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Untouched Project – Sunny Side of the Alps

Views: 19Slovenian film project, skiing and snowboarding in the back country.

Julia Mancuso’s Perfect Ski Edit

Views: 41This chick has the internet all figured out!

2015 Red Bull Cliff Diving Qualifying

Views: 17Looks like we are in for another great season of Red Bull cliff diving!  

Pharmaceutical Sales is Bullshit, Here is Why

Views: 45John Oliver attacks America’s dependance on prescription drugs.

Above & Beyond Return to DJ Wet Republic for 2015 Pool Season

Views: 78Are you ready for Las Vegas pool season? You know we are!!!

California Skate Sessions

Views: 99Hit the streets of the West Coast!

Johnny Manziel in Rehab for “Alcohol”

Views: 37Who does this dumb shit think he is fooling? Alcohol? Yeah right! This guy was doing more blow than Charlie Sheen in a Hollywood whore house!

Florida Rep. Hastings: Texas is “Crazy State”

Views: 10Well, he isn’t wrong is he? Texas is crazy as hell! I love when he tells him “you can wait till hell freezes over.” That was gangster as fuck! We need more of this in [...]

Key & Peele – Pizza Order

Views: 146HAHAHA pretty much this is exactly what I felt like ordering all the pizza for my superbowl party!

GET WISE: Swedish Anti Bullet Wall

Views: 77Nice to see an invention that will save lives instead of kill them for a change.

This Factory Makes All The NFL Footballs

Views: 12Where do the footballs Tom Brady deflates come from? This factory!

Check Out The Homes of The Dubai Ultra Rich

Views: 58These homes are out of control awesome!

GET WISE: The Perfect Shave

Views: 80What every man should know.

The Very Curious Life of a Mars Rover

Views: 106Really cool background information and images from the Mars Rovers.

Here is a Bunch of Guys Way Smarter Than Me…

Views: 78The geniuses of our day discuss consciousness.

Beer Tasting This Friday at Checkers Old Munchen!!!!

Views: 110 Checkers Old Munchen’s World Famous Beer Tasting’s Presents  Eight New Beers  When: This Friday (January 23rd) at 9:30pm Where: Checkers Old Munchen, 2209 East Atlantic Boulevard, [...]

Study: Too Much Sitting is Worse Than Having Obesity

Views: 20Just because you work out for an hour a day, does not mean you can sit for the other 23 hours a day and still be healthy.

Pro4 Truck Racing in Snowy Conditions

Views: 68This looks awesome, I want to drive a truck in this race!

Farrah Abraham’s Lips Look Absolutely Ridiculous

Views: 48This girl is such a loser, if her lips weren’t hilarious I wouldn’t even post her.

Two Dead, and One Injured After Florida Mall Shooting

Views: 14The shooter opened fire in the food court killing two shoppers and injuring one other.

How to Win at Online Dating

Views: 94Get some tips form a pro inside the industry.