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Insane Jet Ski Accident!

Damn, I think this guy may have paralyzed his girlfriend.

Check Out This Guy Break the Ski Jumping World Record

Peter Prevc broke the world record with this amazing 250 meter ski jump!

Untouched Project – Sunny Side of the Alps

Slovenian film project, skiing and snowboarding in the back country.

Julia Mancuso’s Perfect Ski Edit

This chick has the internet all figured out!

2015 Red Bull Cliff Diving Qualifying

Looks like we are in for another great season of Red Bull cliff diving!  

Pharmaceutical Sales is Bullshit, Here is Why

John Oliver attacks America’s dependance on prescription drugs.

Above & Beyond Return to DJ Wet Republic for 2015 Pool Season

Are you ready for Las Vegas pool season? You know we are!!!

California Skate Sessions

Hit the streets of the West Coast!

Johnny Manziel in Rehab for “Alcohol”

Who does this dumb shit think he is fooling? Alcohol? Yeah right! This guy was doing more blow than Charlie Sheen in a Hollywood whore house!

Florida Rep. Hastings: Texas is “Crazy State”

Well, he isn’t wrong is he? Texas is crazy as hell! I love when he tells him “you can wait till hell freezes over.” That was gangster as fuck! We need more of this in Congress, [...]

Key & Peele – Pizza Order

HAHAHA pretty much this is exactly what I felt like ordering all the pizza for my superbowl party!

GET WISE: Swedish Anti Bullet Wall

Nice to see an invention that will save lives instead of kill them for a change.

This Factory Makes All The NFL Footballs

Where do the footballs Tom Brady deflates come from? This factory!

The Very Curious Life of a Mars Rover

Really cool background information and images from the Mars Rovers.

Beer Tasting This Friday at Checkers Old Munchen!!!!

Checkers Old Munchen’s World Famous Beer Tasting’s Presents  Eight New Beers  When: This Friday (January 23rd) at 9:30pm Where: Checkers Old Munchen, 2209 East Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach, [...]

Study: Too Much Sitting is Worse Than Having Obesity

Just because you work out for an hour a day, does not mean you can sit for the other 23 hours a day and still be healthy.

Pro4 Truck Racing in Snowy Conditions

This looks awesome, I want to drive a truck in this race!

Farrah Abraham’s Lips Look Absolutely Ridiculous

This girl is such a loser, if her lips weren’t hilarious I wouldn’t even post her.

Two Dead, and One Injured After Florida Mall Shooting

The shooter opened fire in the food court killing two shoppers and injuring one other.