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ESPN Talks Shit About the NFL All Day, But They Are Going to Let Britt McHenry Keep Her Job? #Hypocrites

Britt McHenry’s Tow Truck Company Melt Down Video. Fuck Britt McHenry. Lets be honest here, that tow truck employee has a much harder life and harder job, and because of those two factors, has [...]

Why Relationships Suck

Because a woman will never miss an opportunity to let you down! Check out this poor bastard doing something nice for his girlfriend only to have here shit all over it. At least she cry’s after, [...]

The Big Wave Surfer’s Perspective – Mark Mathews

Inside some of the heads of professional big wave surfing.

New ‘Airbag’ Jacket Will Help Protect Motorcycle Riders

This is a pretty good idea, but I think crash test dummy would have still died, from the head impact on that one. So maybe not the best video example lol.

South Beach Triathlon Participant to Use State of the Art Technology During the Race

MIAMI – April 14th – When competing in a triathlon to help children who are sick, any available advantage is welcome!  For the athlete on crutches who came in dead last at last year’s New [...]

Mayweather/Pacquiao: At Last Trailer

Finally the fight of our lifetime is going to happen…

Top Ten Hockey Goals of the Year

The absolute best scores of this years NHL season.