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Gerald Posner – God’s Bankers

Now this sounds like a book I would like to read.

Take a Ride a Long With the Subaru Rally Team

Team USA’s David Higgins shows you first hand, what its like to be in a rally car race.  

Obama is Moving Into the Magnum PI Mansion in Hawaii

According to the New York Daily News the famed Hawaiian mansion used for the hit TV show Magnum PI was sold to a mystery corporation with ties to the President of the United States. The mystery [...]

Republican Senator Jon Karl Resigns in Disgrace

After spending $40k in tax payer money to make his fucking office look like Downtown Abby. The republican senator from Illinois, Jon Karl, has been forced out of office.

Riverside California Man Goes on Naked Rampage

Guy strips down in a field then goes on a naked rampage smashing into a car, and then jumping on the hood of another!

These Extreme Enduro Races Are Nuts!

You gotta give it to Red Bull, they some how keep coming up with one awesome event after another!

Stephan Hawking is Out of Control

Stephen Hawking is out of control from thund3rbolt on Vimeo.

Giant Gator Takes Over Florida Golf Course

The golf course owners say the giant alligator adds the charm to the course! Yeah charming if your Steve Erwin, but not for the rest of us just trying to find the ball we sliced into the rough. For us [...]

Floyd Mayweather Talks About the Upcoming Pacquio Fight

I can’t wait for this fight, someone bring out Michael Buffer already, lets get ready to rumble!

Federer Gets Lobbed by a Kid!

I know we see a lot of kids make awesome sports plays on the web but this kid seems to have actual game. Lets keep an eye on this one, he may be a future pro!