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GET WISE: How to Become a Billionaire

Views: 66Wanna be rich? You better watch this!

Johnny Manziel’s Party Led To Josh Gordon’s Suspension

Views: 13Johnny Football causing trouble? No, I don’t believe it!

See Durty Larry Spin Tonight at the Hard Rock!!! #PassionNightClub

Views: 94See our boy Durty Larry spin live tonight at Passion’s night club in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino!

The Funniest Kim Jong Un Pics, Memes, and Animated Gif’s on the Web!

Views: 92 Kim Jung Un of North Korea is about the most ridiculous leader in the world today. He has the ability to be an international hero and go down in history as one of the leaders who changed the [...]

The White Room with Travis Rice

Views: 13It’s that time of year again: snowboarding time!

GET WISE: A Domino Can Knock Over a Domino 1.5x Larger Than Itself

Views: 58Thirteen dominoes can amplify the initial push of the first domino 2 billion times.

Kilian Zehnder Skates Zurich

Views: 131Enjoy a shred sesh with Kilian Zehnder!

Reese Witherspoon Naked!

Views: 57Reese Witherspoon NSFW Gallery

Florida Man Killed by Wedding Ring

Views: 26Just one more reason not to get married… This poor bastard was killed when his wedding ring touched an electrical wire, while installing a dishwasher for his in-laws.

Awkward Family Christmas Photos

Views: 60Happy holidays from the weirdos!

Johnny Manziel Flies in Cute Pajama Pants!

Views: 17Awww! Look at Johnny Manziel at the airport. How cute! I mean nothing says pro football like a starting QB in cute little pajama pants… Johnny Football? How about Johnny Pajamas!

DISTURBING: Smithfield Factory Farms Exposed

Views: 20How is it possible this is still legal and happening in America? We are literally letting the corporations spray pig piss on us.

Stupid Game, I Kick You!

Views: 56Who is this guy? The Bruce Lee of video games?


Views: 31Guy meets a hot girl on a motorcycle and proceeds to get completely cock blocked by a fat guy on a scooter!

Dont See This Everyday… Cruise Ship Being Beached

Views: 41Oh man, I wish I could be the guy driving that bad boy!

This Abandoned Hotel is a Skateboard Paradise

Views: 64They should just turn this place into a permanent skate park!

Floyd Mayweather Witnessed a Murder Suicide

Views: 8Floyd “Money” Mayweather witnessed a murder suicide today. According to TMZ the boxer was face timed by his good friend rapper Earl Hayes, who had just found out his wife VH1 star [...]

Dive Bar’s World Famous Merry Grinchmas Party is December 20th!!!

Views: 55    Dive Bar Address: 3233 N Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 Phone: (954) 565-9264 [Website Link]

GET WISE: NASA’s Orion Deep Space Exploration Spacecraft

Views: 51This is amazing! Glad to see that NASA is back!

College Football Playoff Bracket and Schedule

Views: 15Here is the 2014 college playoff bracket and schedule if you need it, everyone!  

Driving After a Break Up

Views: 73Happens to the best of us…

Someone Get Me This Cash Cannon!

Views: 59Be a god in the strip club with this cash cannon.

Manny Slays All Rails

Views: 75This kid can skate there is no doubt about it!

Florida State vs. Florida Highlights

Views: 88The Florida State Seminoles spear the Gators at Doak.