade has actually decreased over the past five decades—to $45,900 in 2016 from $49,800 in 1970. That’s a decrease of almost $4,000! That’s according to Alan Berube, senior fellow and deputy director at the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program. Berube plans to compare the recent trajectory of two major metro areas in Miami-Dade and San Diego. For the first half of the post World War...

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Fast Food Flasher Finally Fingered in North Carolina

Police in Asheville, N.C., have arrested Edneyville, N.C. resident, 38-year-old Jeremy Justice in connection with a rash of flashings at a local Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Waffle House. This is not his first brush with the law. In November of 2016, Justice was charged with having child pornography and charged with indecent exposure in Henderson County, N.C. Officers caught up to Justice, after an employee at a local Buffalo Wild Wings reported a man lying naked on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. Justice had already fled by the time police responded, but the employee was...

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