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Carl Sagan Explains the 4th Dimension

Carl Sagan breaks down some science for you and explains the fourth dimension.

Aussie Soccer Commentators Are Awesome Sauce

I love how they can swear, I hate American commentators and their puritan ways now!

How The Major Drug Companies Are Ripping You Off

This pill costs $14 dollars to make, but the drug companies charge $1,4. The problem is the drug companies hold patents on all these drugs, so there is no real sales competition to keep the prices [...]

GET WISE: How to Make a Fire Tornado

All you need is a few household window fans.

The Best Punches of Manny Pacquiao!

Personally, I don’t think Floyd Mayweather has a snowballs chance in hell of beating Manny Pacquiao.

Baker Boys Lost Demo Footy

Tearing up the skate park, this video is dope!